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    i was wondering if there is a chance that the developers could add an option for the maps to toggle between satellite image and the standard image

    I think that only works on the mobile app. I think I remember an admin saying that wasn't possible in the computer version ?? not 100% sure

    From my understanding, this game is based more around the American way than anything else. That said, I'm not at all following your first suggestion. It sounds to be the exact same as a Rescue Engine, at which point your argument turns into one to lower the unlock point. My solution: buy an engine and a HR until you can unlock the RE.

    As to the Foam Tanker, gameplay wise it would function exactly the same as a normal tanker.

    You got everything right... He is asking for a unit that is already in the game because he can't buy it yet? I mean... common... :?:
    And yes, the tanker would be pretty much the same as the normal tanker in the game, and it wouldn't be needed that much I guess

    This has been brought up before, but having vehicles just for admin/co-admins is something most people will not like (just a friendly warning)
    But some calls have more prisioners than the required police cars (Drug Lab Fire for example) and this would be indeed a helpful unit, this would also allow the admin team to make some new missions that would have more prisioners and it would also motivate players to upgrade their prision cells at their police stations

    In other words, I like the concept of the vehicle, needs to have less transport capability maybe 6 prisioners (?) and only buy for each 5-10 stations (?). But not alliance admins exclusive for sure

    I don't really like the idea of increasing the cost of coins that need to bo used to finish calls (not that I ever use that). Also a call that gave 100k compared to the best call we have in the game, which is the sinking boat - 16,000 + up to 20 patients - would be really unfair, 100k in one call? really? I doubt it. But yes, I would like to see some larger calls for sure, Building Collapse takes ages to finish, so making a call similar in time but that needed more units to be completed would be nice.
    And since we are around this area I just had an idea for this, I've heard people saying that it's really unfair that stations go up in price after the 24th both for police and fire, so maybe we could have some calls that would require 25+ stations? That would be really nice and also help players who have gone through that mark :D

    This is the part where different speeds for different vehicles would be really fun. All units do 200kmh except for the helicopters and now the large boats that do twice the speed (400kmh), if cars had different speeds it would be more realistic and fun, atleast in my opinion. For example, a fly-car would be able to do 200kmh, an ambulance would maybe do just 140kmh, an engine would do 120kmh and this way the fly-car could be more useful as a first medical unit on scene, this would be more notable in players who have realistic setups in areas with stations that have a considerable distance between each other.
    And just to be clear, because last time I talked about this a few people miss understood and thought I was asking for different speeds for different roads, not at all, just different speeds for the vehicles

    It would be nice if in the radio messages it would tell you if ambulances are needed that the call did not initially show. Like pop up and say "2 ambulances needed at _______" just like it does when calls upgrade.

    It's actually not that bad of an idea. Sometimes alarms will turn into calls or they simply upgrade and patients spawn at the call, this would be helpful indeed.

    Interesting Ideas,
    Smoke in building is already in game with smoke investigation.
    If you could explain what the landing zone and Code Adam are that'd be great.
    The others look fairly good, although unknown medical call generally won't come through as an Ambulance has to have a reason for being dispatched so some information will be known. EMS transport for this matter sounds like the non-emergency type so I don't think it would fit well in game.

    Unless the unkown medical call could expand into another medical call? This would be more logic and fun

    Fire- Engine Tanker, Brush Truck (Maybe Add A Big Wild Fire), Squad (can be used for smaller calls tree down, maybe add a traffic control call), Tankers (like Airplanes)(USed for wild land fires)
    Police- Drug Squad, River police
    (dive team) Either Police Or fire

    Drug Squad I hadn't seen before. Brush trucks and air tankers have been brought up recently (again). The Squad is the same as the HRV or the Utility Unit, engine tankers will not be added as admins have said before because it would make the game too easy in the devs POV. What would River Police be? Police patrol boats?
    Also the dive team is already in the game

    That's the biggest problem with the special buildings. The game threshold seems to be 3 stations before you have a chance at that mission (At least with my luck :thumbsup: )

    Here is an example of how the special buildings threshold might need to be lowered in my opinion: Lets say the game incorporates a SAR resource that requires a special building. A good number of players like to go the realistic route. Now, SAR is not available in every city and the ones that do have one, they only have one building/resource. So, now the players have to make 3 buildings/resources due to the threshold being that. Same deal with the boats, I am stationed at Long Beach, LA so it ain't much trouble BUT for people not on a coastal side of a country...they pretty much have to just place them down whenever, losing their sense of realism.

    But in that case those people wouldn't receive as many calls as you (IRL). You see what I mean? It's somewhat logic. If your area has many forest area you would get some forest engines, if it's city you would get urban, and you wouldn't need that many forest engines in the city since you don't have forest fires? See what I mean? So it's also realistic there

    I would rather have a multiple cancel transport option. It's really bad when you have 70+ patients and all of those players are offline, etc. Opening each ambulance and canceling transport can take some time (and needs a lot of patient on a daily bases)

    Hmm....I kind of get the logic behind that. However, it isn't realistic to have 5-6 Fire Boat Docks....My area of Southern LA only has 2 Fire Boat Docks in Long Beach and 1 Coast Guard Station.....can it be possible to lower the threshold required to get callls at a normal pace for the special types of buildings or is that something that should be avoided?

    But it also makes sense from the game POV since if you had 2-3 calls that required boats at the same time (let's say 3 calls in 10) it would be very hard for you not to stack calls. So maybe there is a reason a behind it? Not sure