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    I want to see patient transfers work from hospital to hospital no matter the distance for your own hospitals or alliance hospitals. Or at least have an option for the user to set it for own and or alliance hospitals so its not sending units from say florida to California in an alliance.

    Smoke investigations can turn into any call so initally no they shouldn't require a platform/ladder. If the call generates an uograde to a different call type then yes should then and only then a platform or other ladder truck equivalent be used.

    Stand alone forestry stations are great as florida has them all over the state urban and rural areas. Forestry here in Florida does Controlled Burns that doesn't always require the regular fire deparment involvement. So yes, definitely a must. Also you should have forestry expansions at your regular stations since wildlifes happen anywhere there is woods in urban or rural areas.

    just curious how would i implement foam into my stations when all my units carry foam on them?

    Edit: Nevermind bought an expansion for a call in one of my fire districts and it sent the apparatus as foam trucks too. So no new additional units needed.

    No calls spawn either on this section of highway from State Road 21 (Blanding Blvd) to the Argyle Forest Boulevard exit. After that calls do spawn along State Road 23 for the closest fire stations.

    Not sure if this is a bug or not and if there is a way to update it, but I have noticed that when I have units coming or going from calls, they don't use our new freeway FL SR 23/First Coast Expressway to run on. They're only using local roads. It's as if the routes haven't been updated or are still deemed unusable and under construction so it avoids them. Not sure how to make it use any road or the quickest routes. Could someone maybe look into this.

    Tornadoes can spawn just about everywhere now days. I don't like the idea of having to have a POI to spawn a tornado. What I suggest is areas that aren't prone to get them often is that you can adjust the frequency as to which they spawn and appear. Areas like the midwest of the United States are known for having tornado warnings or even spotted tornadoes on the ground just about daily, especially in warmer month. Here in Florida we can also have them quite frequently and not just in rural areas. So basically, I think we should be able to adjust the frequency based on the time of year or to turn them off altogether and not just have them based on the use of a poi. Also, should create other weather type advisories/watches and warnings. This would include hurricanes and tropical storms as well.

    I have all 3 alliance hospitals in my area. None of my Urgent Care Centers allow for transport to them for the patient transfer mission. There seems to be a bug with this if it is supposed to be allowing transport and treatment at an alliance hospital as well. If not it definitely needs to allow transport and transfer from urgent care centers to alliance hospitals.

    One more question I have some alliance hospitals in my area as well as ones I own. will the patient transfers spawn if I have an urgent care center that I own and an alliance hospital near that same urgent care center?

    Extended range transfers would be a good idea. Reversed transfers however, wouldn't be an emergency thing, as there shouldn't be any need for an emergency ambulance transferring a patient to a lower category facility. It's something that could be under the remit of an ambulance service, but in the grand scheme of things it isn't an emergency and therefore shouldn't be coming under the game's remit.

    ok well just thought id throw the idea out there. I was going to make an ems agency like my area has that does both emergent and non-emergent transports that's why I was wanting to see if nursing homes, etc., could be included with the right poi. but its all good. does the current mission work with alliance hospitals if I have an urgent care center near them.

    I can already see some issues with this. Some of the ambulance services in my area for example (Jacksonville, Florida), transport patients for tests and other stuff from nursing homes, to hospitals and back. Is there going to be an update to reflect these types of missions as well. I don't think it should just be from Urgent Care Centers to hospitals. Also I think that alliance hospitals should be able to accept these types of transfers as well. I have three alliance hospitals that my group set up for me in my area. I also think that the hospital transport range should be extended further than the current km distance. Opinions people?

    I'm just asking if this would be even possible. Agencies that use the EMD also have it where say on Priority A if an Engine and Ambulance respond they both respond to the scene without lights and sirens. I can't remember the exact functions of the others but it eventually leads to all units required responding with lights and sirens. Is there a way that we could implement and select whether our units would use lights and sirens or no lights and sirens?

    I'm not sure about all U. S. Fire departments, but where I am located any unit can respond that is available to a Smoke Investigation. It usually doesn't require one engine, one battalion and one platform for most of the departments where I am located. It usually requires just one engine company and then can be expanded into other incident types. Can we look at updating this. I've dealt with it for as long as I have been playing the game, however it just now seems a little much sending the other two units when only an engine (TYPE I) should roll on this incident.