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    I don't have an answer to this question. It's been brought up before and there were no changes, so I wouldn't expect anything soon. However, I will bring up these concerns.

    Well he asks you gentlemen to be moderators and then blows you off. Is that what we are understanding? If that is true then please do not take any posts on these forums personally as they are not directed at moderators. I am sorry I enjoy this game and can understand everyone's frustration. Closing threads etc. is not going to help if he is going to just let everyone fester with their game ideas and issues until they leave. It is a shame, as he has no one to blame but himself when this all fails.

    Below is the reply I got back from a Mod with the same question....

    You could just easily abuse that. Join alliance, move stations, leave and rejoin to redo the thing.

    This function is supposed to help you out, if your vehicles are going
    crazy and driving some hours because of wrong routing which is caused by
    the location of your station - therefore you are allowed to move 2
    stations for 10 coins.

    Regarding the coins/credits - this is a f2p game, but it cannot work
    without money. Servers have to be paid + the owner of this game needs
    also some money to pay his bills.
    I hope you understand it now
    CT » LSS Manager (redesign)

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    I have tried emailing him before about a situation and it was a coin first, maybe action later event. Coding for speed should only be a minor change as I am sure each unit is coded for specific classifications. I would think he would want accuracy as EC135 aircraft fly in all over Europe and US and they are much faster than ground units.

    You guys are talking now. There hasn't been a station move up brought to the game yet. So, the only way to move a truck from station to station is to expand and reassign that unit to the station. So, of course your personnel doesn't transfer with. What the others are talking about. Temporary unit relocations to cover a district that isn't being protected at the time due to being on a call that will take time to handle. Temporary relocations have not been implemented yet. So....

    Thats what I was saying and the only way to do it currently is to permanently move the unit. Even still if you perm move the unit the manpower should be allowed to transfer to that station also if they are dedicated to that unit in the settings. Either way it is never going to happen. Shame as I do enjoy this game. even if it lacks real time fire operations such as move ups and personnel transfers.

    actually it is in the coding of the program but you certainly welcome to express your desire to him directly by mail,either fb page missionchief or and as far as voting for something i am all for it just make sure it is something that is used in both Germany and the USA :)

    At least speed up the aircraft.

    I've not at aircraft yet but I would have thought they'd have some pace? Do they crawl across the map as well then? :(

    Yes they crawl the same as an ambo at 10x the cost. The speed needs to be increased at least by 3 would be about right with line of site flights.

    On station move ups. The personnel assigned to that unit. Would move up with the unit as well to fill in at that station until the units on a call check back in service. So, you wouldn't lose special personnel.

    if you move them to s station temporary after a time the unit stays there but the unit is oos for manpower. Believe me I tried.. the solution was to spend 100,000 to expand the station and then 5 days to train personnel to move my command unit permanently.

    Wish they could speed up the aircraft also they go just about as fast as an engin in the game. Would be nice to see them bumped up to their 120mph

    also you lose any specialty personnel like command or hazmat. The unit will have to go back to the station where the trained personnel are assisgned. Since yo can not transfer personnel in this game either. If you have a command van and want to relocate it to say station 2, you have to train personnel from station in command in order to keep the command van operational.

    This happens even if the personnel are assisgned to the specialty unit

    cascade system here in most areas. Trouble was I could not buy one as it was not listed in the apparatus. Thanks for the info though. The call disappeared.

    what is a Mask Service Unit??? I do not see it as an option to purchase... This a mass casualty unit?

    Here is the smaller set


    • Mesa_ladder_mini.png
    • Mesa_engine_mini.png
    • Mesa_eng_type_2_mini.png
    • Mesa_rescue_mini.png
    • Mesa_air_hems_mini.png
    • Mesa_ambulance_mini.png