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    so for a new call i was thinking maybe a meth lab discovery for a police call... or a meth lab explosion for a fire related call with possible need for ems for burns to a patient

    The Meth lab explosion would that not be the new call of ..Drug Lab fire...

    So at a Building Collapse you need 2 Or 3 Cranes which need Special drivers and needs to be Crewed by at least 2 People for it to be allowed to leave station

    i can see were you are coming from on this but i havent seen that happen in the UK(as of yet) i think the USAR would handle alot of that.

    i would also say not just alliance prision. the police station should come with a minimum of 2 cells. just like the hospital comes with a minimum bed space.

    yes its ok renaming units to what you wish them to be, but the fire chief is effectivly the only supervisor in the game. it would make the game that little more better if there was a supervisor for police and medics. rather then just renaming them.

    Hi all,

    we have the Bataillon chief unit for the fire service, could we do something the same for the police/medic side

    for police: a Sergeant/Inspector Car to respond when more then 2 police cars are needed (stabbing etc etc)
    for medic: a senior Paramedic(Flycar) or Doctor, i dont no offical title but would it Be a Area Manager/operation officer that would attend if multipul ambulances are needed

    this is just an idea to see what other people thoughts are. and hopefully they may or may not get added.


    Hi all, would it be possible to make the helicopter and heli rescue bases so we can expand them as i no the Northwest Air Ambulance has two based at Barton, it seems strange that i cant build it to accept one more helicopter, also maybe make it so that the rescue bases can have a added fly-car option so people can use the bases as a HEMS Medic car base, i wouldnt want to build stupid but maybe allow for an additional 1/2 helicopters.


    TARCFAN.. (or any other mod/admin) i have been looking about and i cant find it anywere (if you can please point in right directon) how do i make a private graphics pack. i went to the graphics page but i dont want to make it public? any help wou8ld be greatful thanks,

    projected missions, show football, baseball games concerts etc that require your units being staged there for 3/4 hours. they have a 2/3hour countdown to get your units there before the game starts.

    Hi all, i have looked through the threads and cant find what im looking for...

    This maybe answered by anyone but props mainly admin/mods...

    when setting up a alliance mission how does the payout credits work for when the mission is completed?


    fleeing susupect payout say 1500 credits
    room fire payout 800 credits

    when setting up a large scale mission with large unit requirements:


    80 type1
    10 bat
    10 platforms
    10 police

    etc etc,

    is there a limit on how much the mission payouts on how many units are required? or is the a limit on how much they pay out.

    i hope i have explained this well.