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    Here might not be the correct place for this question. But is there a list of planned updates and missions being worked on? Like a Trello or something. That way, us players could see and follow along with what is planned and being worked on.

    Sebastian does not like such things as he will be obligated to actually do these features since the community thinks they can requested and force him then. Everything he does will shortly be announced beforehand.

    So, you are basically saying:
    - Add an option where i can turn off non provit cases?

    This opens a huge possibility to cheat in the game, if that would not have been an issue, it would have been added by now.

    There are already custom alliance missions and those are good enough.

    A better option would be, to let the player rename missions to their needs. Technically that‘d mean a lot of storage being wasted due to custom names but that could also be stored within the client.

    It does not comply with the game mechanic and base idea.

    Probably best to leave to the Moderators to do.

    Mods cannot do anything with payment issues other than letting sebastian know. Also, missionchief mods do not like me posting the support mail for what ever reason, yet sebastian posts it himself.
    I would have done that, but i may get censored again :whistling: - therefore i pinged him and told him about this.

    Since this topic got ignored for two weeks by the moderators, i am always happy to help ;)

    lost .is from the German Version were he is a admin.

    + this, but i am only moderator at leitstellenspiel, there are no admins unless @Sebastian

    Autoplay sounds do not work on mobile usually since their policy simply does not allow it. Same happens for the lastest version of safari, you have to give the page permissions to actually allow autoplay sounds.

    That has been discussed many times and most likely will never happen. It will allow people to abuse it and you don't even know how many people are actually trying already.
    Same Coins <-> Credits won't become a thing, i've mentioned it many times - bills have to be paid.

    Just going to reply on the coins here, bills have to be paid,the servers have to run. There is no pay2win, since premium is cosmetic and if you are inpatient you can still get there fast.

    Yet if you are active enough there are quite a lot of coins you can get through the year.

    This maybe solved soon, Sebastian started a thread at leitstellenspiel about airport firedepts just recently and announced it as the next big feature. Atm it‘s about collecting ideas and suggestions.

    This is a feature which is barely used among the players. The servers and the game creators bills have to be paid. Therefore it won‘t happen unless you find something better to keep the income and servers running.

    Also, if you do a poll, include more than just your opinion..

    @x911x626 thanks for the headup - there is a translation issue which stops the plugin from executing. That's why the station management on map is not working currently (3.2.5beta).
    The nightmode is a function of the version 2, which has not been implemented in the version 3 of LSSM. We had a long break so there where no updates recently...

    We'll probably continue coding new features starting next month - fix for that issue should be delivered earlier than that.