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    You can, you just have to have the garage space to hold the unit. If you have 2 extensions on one station you can only have 3 units and cant shift one from another station to that one. You would have to expand your first station again to be able to hold the unit.

    I’m talking about only temporarily though. Not moving to be stationed there

    Hey any chance in the future we could have the ability to move up trucks from one station to another? For instance

    Station 1 is getting hit heavy with calls all units are out on extended alarms….or just multiple …

    So I could take sat station 5s engine and rescue send them down to house in station 1…. As soon as station one is back in quarters 5s gets relocated back to there own station

    Alliance: Central NY Emergency Services Is looking for more members to join in the fun! We primarily cover Central New York, and some parts of western, and the Southern tier. We are always looking for more members and team mates to join in the fun!

    We no requirements to join! as well as no requirements to maintain membership come and give us a try!

    currently in


    Onondaga county, Cayuga county, Broome County, Tioga County, parts of Cortland County.

    Upper PA by NY border

    Westchester county

    NYC (Manhattan, and Bronx)

    PG county

    • Are you looking for a relaxed, laid-back, fun, and semi-realistic Alliance? well, look no further!! the Eastern Emergency Services is just that! we have multiple alliance events weekly! We are primarily based on the East coast of the United States ( new york, Pennsylvania ) but are accepting people from anywhere! think this sounds interesting enough then come and join us! or hit us up on our discord for more information on joining this alliance!

      **WE are HEAVILY Based in new york state and Pennsylvania**

      We have stations in

      New York, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Florida, California, Hawaii, New Jersey, Washington DC/ Maryland area, Arizona, Texas, Alaska, and looking to expand to even more places!!

    Name/Type of Mission: Stuck on amusement park ride( ferris wheel, roller coaster etc)

    Units Required: 1 platform truck, 1 engine, 1 rescue, 1 chief, 1 ALS or BLS ambulance

    POI Required (Use “none” if not needed): fairgrounds, or amusement park

    Patients: 1-2 ( 25-50% chance)

    Prisoners: none

    Credit Reward:1000

    Name/Type of Mission: Church fire ( small, medium, large, majore

    Units Required:
    Small/ medium
    1-3 ladders, 5-7 engines, 1 rescue, 1 chief, 1 MCV
    1-4 ladders, 7-10 engines, 2 rescues , 2 chiefs , 1 MCV, 0-2 mobile air, 0-3 tankers

    POI Required (Use “none” if not needed):
    1-10 ( depending on severity of alarm
    Credit Reward: 2500-4000?

    Name/Type of Mission: college dorm fire ( alarm activation )..

    Units Required:1 chief, 4 Engines, 2 trucks, 1 rescue, 50% chance for MCU and Hazmat

    POI Required (Use “none” if not needed): College Dorms

    Patients:3-4( 50% chance)

    Prisoners: 0

    Credit Reward: 2500

    Looking back at this mission, It really gave a real-life aspect to how the ambulance service is stretched thin nowadays. So as much as it was annoying it was a real eye opener of how something can strain the system.. good holiday mission guys keep the amazing modification and missions coming

    Eastern Emergency Services is currently accepting all applicants!!

    we are mostly based on the East Coast

    New York
    Onondaga County, Cayuga county, Cortland county, southern tier( Tioga, Broome Chemung) , as well as Westchester county

    New jersey

    ( PJ county)

    (Heavily based all over PA)


    North Carolina

    we are also in




    ( LOTS OF stations)

    (LA county)

    and looking to expand to several other places!! you do not have to be in any of these areas to apply!! we will build around your area of coverage !!!

    multiple alliance events a week!!