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    Hey everyone, I've created an Unofficial Mission Chief Chat Server on Discord for anyone interested in joining. There are currently rooms available for general chat, alliance recruitment, shop talk, and suggestions are open and welcome. This community chat is NOT supported by the Mission Chief staff and is not a way to reach out to get support from them however your fellow members may be able to answer some questions. If you'd like to join please click here.

    Just a note: We are not actively seeking any moderators or admins if we find someone who is active in the community we will be reaching out to them individually to see if they are interested in participating as a member of the staff.

    I am active and on a few times per day. If you are in need of anything feel free to ask me.

    Where i'm from they have tactical EMS( basically SWAT but a little dumbed down). Tactical EMS can go into dangerous situations where as an ambo team would not be able to enter the building yet due to a hostile situation.

    The current road accident currently requires and engine and sometimes and ambulance if there is an injured person.

    If we're going for realism, in all honesty the police should respond to that scene and do an incident report or investigation due to the fact that there is an injured person. (Just like in real life)

    There addition of a traffic unit would be nice to block the road off and such

    The amount of stations of your largest number of a particular type, +1.

    I think the idea is to allow you to grow your maximum number of missions without doing so ridiculously fast. Your progress is intentially slowed by the increase in cost for buildings 25 upwards, so it goes hand in hand for that reaskn.

    Ah, got it. That makes sense

    In 'Profile' -> click on the first thing on the list [your profile name] -> click the pencil icon [next to edit profile picture] -> click Beta: Edit reports -> everything that pops up is in German

    Hope this helps :)

    It would be nice if you can put a station out of service(especially when you are starting out/still small) for when you do mass training or when you have too many calls in one area. If putting a station out of service gets implemented I would also like it to not give calls for that station while its out of service.