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    I don't see how it's to complicated when the M20 has direct access to the station and there a off ramp at the other city I have deployed it to.

    You dont realise the amount of pathfinding and how complex it is.

    As Wizz said it should sort itsself out but try moving it if not.

    Its a path finding bug.

    It usually happens when the vehicle looked for a route and it was either too long or complicated so the quickest was to go straight there.

    As WIzz said lots of game enhancing scrips that make life soo much easier such as ones that tell you the units needed for the call ect.

    There are loads and even more being developed so its worth looking at as I say to my alliance to get if it they do not have it.

    How much does it go up by? I'm nearing my 20th station and want to know how much extra I should start saving

    If you drop me a message via pms I can send you a document made that contains every station price up to the max limit of stations :)

    As you mentioned the credit rewards are low for big players I only do it for the coin.

    It would be nice for it t be 2/3 coins a week that way if you play or login each day plus the Christmas daily login even you can buy premium for a year or at least 6 months. 5 is too much 10 is way too much. That's over £25 in coins per year or around 35 dollars.

    I like it but imagine this I personally have over 1. 6k stations. To do something like this would take hours. So it would be nice to have a assign to all in a dispatch centre or global assign to all buttons. A bit like the graphic assigning idea you had.

    TACRfan suggested an idea that premium users could either move them for much cheaper or totally free.

    lol, he means to be able to move buildings for free not love. I doubt the devs will do that. They are trying to squeeze out every buck they can with everything, they aren't going to make moving buildings free.

    I think you miss understand, this would generate sales as people have to buy premium to get access to this feature.

    But the ambulances will be stuck at the hospital for up to an hour. that's a pretty dead patient to me. I like the idea but for MissionChief because of that, it won't really make sense. It would take the same time for an ambo to just go to another hospital 100km away. I don't oppose however if someone has a solution for that.

    Just want to provide my 2 cents.

    An hour is a good wait (is there are crews waiting for beds) at a hospital in the uk. Sometimes it could be upwards of 24 hours just to get a bed (yes it can be that bad) the most critical will get in faster but that means the less critical wait.

    I think for the UK version at least the medical system needs to be fixed as this 1 hour per patient makes little sense I proposed a set time for each category of patients something like this.

    Cat 1 patients transfered within 20 minutes

    Cat 2 transported within 40

    Cat 3 within 1 hour

    Cat 4 within 2 hours

    These times would run parallel to each other so if you put 30 cat 1 patients in a hospital all 30 would release at the same time.

    Another idea would be to have the hospital expansions provide a bonus to the release time. This would make more worth while getting as getting a bonus 75 coins is not really worth spending over a million on a hospital and its beds and expansions.

    Yep its the same on the UK and DE version

    Infomation from the DE forums

    "But take a look at the duration, it doesn't end on December 24th, but on December 26th, so that if you don't manage a task, provided that there are not too many coin tasks now, you can still do it despite leaving it out. In the course of the day I will reopen the thread for a new attempt to see whether the discussion is objective and in a decent tone."

    There is 6 days and 13 hours left meaning

    13 hours to do todays task - 1

    1 day - 2

    2 days - 3

    3 days - 4

    4 days - 5

    5 days - 6

    6 days - 7

    So there is actually from my understanding, 7 more tasks to go so if you have done all the tasks to this point you will still be able to get the 24th day.