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    I'd like to ask either the Devs or someone who has spent coins and fast-forwarded their progression something that came up in my alliance's discussion: Do Heavy Rescue Vehicles count for Technical Rescue Equipment? If not, then (to the Devs) why?

    The entire function of a Heavy Rescue is to perform Technical Rescue, so anything besides these vehicles fulfilling the requirement would be a massive oversight.

    Thanks in advance

    I've noticed that patients marked as "Omega" are registering as ALS patients. In the EMD world, Omega level responses are the lowest priority. As such, I would like to suggest that the game be altered to allow Omega patients to be treated by BLS units.

    Just to further the point, I've included a few examples of Omega codings to illustrate their non-emergent nature.

    26-O-4: Can't sleep

    9-O-1: Obvious death, unquestionable

    26-O-12: Earache

    29-O-1: Traffic accident, confirmed no injuries

    There's loads of omega responses under the Sick Person (Protocol 26) card, but hopefully this illustrates my point.

    I know this has been suggested many times before, but I'm going to do it again. I do not understand why jails are the one and only building that players do not have the ability to build their own of. It's incredibly frustrating to have the means to build plenty, yet still have to rely on alliance funds in order to make sure I have cells to send my prisoners to. Not that my alliance is incapable of providing, but I would still like to be able to be self-sufficient -- and I'm certain that there are plenty of others that feel the same way.

    I’ll back this idea as well. Lots of rural departments lack dedicated towing vehicles and thus Wildland or Chief vehicles fill that role, at least in my area. I’m sure there’s many other areas in the same situation.

    I’ve had this issue since the forestry update but with semis again being used for EMS I thought it worthwhile to ask: how do you use the semi trucks?

    I have one truck and dozer trailer at a station with the assigned driver having both the CDL and heavy machinery class, yet I’m unable to dispatch the truck or trailer on any call. Am I doing something wrong? I would just hate to go out of my way to implement this feature and not be able to use it. Thanks in advance!

    Making a combo unit for rescues-platforms-engines that just really defeats the purpose for having many of the units already in game. Even if it was locked until Captain afterwards it would be such a major change it would probably mess up how many of us have set up our stations, realistic or not.

    While I do agree that this function would make some vehicles "obsolete", I don't feel that the purpose of this game is to provide a challenge in that sense. I personally enjoy the challenge of seeing just how much a realistic setup of my hometown could handle and I feel like many other realistic builders are the same, though I don't know for certain. I'm not going to pretend to be a spokesperson or anything, I just feel like having the option for making our own combinations would be a welcome addition even if not everyone took full advantage of it. There's some unique combination units out there and I feel like the devs would have an easier time allowing us to create our own units rather than having everyone requesting really specific units to be added, especially if it's something obscure :D

    I'm sure this has been brought up before and I know I've seen this on the MissionChief Facebook page but I wanted to bring this back up as I feel that it could be both a great gameplay addition as well as a good money-maker for the development team.

    The Fire Vehicle Workshop, a place where players can combine up to say 3 apparatus functions into one. The American Fire Service differs from the European side in that we have more combination vehicles rather than specialized ones. In much of America, Heavy Rescues are less common because Ladder Companies handle vehicle extrication. Being able to pay credits to combine the functions of an Engine, Ladder, and Rescue would benefit a large number of realistic players greatly and I'm sure they wouldn't mind it being locked behind the Captain rank or having a time set on vehicle upgrades. Just in my setup I can think of several vehicles that are 3-in-1s:

    Tanker 304 - Engine-Tanker-Rescue
    Ladder 11, 1, 4, 27, etc - Engine-Platform-Rescue
    Rescue 71 - Rescue-Air-Command
    Rescue 128 - Rescue-Air-HazMat
    Truck 1019 - Engine-Rescue-Air

    The list goes on but I've made my point.

    Worldwide Dispatch Services (formerly USND) has numerous players that build realistically and we're constantly struggling to find out how to accurately represent vehicles within the game. I'm certain that with the addition of a system like this coin sales would skyrocket as players scramble to get their fleets right. Not to mention players that don't build realistically also taking advantage of this to further develop their setups.

    Are you using the feature that automatically cancels EMS? If so, that would be why it won’t stay on a fire call if there’s no patients.

    EMS Rescue is a combination Fly Car + HRV. I believe it was added for those who simulate areas where the rescue service is provided by EMS.

    Same issue here, except now it has progressed to not loading the game on anything. Hopefully this is staff going in and trying fix it, but if not then I am unable to access it period. Several members of my alliance are also having serious issues.

    This may have already been brought up, but myself and several other players in my alliance don't understand the point of limiting players to 4 HEMS Stations. I'd very much like to see this limit removed as it serves no purpose.

    So I had noticed a while back that several people were using Rescue Boat Docks to simulate Coast Guard bases. As I've worked towards the coast, I've begun looking into it and I was wondering if anyone could give some tips on where to find information for them. I try to play realistically but it won't kill me if I have to fudge a few boats. Thanks in advance!

    To add on to what me181 said, you need 25 total stations in order to build another dispatch center. Each subsequent dispatch requires another 25 (0 for 1, 25 for 2, 50 for 3, 75 for 4, etc...).

    As the title says, I just noticed that the small FD I built earlier this morning doesn't have the option to be refunded. I'm not sure if this is due to it being expanded or what, but it struck me as odd.

    This is something that can be looked into but an option will have to be a compromise between the two. The chances of getting another version of this game are slim to none as there are already 3. Perhaps different levels of rescue or something.

    I definitely like the idea of different levels of rescue, as then certain MVAs could be Medium Rescue and have Ladders satisfy, and more serious calls require a Heavy Rescue.

    In the US, our Ladder Companies are usually set up as combination ladder-rescue trucks. Ladders usually carry extrication equipment for MVAs in order to help supplement Rescue Companies, so it makes sense for platforms to be required on serious accidents. I do see your point though. It's times like this when I wish there was a European version of the game too lol