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    Maybe the station could make transfer bays every time you by a new vehicle slot. You can then transfer a vehicle their and select how long the vehicle can be there for up to 24 hours.

    I like this idea, though it would be helpful if the units were available during the move-up instead of Code 6 as they are currently when moving.

    Does anyone know or has anyone else experienced this; Staging areas built have a distance limit on them for how far away you can assign resources to them. But on occasion the staging area doesnt limit the distance and allows for resources from any distance to be sent. Im not sure if theres a glitch or what, though i prefer the unlimitied distances (sending resources to different areas of california for wildfires). Just curious if anyone has seen them or figured this out.

    The staging areas, are made to temporarily move and post/stage your units in an area outside your normal zone, cutting down on response time. There is no way to control another players units, or vice versa.

    ALS training for fire units would be helpful and add to the overall play of the game, especially if the fire unit "follows up" with say a BLS unit like the fly cars currently do. Training police units to a paramedic(ALS) standpoint doesn't seem as necessary. Most areas of the US if not the world do not train their law enforcement agencies to this level. If any actual medical qualification, it would be EMT(BLS), with the exception of specialty units or agencies. (state parks, police helicopters with paramedic capability, tactical medics/SWAT medics, etc.)

    Does anyone know what format can be used to post a clickable link in an alliance forum? So far everything I have tried doesnt work, most display correctly in the edit but not in the post.

    This idea would be helpful for players who run all BLS ambulances in their departments, but still need to handle ALS calls. A lot of places use ALS engines and BLS ambulances, and the engine paramedic follows up to the hospital with the ambulance.

    Staging points could be used except for the fact that they are mandated to be posted for 24 hours without being able to change that.

    A lot of the expansions would be more useful with the idea of emergency transfers to facilities, that has been mentioned in the past. Now that the medical portion is taking a break it may be a stretch into the future but I know the idea has been brought up in the past. The idea of emergency transfers from lower level hospitals or aircraft to higher acuity care centers with specialties. Anybody with EMS experience would know all about them, and realistically that would be the only use for a few of the specialties as of now.

    The tier system would be helpful for some who want to stay with smaller aircraft, or those who would want to get into medium and large air tankers. Obviously the very large tankers would defeat the purpose for most but the large tier could simply be named and graphic differently to achieve a VLAT for those who want to play with the big boys

    The only thing I thought with the spotters would be like the command vehicle requirement, but I do agree that would complicate it.
    As for the heli-tenders I agree with the use of the tankers as long as ground vehicles or tankers were able to be at the location.

    I'm not sure how common it is around the world so feel free to respond, but there are also usually spotter planes that lead the tankers and control air operations almost like a command vehicle does. For larger fires and larger tankers. Helicopters also usually have heli-tenders that are used to create aircraft staging areas in the field and provide fuel and maintenance. Would the aerial firefighting bases be able to have ground vehicles attached as well? A lot of aerial fire fighting bases have a lot of resources stored there due to their large sizes.

    Being able to create a "Post" or hold point with a single point patrol route would satisfy this. When I first began the game, I hoped this was possible but soon learned the patrol route required multiple points to function.

    The idea of hospital delays when inundated would also be an interesting topic. Here locally my units usually drop off in about 20-30 minutes but when its busy I can have units delayed for 2-4 hours waiting to drop off a patient.