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    I’m not sure if a web page can read a systems time.

    Javascript can read a systems time.
    I would also prefer a timezone-setting (also in german and dutch version) as it is much easier when youre currently not in the same timezone as the server.

    The LSS-Manager has the Module "Callview control" which allows you to use hotkeys.
    These are the avaiable Hotkeys:
    D: Next Mission
    A: Previous Mission
    Q: open the first transport request in a mission
    1-5: Select 1st to 5th OWN Hospital
    R: Back to mission (after succesful transport request)
    Numpad 1-5: Toggle 1st to 5th vehicle

    Also we got the module "Enhanced transport requests" that can be configured so that it automatically clicks the "next transport request"-Button.

    Hope that helps you.

    Greetings Jan :)

    You can move stations. Every second move costs 10 Coins.
    Don't worry if you still get missions at the old city, the System needs some time to recognize the change completly.
    So it is connected to the risk that there are spawning calls that you cannot finish, so I would suggest you to move at evening before going offline so that the possibility that the system generates calls in the new city is higher.

    Greetings Jan :)

    There are still other cars playing a role in German ambulance system:
    The GRTW is something like the big brother of the RTW: It can handle multiple patients at once. Ingame, it can be alarmed in tho modes:
    In first mode, it can handle up to 7 patients that don't need an emergeny doctor.
    In second mode, it can handle up to 3 patients but also those who need an emergeny doctor. In this case, minimum one of the persons driving with the GRTW has to have the emergeny-doctor-schooling.

    There are also the KdoW-LNA and KdoW-OrgL. The LNA is needed if there are more then 5 Patients at an emergency, the OrgL at more then 10 patients.
    Whenever both of them are at the same emergeny, you can see some information on each of the Patients like: Do they need an emergeny-doctor? Do they need to be transported to a hospital, do they need a RTH? and also wether an emergeny-doctor, a RTW or a RTH is with the patient at the moment.

    There is also another building that reffers to the emergency-system and not, at both:
    The SEG (Schnell Einsatz Gruppe) is something like those who are alarmed when there are many patients, in real life. They are mostly based on volunteer work.
    Ingame, the SEG can take 1 RTW, 3 KTW-B, 1 GW-San and 1 ELW.
    The RTW acts like normal RTWs do.
    The KTW-B can handle and transport patients when a GW-San is at the call.
    The GW-San has also something special: First, it allows up to 5 KTW-Bs to handle Patients, secondly it handles Patients down up to a few percentages so that they only need a RTW or KTW-B or NAW that finishs the patient. That is very useful at calls with many patients.
    The ELW can be configured to automatically do the transport request for patients. There are several possibilities to configure it.
    The SEG can be build when you got 5 Ambulance-Stations ore more.

    I think that was the complete Ambulance-System of the Leitstellenspiel :D

    First of all, you may need to translate some textes. I prefer for translations.
    I think you also need a good alliance that helps you (mine for example ;) )
    If you got any questions, feel free to DM me ( )

    The difference of KTW and RTW is the following:
    A RTW is a full Ambulance Vehicle, that is able to complete "simple" patients. It can also transport patients. Harder Patients need a "Notarzt" (Emergency doctor) that drives to the patient in his own car (NEF) or can be flown by a helicopter (RTH). There are also very hard patients that need a RTH, wich can also transport patients. There are also NAW which are RTW and NEF in a single vehicle. That has been a very simplified explanation of ambulance system, and what you need RTW for,

    The KTW is not usefull for all patients, but you get extra calls called "Krankentransporte" (patient transportations). Per KTW max. number of Krankentransporte inceases by one, maximum 10.

    Greetings Jan :)

    There's a problem with deleting expansions unlocking vehicles:
    Imagine I have a fire station with airport extension, which allows me to place special vehicles on station.
    What happens to them?
    Can I just delete Expansion when there are no belonging vehicles anymore which eould be probably the best solution.

    Hey Guys,
    I know expect that some of you are using the MissionHelper.
    In my eyes, the module needs an update. So i'm planning to make it completely customisable so that each user can individually design the helper and show/hide information easily.
    But I need you help at deceloping this, I have no idea wether this should be possible via a template, if yes, how should that look like... or shall the user be able to customize each mission on its own?
    So if you have a wish about missionHelper-customising, please write it here or in German Board, it's your time to help me ;)

    Greetings Jan :)

    You get 2 Coins whenever this persons gets a higher rank.
    Are you sure that (s)he really took your link and didn't just told you (s)he did?

    Well the come up of a new game wouldn't be just the translation part.
    The team would have to inform themselves about all the rescue-systems that are usual in Italy.
    If you have a look at german and dutch version of the game you will see that there is not only the translation-thing but the vehicles, buildings, missions are very different.
    Instead the possibility to show up the game in a different language by switching via a dropdown somewhere in the navbar or sth. like that would be an interesting Idea (also for a userscript ;) )

    Greatings Jan

    wow, no post for a long time, here ^^

    Hello together,
    Some of you may have already seen the module "Overview".
    Unfortunately we are still missing some information about different vehicles. We also want to extend it to buildings, the update should come in the next days. There we are also missing a lot of information. So if you know any missing information, please let us know :)

    Best regards Jan