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    I like this idea as I sometimes transfer care to a medflight helicopter. In my area a patient is usually transported or evaluated by an ambulance first then transfer care to the lifeflight

    In the US, our Ladder Companies are usually set up as combination ladder-rescue trucks. Ladders usually carry extrication equipment for MVAs in order to help supplement Rescue Companies, so it makes sense for platforms to be required on serious accidents. I do see your point though. It's times like this when I wish there was a European version of the game too lol

    For us in the United States, being able to use the platform or quint as a rescue would take care of the issue, I think. Therefore, they can remove the requirement for the rest but we can still send the resource to satisfy the rescue requirement and the realistic aspect.

    ok well just thought id throw the idea out there. I was going to make an ems agency like my area has that does both emergent and non-emergent transports that's why I was wanting to see if nursing homes, etc., could be included with the right poi. but its all good. does the current mission work with alliance hospitals if I have an urgent care center near them.

    I posted an idea along these lines in the suggestions if you want to check it out, under New Medical Missions. I work for a private ambulance company and had the same idea.

    To be honest, I don't think the addition of a button at the bottom of the dispatch window is going to be the end of the world, however the consideration for others is rather appropriate. What I am going to question is the necessity for an unlighted approach. All calls, in this game, that have the lighted response would have been appropriately graded by the call taking facility as an emergency call. I'd therefore question whether you need this response grade as an option.

    Essentially it depends on where you are from and how you want to run your simulation. Speaking for myself, a large number of the police calls, some of the ambulance calls, and a portion of the fire calls would not require an emergency response. A few for example from each: Police- Parked Car Accident, Burglary, Fare dodger, pick pocketing, keys locked in vehicle; EMS- Nosebleed, fever; Fire- Tree down on roadway, Road Accident with no injury would be a split response; there are too many missions to list all of them, but thats essentially the basic idea and the idea making them selectable and not just a standard. Some jurisdiction send everything Emergent; others have become selective due to the lights and sirens not making a notable difference in time or outcome. Some areas send all Alpha and Bravo medicals, Code 2 (no lights or siren). Others it doesn't matter. Another way to look at it is on the back end, all transports from scene for PD and EMS are all emergency transporting. There is almost never an emergency transport of a prisoner to jail, and most EMS transports are not emergency. (Though this wasn't included in the original idea, hopefully it gives kind of an example)

    So im going to through up a problem that i may have thought of. Currently when you dispatch a vehicle to a mission you click on the mission. Click on either the vehicle or you alarm and response plan and then click dispatch. By adding then the option to select how this vehicle will respond to the mission it may slow down players ability to dispatch to missions. Also would the player have to select how each individual vehicle will respond (With lights or without) as this would potentially take a lot of time, for example i have a ARR that dispatches 68 vehicles. If it was done by the ARR, what happens if the player wants to send police on an emergency response and ambulance on a non emergency response?

    Im not saying its a bad idea. Im just trying to throw up penitential conflicts that need to be thought about and discussed

    So in my idea how I thought it out would be like this; Basically the default is as it stands, all vehicles respond in emergency mode by default. Therefore if a player decides they don't want to use this feature they are not required to. My idea follows as such, basically the implementation of a new dispatch button that simply send the selected dispatch resources non-emergent. Sort of how there is a default button to "Send and Share Mission". With this idea though, the addition of an option next to dispatched resources, sort of like "Cancel" but to upgrade or Downgrade the units already dispatched. Another idea, for players that may not want to use it could be to make it an option in the dispatch settings, but with my idea as it stands unless the player specifically chooses the "non-emergent" dispatch setting it wouldn't change their experience at all, sort of how players choose not to use the "Send and Share" button.

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    The ability to change which facility an ambulance transports to after transporting the unit. Many times the wrong hospital can be selected when transporting. The ability to change the destination can improve the realism

    An implementation to be able to send units to calls without lights and sirens. Much like sending units to smoke detector checks or concerts. Not all calls are required to be emergency responses, and in some cases some units respond emergency while others continue non-emergent. A simple toggle button like the Share mission icon could be implemented to send selected unit with no lights.

    With the introduction of Urgent Care Centers and BLS ambulances, a few new EMS possibilities have come to mind.

    Ambulance Transfers and Dishcarges: The ability to receive ALS and BLS non-emergency transfers to post-hospital care facilities, other hospitals and residences. The implementation of a care facility tag to discharge patients to. This could be combined with the hospital patient count so you have to ability to move patients that have been transported into the hospital with a wrong expansion or discharge them completely out of the hospital system.

    Add the ability to build a fire station extension as a Fire Copter Station with availability for multiple slots; many fire agencies in the US use fire fighting helicopters as multi-role for Fire and Medical Response

    Also an aircraft fire tanker. With the increase of large campaign fires air tankers are becoming a common resource.