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    I am still unable to dispatch any large or small coastal boats to any incidents. They don't show up on the call screen and if you open a unit in the station the list of missions is always blank.

    I have three lifeguard trucks and two lifeguard supervisor vehicles, all with fully and appropriately trained crews on a shark attack scene that requires a single lifeguard truck, and I am still getting a message that a lifeguard truck is required. I've attempted to clear and resend the units all multiple times.

    I also attempted to send a small coastal boat which should act as a patrol boat the entire crew has TACLET and Ocean Nav training, and I cannot find the units anywhere in the list to send... Wondering if this is a distance issue, but the station for the small coastal boats is within the same city as the call.

    Again it was an MCI until from an EMS Station to an EMS station, no extensions were required. I also have not been able to use the SWAP function on any type of unit it just states that the station is full (which is why I'm swapping two vehicles vs moving one).

    I sold the MCI unit and bought another, it got it done, the SWAP issue I've not tested in a couple of weeks but haven't had the reason to.

    are you attempting to transfer the mass casuality unit between a rescue station and a fire station with the ambulance extension - because you cant- it can only happen between the same station type, also if you are trying to transfer a unit that requires a specific expansion and the receiving station does not have that expansion- you cant transfer either

    Neither of those things applies in this case.

    ok..thank you... I saw that but I thought that it meant to move the entire station....not just the unit.. Thanks for clearing that up.

    The station move button is on the station screen and it says Move Building.

    If you go into the edit vehicle screen it is in the station and is available you should see a move button next to the station information. I attached a screenshot.

    I've noticed anytime I've attempted to SWAP a vehicle that it states there is no room for a vehicle I've attempted at every type of station and various vehicles (this is not an extension issue).

    I've also noticed while attempting to transfer a Mass Casualty Vehicle (not a trailer) between stations (there are 3 open vehicle slots at the destination) it states there is no room.

    I don't think that we need a trooper addition to the game necessarily, they would just be patrol vehicles after all, but perhaps a traffic enforcement/accident investigation unit or something?

    Love the suggestion to add an EMS chief, supervisors would absolutely be called out! I do think that having more patients than would be in the ambulance isn't too crazy, considering that there's likely another vehicle involved. I would love to see the same mission type added to other units i.e. fire truck accident and police car accident.

    I don't think it's crazy to think that it's possible but on average I don't think it's going to be six ALS patients every time.

    I feel like the ambulance accident call has a disproportionate number of patients. Essentially ambulances only guarantee two to three occupants at a time (if they are in service/have a patient). I do agree that there is a high chance of injury for anyone in the patient compartment area and at the minimum, the patient in the rear of the ambulance will need to have transport continued by another unit, however, I find that most of my ambulance accidental calls if not have the max 6 at all times.

    I would recommend reducing the patients to a minimum of 1, max of six still, and a 100% chance of transport for at least one patient. I would also like to recommend the addition of battalion chief and EMS Chief responses (if someone has them, not to require the generation of the call for lower-level players).

    While this may not necessarily be a Mass-Casualty response this is a high-profile event that would spike the interest of supervision and for an ambulance to be involved the EMS Chief is likely going to need to be involved in a reporting process, etc.

    1) I believe this just speeds up the treatment of patients.

    2) Same as a fire-based MCC just required for x number of patients.

    3) You are correct, you do not really need 1 or 2 and you can place EMS Command trained personnel in the EMS Chief vehicle.

    4) Same as a Battalion Chief for FD, it's an EMS Supervisor who coordinates the mass casualty response. Any incident with 10 or more patients requires one.

    5) The MCI unit if I recall correctly can transport 7 patients.

    What on earth is an injured free runner and why does it require an engine? I feel like other calls like MVAs and such that would actually need something like a PD response and doens't have them yet we have someone who is running... and needs an engine?

    Clearer is putting it mildly... there's not a place I've seen where they've ever listed details of what a unit is used for or required for in an announcement.