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    I made a topic recently about a similair idea but for vehicle creation and sharing.
    Response was basically that the idea is sound but implementing would make future game updates redundant. Last few game updates that have been highlighted on facebook have been missions releases or new vehicles so allowing us to create our own means little point in Sebastian bothering with ‘official’ missions/vehicles.
    I would say that having a hub where missions/vehicles could be created, viewed, rated and selected for use within alliances/sp games, kinda like the graphics packs i guess or a mod Database, could be a solution. That way official vehicles and missions could still come out.

    I like the idea but Sebastian wouldn't be too keen on it. He likes updates to regularly come out in 'little and often' amounts; doing this would see the end of any future updates.

    Additionally he doesn't like dual role vehicles as he finds these just make the game too easy, meaning we've had to push quite hard for the ones we do have. So I do see his point as well.

    We've been weighing up how we can propose this with a meet in the middle compromise but not progressed too far currently.

    I understand both issues you mention Jas, more the dual role than the updates one.

    Re the updates, he could still roll out 'official' vehicles in updates as he normally would, to his spec as standard vehicles for those not in an alliance (if it was an alliance feature, then this would make the sp game no different to now). Theres also still all the missions etc that can come out. I mean, the inclusion of the mission creator for the alliance majors is kinda similair (i agree NOT the same thing, just similair in concept) to this vehicle idea.

    Dual roles, yes certainly agree they could be exploited of course, but there are some dual role vehicles around irl so i believe that has to count for something towards this decision (imo, of course).
    A solution to cut exploitation of that could be within the central bank or database suggestion where the vehicles are curated by the community by means of voting 'yes' or 'no' by viewers and they become active and usable when they reach a certain amount of likes? Possibly the amount of needed likes is based upon the elements used to make up the vehicle stats? This would then show a need for this vehicle in the game? Maybe popular vehicles or vehicle ideas can make it into the main game as an official vehicle?

    To clarify, i mean a kind of 'vehicle mod' nexus.
    You can search and view the vehicles, but until a certain amount of people have 'okayed' the vehicle, it wont be released for use. If the mod vote goes negative, it gets retired, still there to view and vote on in case the need for it arises but not released. Or it gets deleted.
    Another solution would be manual curation by the game team, but thats extra work for Sebastian and maybe forum mods or someone. Unless you 'recruit' community volunteers for this purpose.

    Also, perhaps using 'modded' vehicles in a mission mean you earn a small percentage less than if you used solely main vehicles? So theres a small penalty?

    Hopefully somewhere there they may be some ideas that could help toward a comprimise or solution.

    Cheers for the reply Jas.

    You can make the K-9 a regular cop. Just dispatch them as regular cops. They can patrol as well. All you are doing is creating a new police station for the K-9 so its definitely possible

    no, mate they dont count as patrol cars at missions currently.
    I just sent two k9 units to a ‘Rioter’ mission. It didnt count them as patrol cars, didnt help the mission and it still wanted me to send 2 patrol cars.
    Nickb was talking about having the game register them as patrol cars as well as k9 units so they can respond to jobs as patrol car and k9, like the rescue truck counts as fire truck and a heavy rescue, it would make total sense for the game to do this.

    Would it be possible to implement a system where an Alliance Admin team could create their own custom vehicles for their alliance members to use?

    This would be very useful where the devs either havnt added the vehicles yet or wont, and would take some pressure off. This would be great for country specific vehicles and for variations that occur.

    So an alliance admin could:
    > go to a tab, select 'Add vehicle'
    > Enter variables needed for the game, i dont know what they are but they could be such as:
    'Name: (Vehicle name)'
    'Service Type : (Fire, Police, Ambulance, Other)',
    'Avg Speed: (Numerical)',
    'Missions needed in, and how many : (Tag system like on the forums here but for mission names)'
    'Crew Size: (Numerical)'
    'Sprite image: (Picture)'
    'Requirements before purchase: (Tag system like on the forums here but with various possible requirements)'
    'Cost: '
    and other stuff if needed.
    > Save to Alliance

    Alliance members then see the vehicles as purchasable in the relevant stations.
    Due to the tagging system marking the unit as usable, they can be used in existing missions and alliance majors/events.
    Created units can be edited, hidden, deleted, shared etc as needed. The created units could also go into a central bank for other alliances to use or edit as well.