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    Fire based ems is literally like 80-90 percent ems runs and 'balogna runs' that didn't even require a actual 911 call, it's maybe 10-15 percent actual working fires and accidents, and the rest are just reported ones that are false alarms or fire alarm or water flow alarms etc

    The big thing is, the system doesn't calculate traffic, and slowing down to clear intersections or to make turns, I mean it's a game, and is pretty fun . and stuff, I guess during a 'rush hour' time period you could do something like slow it down, but then it just draws everything out and complicates thing.

    Although, call notes could be implemented, that would somewhat be a in-between I guess you could say, like example you get a residential fire, have it say 3 people inside or caller see's smoke or multiple callers etc, it gives a idea of what you should send or the possibilities of it expanding

    A fire boat would be a great addition, for example, I play out of NYC and it is surrounded by water, I'm currently on a call that's an alliance mission titled as a Ferry Explosion, that would be the perfect example of a use for a fireboat

    Basically it's like swap the fly car out with a doctor unit or something, or something that can actually clear calls, I've sent my fly car on every ambulance call with a specific unit (when it's more than 10 minutes out) and it has yet to clear a call, it always has required a transport...

    Another thing though is when it's a alliance hospital, you're not the only one bringing in people, I play in NYC, but I am from Houston, we have this area called the Texas Medical Center, there are literally 2 level 1 trauma centers next to each other and if I'm not mistaken it's like a total of 6 or7 hospitals, probably more if you count the childrens hospital and the womens hospital, and guess what, they've all been on divert at the same time several times due to being over crowded and beyond capacity, so it actually is possible and feasible.

    What about a rehab truck for larger fires and stuff? And if you don't send it, you get the possibility of the firefighters getting exhaustion or other ailments (Just a idea)

    3 of my ideas get brought up often so I will say them quickly. We need a mass casualty unit, a BLS/ALS ambulance option, and also the ability of some injuries on scene that don't need transport and therefor don't need an ambulance on scene(i.e. for a nosebleed, having an ems car or fire engine respond if no medics are available and they can clear call themselves). The idea I more feel like that needs to be implicated is the knowing of how many injuries before a single unit is on scene. I think for things such as plane accidents or huge fires, the injuries can only be seen when you actually have a unit on scene. That way ems dispatching is more realistic. Like when I get the accident at the airport, I really don't want to know there is 22 injuries before any unit is on scene, it takes some of the tactics out of the game. There are some calls that already have the no injury shown until a certain time, for example alcohol intoxication, you don't see that the guy needs an ambulance till after police are already on scene. I think this idea will make the game more enjoyable to a lot of people who want ultimate realism and therefore a better playing experience.

    I've been trying to say this for idk how long, another thing is, most ambulances can transport 2 people as well

    we call them ambus for short, but I guess the actual name for them down here is mass casualty vehicle, or something like that, but we basically call them the same thing. I like how yall have the Nova bus lfs as one, we have those as transit busses