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    The super special and beginner packages are not permanent price changes for some players but rather one-time offers, sort of like a customer loyalty program for those that are interested.

    Dennis from the dev team

    So you say its loyalty program right? Ive been playing for over two years and spent way to much money on the game and what your saying is that I'm not loyal? That makes no sense.

    I have been talking to member in my alliance and they have different prices for the super special one person has it for 17.99 the other person has it for 45.99 and its the same amount of coins. another person has a beginner pack thats 75 coins for 1.99. I do not even have anything showing up for it. I find this very rigged and unfair to players especially if some people are getting the same amount of coins for a different price then other people. i will be providing links to the screen shots of the three different peoples prices and coin amounts. This should be even across the board. This is a rip off for the people who are having to pay higher prices for the same amount of coins.

    So ive been looking at the air bases and i can only have 5 but another guy in my alliance can have 3 he has 87 stations and i have 830 but i can only have 2 more then him even though it says the more buildings you have the more airfields you can have. How does the numbers work on it is it 25 stations equal 1 air field or something else because if its the 25 then i should be able to have 33 air fields. The 25 makes the most sense if he can have 3 and he has 87 stations but it seems broken or does it max out at 5 which doesnt make sense. Does anybody have any insight on this?

    Cal OES is an all hazards as well. Along with USFS so all said all the chiefs are not just for wild fires. As most wildfires are urban wildland interface so if you got a incident manager who doesnt know whats going on because now there is structure fire invovled it could cause issues.

    Cal Fire's BCs are regular battalion chiefs that handle both structure and wildland calls along with rescues. As Cal Fire is an "All Hazards Department" meaning they do everything. I dont think i have ever heard of a Battalion chief doing only wildland stuff.

    to the best of my knowledge none of the water missions work. The flood missions also do not work. right now its a waste of credits to get any fire boat or rescue boats. I also dont know if the devs know about this problem as i have brought it up on the forums as well. it would be nice to have a lot of these mission working but *shrugs*

    i would post a picture of my desk set up but its a mess but i have 1 18 inch monitor a 40 inch tv and a 24 inch monitor. station wise i cover 10+ counties with 500+ stations.

    Yes, there is a way to hire more people without using any form of payment!

    Navigate to your station details page (where you can see the list of vehicles inside the station), and click 'hire new people' (towards the top left) - you can set it to hire people for the next 1/2/3 days. 1 new person is added to that station each day, but remember to click on that same button once the 1/2/3 days run out if you wish to hire more.

    Station costs have been brought up many times in the past :D They increase once you have 25 stations to make sure that the player is still challenged by the game, otherwise it would simply be far too easy.

    makes the game boring after 25 stations buuut if you buy coins and build that way then your stations will end up costing 1.7 million credits after 350 stations

    are you talking about coins? because im pretty sure you cant buy credits. and you can hire new people with out having to spend coins. also getting a premium account will help as you can automatically hire people using the dispatch center.

    my departments air unit is a rehab unit sorta like the LAFD RAT units, we do have a utility/rehab that is an old ambulance but that usually runs in tandem with the air unit.

    The MCV can be used as a battalion chief and a mobile command van. it acts in the way the rescue engine or quint does. so instead of having battalion chiefs all my BCs are MCVs with 1 or 2 people on it. I t can be a pain to train all these people but in the long run its worth having the MCVs as the battalion chiefs

    So after it being possible to transfer people from fire station to fire station you still can not transfer to the boat station. Is it possible to make it that you can transfer from fire station to the boat station would be nice to instead of waiting for the personal to be recruited or paying the 5 coins to get 1 person.

    I just found out that the acid burns accidental the one not requiring police and fire ( dont know why you would need 3 patrol cars if its accidental) does not give any credits along with the heat stroke call. Probably should fix the Acid burns (accidental) that requires fire and pd as well.

    What about making more calls be tied to POIs that would make it more realistic and that way you would still get the small calls and get the major calls if you get the POIs. The thought of turning off and on calls would be only for larger scale missions and it would be per Dispatch Center that way somebody could not turn off all the missions except for a certain one and it all comes down to the type of player.

    The same for rural Australia. There are certain areas that are simply open land with limited infrastructure - meaning there is no need to have a lot of firefighting vehicles located there (which wouldn't be possible anyway, as you need people to be in the trucks. And there are few people... :P ).
    So if you were to base 1 fire station somewhere, it might start generating calls that need a lot of resources. Like suggested above - the first truck may get there quickly, but then it's a huge waiting game for the remaining units.

    I don't see how this could be exploited, as we simply want it to be more realistic in what calls it generates. Maybe even a little setting on the station edit screen that says 'rural station', which you can tick? :thumbsup: This would then allow the station to only spawn missions with the need for only 1 or two trucks.

    We understand that this is a game, but having a way to more appropriately spawn missions would get the support of a lot of players.

    what i mean by truck is a platform truck or Quint but that would be the same concept the rural stations could maybe spawn call with out the need for a ladder truck for the call mostly the field fires and traffic accidents and such