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    As mentioned above you have to consider that rural vs urban have different response regulations and hydrant and water amounts.

    This happens when you open a missions in multiple tabs.

    The available units are the same so you might send a fire engine A to a call but on the next mission it shows as fire engine A being free hence the same sends it as a follow up unit.

    Can we keep this on the topic of comparing the US/UK game please now and not bring the politics of health care systems into it.

    Sure it was only brought up as it helps to explain why the UK version's units are very similar to the US but operate ina very different way irl and how the team has represented this ingame.

    So with my Idea, said member would not have access to the funds at all.

    The alliance right now would build say 10 Hospitals. Said member would say hey I want to purchase blah blah blah hospital. The alliance admin or the finance admin would then begin the process. basically send a direct message of some sort to the member wishing to purchase the building. the member would then accept the transaction. and it would then take the credits directly out of the account of the member and purchase the building. It could be as soon as the credits are received in the account then finance admin would final approve the sale or would not need approval

    Don't get me wrong this might work for a few cases but the player might as well buy their own.

    The idea above would allow players to request the building to be placed using funds and allow it to be rejected or allowed.

    You could incorporate your idea to allow them to fund it partially but most won't considering their already contribute funds to the alliance.

    Due to the significant differences while the US UK games are similar the way they play is completely different and that is the path we wanted to take when working on the UK version.

    It would be very easy for me to say that the US health system is flawed compared to the UK system that both myself and many members on this forum take advantage off.

    There are benefits to socialised medicine but there are downsides. But in MY OPINION this for profit system in the US needs to be drastically reduced as people are often at their most vulnerable while in hospital.

    A quote that has stuck in my head that cancer is a life sentence in the US for most. It's either you die from not being able to pay for the care and treatment or you have a life of debt.

    A great video by a US news company while compares the US and UK healthcare systems.

    (Not my video again)

    Ok. Now I see... US version has no use for HEMS helicopters at all via missions. Offcourse, if you wan't to alarm HEMS to any medical mission, that's fine and possible. I have been played another countrys version of game, and there is regurarly use and need for HEMS at missions. Hopefully it comes to US version also.

    Another mystichal thing. Why police helicopters won't have possible to put patrol route...? Example many highway patrols has helicopters, and those observe traffic from air. So patrol route for Police helicopters?

    The thing about HEMS in America is that is is very different to the UK.

    The HEMS in the US are usually (Not all) for profit or at least cover opperating costs. So the system of them being called is very differnt to the UK. Over here we deploy our HEMS units either in the rapid response cars or via the heli to calls where there is a high change of traumatic/serious injury based on the call such as road traffic collisions where there might be a change a patient has life threatening injuries or when a resource on the ground such as a paramedic/doctor requests the attendance of then HEMS unit due to the patients injuries deteriorating or being life threatening.

    The only other thing I can think of off the top of my head that HEMS might be deployed to is remote calls such as falling off rock faces where it might be easier and safer to airlift than taking them back down to a road ambulance. There are also the cases above that mean htat an injury might be serious but the nearest major hospital could be a couple of hours by road so a helicopter is sent to provide the best chances of survival.

    Hems in the US is flawed due to them being for profit compared to charity run in the UK, this video (not mine) is a great informative video on why air ambulances are not in the interest of the patients most of the time unlike the UK.

    This has been thought about before. There is no proper way of implementing this that wouldn't be super inconvenient to players. Water carriers can relay back and forth to a water source, high volume pumps have an almost infinite amount of water. Then there's the topic of hydrants. In London there are 115,000 hydrants so how can that be modeled in game? That's a lot of data points and doesn't cover the whole world. POIs are out of the question here for similar reasons. We don't see how this will be feasible in our version of the game while fitting in with future ideas.

    As Vic said the amount of hydrants would be in the millions so that is a tonne of extra data. But also in the UK the locations are classified under national security reasons so there is no public record of these. So to add a system would be inconvenient.

    The team has to balance everyone's needs. Do we go 100% realistic and make it too complicated or go easy and make others turn away from the game.

    It is.

    Generally a cross all the versions it's fire that is the best for profit.

    But for the UK version police is the best once you get established.

    I actually have to disagree with Gorilla.

    Fire is not as profitable as it one was.

    Police is now the best.

    We have run tests using a police account with 40 stations and made 4 million just from its own missions on average per day.

    Where as my main account can only just make double that '1500 fire 120 police and 180 Ambo)

    Police is slow to start compared to fire but once your established police. Is best.

    Ambulance is easy as you only need 1 unit but you need hospitals or clinics. Or. You can cancel the transports.

    I don't see how it's to complicated when the M20 has direct access to the station and there a off ramp at the other city I have deployed it to.

    You dont realise the amount of pathfinding and how complex it is.

    As Wizz said it should sort itsself out but try moving it if not.

    Its a path finding bug.

    It usually happens when the vehicle looked for a route and it was either too long or complicated so the quickest was to go straight there.

    As WIzz said lots of game enhancing scrips that make life soo much easier such as ones that tell you the units needed for the call ect.

    There are loads and even more being developed so its worth looking at as I say to my alliance to get if it they do not have it.