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    I have been on the forums now for almost 3.5 years.

    In your original post it was not fully clear what you wanted (in my interpretation) hence why I gave you the response of that you can add graphics to one particular unit. This was not be being arrogant with you at all, I was only trying to help, I am sorry you interpreted my helpful guide for players who are unsure as being arrogant and talking down to you but that was not the intended outcome.

    From what you have described now, I dont know anyway personally to do it was its not something I would personally do but maybe something for the devs to look into.


    Also I have no idea how experienced with the game you are, so incombination with me interpreting your request as something different, I gave a reponse that would attempt to accomodate all players regardless of experience.

    If you are hinting that you want custom tags per unit


    You can click edit name on the vehicles to open the vehicle options and then click select graphic from library to select a custom graphic that you have made.

    There will always be exploits, I have reported them and only the coin one was fixed.

    The only way to stop the glitches is to locks the station from refunds once the task is claimed.

    I am not going to discuss the Glitch here but it was exploited really really badly with players making a few hundred coins from it.

    So the devs have shut that method down now after I reported players who did it and those players are now banned from the game.

    You summed it up yourself.

    Sebastian I believe allowed missions to spawn on the ocean so that sea calls would spawn out there rather than on land. So sadly your missions will keep spawning out there.

    As Realais says.

    A station with an airport expansion is a full station meaning it can have something like 29 units (I forget the number)

    Most ARFF missions only need a couple of appliances to sort so you could add a domestic truck that responds to generic calls.

    I personally have only ever seen airport appliances go off airfield once and that was just to an aircraft crash still within the airport fire services boundary or operations so its unlikely to happen.

    2 the airport appliances can spray thousands of litres per minute considerably more than a normal engine hence why its too specialised to regular calls.

    I would like to mention that most airport fire stations have a normal pump/engine to respond to calls like these.

    AARFs are highly specialised pieces of equipment for use on aircraft not normal calls. The size weight and power of these vehicles make them impractical outside of the airport boundary.

    If you have 6 Airport fire engines for use and you send 2 to a off airport fire. Then depending on the regulations near you, you have to close the airports to certain types of aircraft.

    For example in the UK if a cat 10 airport like Heathrow or Manchester sent some of it'd ARFF capacity off site then by law it either has to close one or all of the 2 runways or restrict the airport to a lower category of aircraft that the fire cover is sufficient to cover.

    Short answer.

    I believe it should stay as it is as its very rare that airport appliances leave the airfield and that then has a direct impact on the level of fire coverage at the airport in question.

    I agree but also disagree, the UK side is though through and is made to be as realisitic as possible but before SH play took over the game the US version was the ENglish version of the game with lots of English and American players on it so the content almost had to be a halfway point but now that the versions are seperate you can see the seperation as you mentioned. With the DEA and FBI compared to HART and differnt specialist police units ect.

    65 helicopter locations for HEMS and police heli.

    Looks like infinite for training centres.

    The limit for fire is 5k stations

    The limit for ambulance is infinite

    The limit for police is 1700

    So i thought i'd try using the building complex for West Yorkshire Police training centre as i have 3 separate police stations to simulate each of the buildings up there. I was under the theory of you could add any building into a complex but to my surprise after spending the credits on building one i can't add buildings of the same type into it. This is BS what is point of this feature. I have very few area's where all 3 services are together and if they are they have less than 6 units between them let along 18 or so spaces which the game wants. This could be an amazing feature if you can add multiple buildings of the same type together to make 1 big complex over say 4 or so separate buildings

    That was my idea for the complex building as I would use it for all my police service HQs /

    Most likely as a large portion of these calls will be uni accommodation. Due to students (not all), but looking at my forces stats the bulk of calls for issues like these pre covid were within a uni boundarys.