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    Lol, I can assure you my area doesn't send 3 patrol cars, a fire engine, and two ambulances to stand by at every soccer game. A little intense, but hopefully the payout would be good.

    Hahahaha, yea you're right about that!

    Ah, I gotcha now. I don't know of such unit in the U.S like that. The FD establishes the LZ, therefore there isn't a need for someone to check the site, because the FD has secured it.

    My thoughts exactly. We do the same for our reserve equipment. Just like the other day, our engine had a coolant leak. So, Chief came and picked up one of us to go pick up Reserve Engine 2 at station 8, while the others drove the other engine to the shop. We house reserve equipment at different stations throughout our department. Not normally at one central location.

    THW I think is a German term (sorry if I am wrong). But, playing previous games of Sebastian. They normally store your Cranes, Excavators, etc.

    Thanks for the suggestions.

    The "QRVS- SUVs or Chargers for Supervisors or Fire Stations without Transport Ability's" has already been implemented and named "Fly Car". The Fly Car can be placed at both EMS stations and a Fire Station.

    Also, I moved your thread to "Suggestions for Improvements"


    i know this might take some time in getting a response but i think it would be better for the units that we send to the staging area instead of being shown as code 1, i think it would better to have them listed as code 6 until they get to the staging area and then become code 1 or code 2. the reason for this is as it stands now we send unit to the staging area and if they are close to a call it will send them to that call delaying when they get to the staging area, and assigned to the call you wanted them to go to.

    I like it. It's real world to me. We dispatched by the closest unit at the FD I work for. When you're enroute to cover in at a station. You're still inservice and can receive calls if you're the closest unit. I like it.

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    Thanks for bringing up yet again lol another topic that has been brought up before. Tyler, we are working hard to bring updates to this game. That is on the list of things to do. But, we currently have other projects to complete. Thanks.

    Please refer to Speed of Vehicles

    Nothing is going to sway his decision until his test run is complete. We just have to be patient. Thanks for understanding.