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    Perhaps they could also re-colour the UK game to black or dark grey temporarily?

    That could be a nice touch for the national mourning period.

    Accident at memorial candle lighting
    Guard of honour

    Take the St. James Park Monitoring mission and use it again.

    Memorial beacon fire

    Just a few I though of.

    Or maybe if the devs said yes to the jubilee missions. They could be reactivated at a later date to remember the happy times.

    I like the idea of running them again at a later date rather than right now.

    I think the original poster Ascot was trying to make this a positive thing rather than negative so the idea of activating the missions to remember the good times of the summer has a good idea in theory to pay tribute.

    It might need some working but I think to remind us of the happy times is not a bad thing.

    Ignore me if I am missing the point.

    But from the screenshots, it looks like you are trying to purchase the option to turn it into a foam specialisation without having the foam extension purchased prior to doing it.

    Maybe spend the 50K credits and then see if a credit option opens.

    What could be a nice idea is a vote, like a head admin role.

    1 person has this role.
    If 60 days passes while they are offline they can be removed.

    But they have to be voted in by the admins.

    Any update on getting the owner role for alliances pre october 2021?

    The ability to extend staging areas for personal/alliances past 24 hours. Or have them auto renew (if a premium user)
    The ability to cancel all transports for personal and alliance missions rather than having to cancel transports one by one.

    "A function in game preventing you refunding a station if staff it spawns with are transfered"

    This is an anti cheat thing.
    Its to stop you transfering 10 staff refunding then spawning 10 more ect.

    Its teedious but some people would do it.

    If your station is a oncall one, treat the staff as oncall.
    As a oncall station rarely has only 5 staff lets say for a 5 staff fire engine.
    They usually have an overlap for when people are away or on leave ect.

    Thinking about the police thing, will cell vans come into game in the future?

    +how you made it in your setup if you use them?


    Most forces in the UK opperate single cell vans.

    There is only a few forces that opperate 2 cell vans.

    So you could just create a custon AARR and name it cell van and have it go to jobs to transport.
    Then the PSU update adds a van than can transport a few prisoners.

    It would be a "nice to have" but not a critical unit at this stage.

    Why are Detention Vans limited to 1 per station?

    I know y'all like to play realistic, but not everyone does. I don't understand there being a limit, let alone that limit being set at 1.

    As someone has mentioned above, they are almost like a holding cell on wheels.

    If you wanted to be really really realistic you could argue that the PSU vans should be able to intheory transport a prisoner as alot of forces have a rear cell in their sprinter vans.

    Hey, a person in my alliance asked if it was possible to have a arr for Inspector Trained Staff or Sergeant trained staff.

    like to click a button and for it to send the nearest inspector out on a vehicle.

    They can create their own custom vehicle catagory and then assign a sgt and inspector to those vehicles and do it that way.

    I have seen Cat 3 concerns for welfare before in these instances, especially if they're still on the right side of the railings. It definitely wouldn't be C1 as there's not necessarily immediate risk to life. RPU is required as if this happens on a bridge over a fast road, they should attend to stop the traffic going under the bridge and create a sterile area.

    To add to this.

    When I have been called to them from a policing point of view there are so many factors that determine if its a grade 1 or 2 response.
    If they feel suicidal but not on the wrong side then it might be a grade 2
    Internally we also have a prompt grade 2 which is go now but don't use emergency equipment.

    If it comes in as person on the wrong side or making active attempts to take their own life them its going to be graded as a grade 1.

    If there have been no attempts to take their life then in my force we are lucky if we see an ambo as their are usually a cat 5 no allocation to MH jobs.
    Usually we just take them to A&E ourselves. Or section then under section 136 of the mental health act.

    Mental health jobs like these are whilst looking quite simple if you dont work in the emergency services, MH jobs are often very complex and its about balancing perhaps a policing, ambulance, and the person demands and its not a simple fix due to how everyone is so short staffed and MH treatment takes time.

    I would just like to add,

    Despite the reputation for knife crime, the force I work for. We have recently dealt with more firearms incidents that knife related ones.

    Off the top of my head in the last week ( 20/09/21 - 24/09/21 ) There has been 5 firearms jobs and out of those 2 of them resulted in 2 people being shot (not by police).

    Compared to knife crime when thinking once again, the last job I remember hearing where there was a knife found was on a stop search last week, its not as common as people think.

    Oh in Kent I've seen PCSOs respond to those kinds of calls especially if they are on foot patrol, I've even seen one turn up to a RTC as they saw it happen in front of them like They often patrol the high street on foot double crewed, they can fine people they also do this thing were they have radar guns and they catch speeders give the licence and model to a IRV or Traffic Car to pull them over I would know as I got caught by this 😅😂 Maybe give like a 500-1000 pay bonus for using the PCSO unit which should be like 2500 credits and there could be a fun community engagement call or a police open day sort of thing

    In my force PCSOs tend to just do scene guards or community policing rather than any jobs that come through to the control room however should they see one happen in front of them then its fair game and they do that they deem is appropriate in the situations considering they only have a vest and a radio.

    You are correct ASB is shorthand for Anti Social Behavior

    My other question is would PCSOs be in game so they can deal with shop lifing calls, drunk people, noise complaints , community engagement etc ?

    Could just be my force but we don't send PCSOs to some of those jobs, for the 3 apart from community engagement , we would typically send 1/2 of us who have powers of arrest should the situation warrant it. We also have more powers and methods of dealing with people compared to PCSOs. Community engagement is mainly done by PCSO's in my force however its all our jobs to have good community engagement as "the police are the public and the public are the police; the police being only members of the public who are paid to give full time attention to duties which are incumbent on every citizen in the interests of community welfare and existence." Quoting Robert Peel the father of modern policing in the UK, so I like the idea, I think missions such as ASB or speed camera setups could be a good way to make use of PCSOs but a bit like some of the up coming medical units, I think it would work better as a nice to have optional rather than a must have.