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    Here is a thought of a self-contained Decontamination unit. The unit it self is about the size of a medium school bus. The purpose of the unit is to decontaminate personnel that got contaminated at calls of Hazardous materials. Depending on the severity of the call, would determine the percentage of personnel possibly being contaminated (patients). You can see what one looks like here: Self Contained Decontamination Unit


    1 Fire Academy - Specialization of Decontamination Team
    In the Academy: Lesson is 4 days, Class Capacity 10, Cost 100-500/person/day
    Needed after 15 Fire Stations
    1 Hazard Material unit
    Cost of the unit: 32,000 Credits or 30 coins
    Fire Extension for Decontamination Unit
    Cost for Extension: 100,000 Credits or 20 coins
    Extension Build: 7 Days
    Personnel: 6 crew trained with Decontamination Education

    Patients at calls:

    Hospital: General Internal
    Transport Possibility: 75%
    Possibility of Patients: Variable depending on severity of call

    I just did a Major Fire Alliance Mission, It was rated at 10,150 but I only got like 5,697. Sent 15 Fire trucks and several of the other required units and Thats all I got? What gives? I should have gotten over half of that.

    Hello Admins and Moderators, as well as other players. I had the thought of the possibility of increasing the maximum capacity of Hospitals. If, by chance, there was an option to increase the maximum beds in the hospitals from 30 to say 75, or even 100 beds, it would be almost like the real hospitals. Each of the hospitals would have between 100-250 bed capacity in real life.

    To get to the 100 bed capacity, Take the current 30 count bed, with the level 20 and increase the bed capacity by 14 beds over the next 5 levels, requiring 266,000 credits or 15 coins after level 20, to reach level 25 and 100 beds.

    This would also allow players to be able to run more patients to that particular hospital and clear those units up fast than having to run 15-20 min real time to clear a unit if they were to take them to another hospital.
    I have filled up my hospital 4 times and literally had to stop plying because my hospitals were full. I mostly had got more medical calls then fire calls. I have about 11-12 ambulances with 1 full capacity, lev 20, Max 30 beds, and would get overwhelmed at times with patients in the hospitals. Then I had to stop playing so the hospitals would clear up. I am financially strapped now where I can't afford to buy any more coins to clear out my hospitals.

    Is there any way this could work where we could get more capacity of the hospital beds at the maximum level? Thoughts would be great on this. Thanks for your time.

    What i want to see is more patrol buttons: 12 hours, 24 hours, etc

    If you go to the Dispatch Center, There are options up to 6 hours of patrol time. In real life, Officers work an 8 hour shift so the necessary means of patrol time for the game is already implemented. it is a rarity that an officer pulls 12 hours of patrol. That being said, I don't think it is necessary to add additional time frames of patrols.

    You can only build them if you are an alliance finances admin

    You can only build Jails, Hospitals and Academies. You can not build regular stations for alliance use. Like PiGuy6248 said, You can only build them if you are an Alliance Finances Admin or leader of an alliance. It will show under the Stations section after pressing "Build New Building". Select one of the buildings I listed, then scroll down. You will see the phrase "Build As Alliance Building" then you can build that building for the alliance, if the alliance credits are available.

    Alliance administrators will see a player's icon turn red after two months of inactivity.

    The date is a good add on feature and should be used per alliance requirements of activity depending on the administrators of the alliances. Each Alliance has a particular requirement of activity. Waiting 2 months to wait for the icon to turn red would be an extremely long time to wait to see if players/members are active. I would highly recommend adding the dates to show the last date online.

    This will eliminate the delayed time to see if a player/member is active or not.

    Thanks for the idea. I support this.

    I built a Police Academy by mistake. Then deleted it within minutes and was not refunded. X(

    Make sure the message that you read is what you are referring to. The original message says," ....Then Deleted it with in minutes, and was not refunded."

    I think this is a valid point to the case, however, if you delete a building within minutes of building it, then you should have gotten the refund. Sounds Like a valid bug. Just my observation. This message is for the people responding to the original message.

    You can't use a Utility vehicle for a Heavy Rescue Call, however you can use 2 Heavy Rescues on a call requiring 2 HR's. If you don't see it, refresh your page. I can't test the Rescue Engine yet, I don't have it

    US Public Safety Alliance is recruiting for the most realistic players possible covering the entire US area. Players will have the most realistic placements of stations and contact the staff pertaining to the area of their structures to not conflict with other players already in the alliance. Players will be required to read the rules of the alliance and agree to follow the rules in place.

    Below is the home page statement for the alliance for interested players to join. Please read over the statement carefully.

    Welcome to the United States Public Safety. We strive on Communication and team work to get missions done. Please look over the rules as it will have a great effect on your play here in the alliance.
    Reason for this is People need to be on to help and an event can take up to 15 hours real time to complete depending on the level of it. The missions ask for an excessive amount of resources that a lot of people may not have.
    When you are applying, please message someone to see if your area is open before coming in, the only exception is a new person playing that hasn't set up his/her buildings yet.

    Realistic Settings of resource buildings is a must, There is NO fire station or Police or hospitals built on a highway. Be Realistic as possible.

    If you are interested, Please go to the Alliance list and look for the Alliance Name: US Public Safety to join.

    The Alliance is not related to any real Public Safety in the United States at any given time. Players may be part of a department as part of a real job. The alliance has no relation to any real Public Safety.

    US Public Safety