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    I do wish we could expand them as well but I think the bundling is a “helipad” so you have to build multiple.

    But another problem I’ve noticed is I can only have a certain amount of police helicopters built.
    Not sure if there is a limit on medic copters but I think the limit is stupid.
    I expanded my police depts so much it goes across multiple agencies and I cant build realistically

    I'd rather see it done through the patrol option, currently a patrol cannot have less than 2 points but if this would be changed to 1 then in theory, the vehicle would stay in one location. I'd like to see the most viable option presented by the developer as that'll ultimately be the method that'll have to be used.

    Yea me181,
    That’s exactly what I meant, set a patrol route where it can sit still and just be “posted” in a spot. And moving units are on “patrol”
    It’s an easy feature just allow us to set a patrol with 1 point.

    FDNY EMS uses their ambulances in staging areas. They are assigned an intersection within their assigned cover area and they go there and sit and wait for a call to come through. Having another option to allow units to sit rather than patrol is something I believe is being discussed or suggested?

    Is it possible to create another patrol option where we can set a POI and the unit will drive and wait there til we dispatch them to call closest to them? A staging area would be nice where its doesn't have a time limit. Create a POI option where it can be used constantly without time restriction and the option to delete it when we want?

    Yes they basically exactly what i mean when i was talking about "posts"

    where i live ambulances get a "post" at an intersection and they sit near it waiting for a call, so i was asking if they can make it so we can set a patrol that sits still so a post. because currently you cannot set a patrol route unit idle in one spot that have to move at least between two point.

    That is also why i brought up making a poi that when set calls spawn within a certain radius as it (same radius as stations). because currently if i have an ambulance posted at an intersection it is useless cause i cant get a call near that intersection without a ems station there, which does not allow me to play realistically.
    in my area of san bernardino county CA, american medical response has a main headquarters and they send around 20 ambulances out 24/7 posted at intersections all over across 10 cities, so they are all spread out. so what id like to do is have a poi i can set near each spot(city) i have an ambulance posted near so they can actually get a call.

    and same with police, most cities have one police station and units spread out and patrol. but whats the point of having units being able to patrol if they wont even get a call in the area they are patrolling.

    You raise a good point, one which I raised myself around various other polls, however it's the only poll that has touched upon the subject and therefore the only evidence of how players use the game.
    It's very easy to attack evidence but it would be nice to provide a solution, rather than muddying the waters even further.

    Yes and also maybe the reason players in that poll don,t play realistically is because they simple cannot. like me for example, i want to play realistically but the way the game is now i cannot.

    I understand totally but the thing is I and a lot of other players like to play realistically with real buildings, locations, units, etc. but the way the game is now it is difficult to do so, with this feature of poi's that spawn calls around in in a 6 mile radius same as the stations, I would put alot more hours, and possibly money, into the game.
    I want to be able to simulate my local EMS agency.

    The obvious issue presented is the spawning of calls, this is far too open to exploitation. What I'd like to see on this note which may be easier to achieve is the ability to set a patrol route with only one patrol stop, in essence holding a unit at one particular location and therefore performing half the function that's requested.

    i am curious as to how it would be open to exploitation?

    the maximum number of calls generated for a player would be the same, literally all it would do is let calls spawn further than a players station. alot of players want calls to be spread further out and this is an easy fix for that, reall it would make the game a little more difficult for players who like a challenge and want to have calls in a wider area and it would also make the game more realistic, whats the point of having police and EMS able to patrol if calls cant spawn where they are patrolling and only spawn close to the station?

    Your idea is essentially the existing staging areas. In its essence it creates multiple Police or EMS stations without having to pay for them. The reason we only get one staging area per 24 hours is to prevent players from “camping out” in one area all the time and cherry-picking missions, and the points ability to spawn calls is concerning.

    no my idea isnt the same as staging areas, its the exact same as patrol. ambulances and police cars can be set on patrol routes, all im asking is that we can have them sit still in a spot instead of driving a route. cause currently if i want one in one spot i have to set a tiny patrol route so it just drives back and fourth.

    and as for the calls, im just asking for a POI that would have EMS and/or PD and/or Fire calls spawn around it in a same radius as the stations, all this would do is let people have calls spawn in other areas of the map further from there station, the max calls received would stay the same.
    and maybe if there was a concern for any reason you could make it so those POIs couldnt be set further than 5 miles from a police/fire/ems station.

    so i can have my one ambulnce station and mutiple of these pois around it further out then my patroling/posted ambulances can actually get calls in there area they are patrolling. same with PD

    Not a necessary feature in my view. Your first sentence had me thinking - 'hey isn't that already available as a staging area?'

    While it has been brought up though... My city area has ambulance stations all over the place, so no need for 'ems patrols'. Do such patrols actually exist in other parts of the world? Would be interesting to know what cities/countries operate like that :thumbup:

    Yes in southern california ambulances patrolling/posted are very common. where i live AMR has one main station and 15-20 ambulances are sent out across about 10 cities for 911 calls.

    so having a POI that would just have calls spawn in a radius around it same as a station would be alot more fun. and the max number of calls generated would be the same, all it would really do is let people get calls further away from there stations which alot of us want.

    Would it be possible to have POIs and have missions spawn near them? Just to have more coverage. Of course it wouldn't increase the number of possible missions.

    Yea thats exactly what im asking for, just a POI we can set that would generate calls in a radius of that poi.

    And these features wouldn't make it any easier for players to make money and "cheat" the game, it would just make it more fun and realistic :)
    a post is the exact same as patrol but just idel unit, not driving a patrol route, and the pois would just allow calls to spawn in a radius around thos poi's so the patrol/post feature would be more useful and realistic.

    new idea of Post Locations its basically the same as patrol except you can set a unit to be posted in one spot, so i can other have a ambulance posted in a spot on the map, or have it patrol a large area.
    i think having post locations we could set would be great, where i live american medical response has "posts" all over the cities here, they just stay at the post parked somehwere waiting for a call.

    so with that idea an add on could be where ever you have posts set you can also get calls in that spot, because the way the game is now i cant play realistically, i have 15 ambulances in my ambulance station (AMR) i have them patrol the city parts but obviously only calls spawn near the station which isnt fun.

    creating posts, (so same as patrol but not moving) and make a "EMS POI" that when set ems calls will spawn in a radius around that poi. this would make the game much better for people that have units on patrol/posted. and same for police calls, make p

    currently police and ambulances patroling is kinda pointless cause calls dont spawn near there posts/patrol spots.

    so basically im asking for:

    1. posts, just idle patrol, they sit in one place waiting for a call instead of driving a patrol route, this is a simple update that can be added.
    2. "EMS POI", when set ems calls will spawn in a radius around these poi's, so if an ambulance is posted and a ems poi is where that post is they can get calls in that area.
    3. "POLICE POI", when set police calls will spawn in a radius around these poi's, so if an patrol car is posted/patrolling and a ems poi is where that post/patrol area is they can get calls in that area.
    4. "POLICE/EMS POI" : this POI is just like the other two except when set police or ems calls will spawn where this poi is set.

    these features would be great cause in real life fire stations are already placed all around, but most cities have just one police station and units patroling/posted in parts of the rest of the city,
    and same for people who use ambulance companies where they live, one building sends out ambulances to posts all around in the nearby areas 24/7 ready for 911 calls.

    It's hard to know which thread to reply to! Here is the explanation for the issue.

    There is a system in the game that is designed to prevent cheating. Though we cannot disclose the details of this system (and were hesitant to mention that it even exists) we can assure you that it is in all three versions of the game, and is likely the cause of your concerns. We will ask the developer if any changes can be made, but we do not expect any because this system protects the financing of the game and is performing as it is designed to. To be fully honest, this issue is in the hands of the developer, and outside of the Moderation Team's control.

    any updates?

    Our job as moderators is to moderate between the developer and the players. When this issue was raised we contacted the developer who told us that they spawn calls up to 6 miles away. In one of the many threads you bumped you can see an example of a call more than 2 miles away, and in some of the thread that you chose not to bump you see people talking and sometimes complaining about police calls that have spawned several miles away from their police station.

    well there is alot more threads on here of people saying calls dont spawn far... everyone says they only spawn with 2-5 km. thats only a max of 3 miles.

    here is my example i have argued/discussed before.

    the center of the circles is where my station is.

    the small circle is a 1.5 mile radius, and the large circle is a 6 mile radius that the game claims to have.

    i have never had a call (non poi call) spawn outside of the small circle before, in over 3 years of playing.

    but the game creators claim calls spawn within 6 miles of a station which would be the big circle. i would love if that was the case but sadly it is not.

    saved warrior is right, they usually deny It, i have argued it before on here, they claim calls spawn in a 6 mile radius from a station (normal calls not POI) but i say thats wrong, i have played for years and i have never had a call spawn more than 1.5 miles from my station unless i used a poi. its nuts, maybe they are confused and only the german version has a 6 mile radius.

    hi kyle douglas. i know exactly what you mean, i have argued this before but they swear im wrong.

    the game claims that calls respond within a 6 mile radius of a station (without pois, just normal calls.) but i call bull @$%#. LOL

    i have never had a call spawn futher than 1.2-2 miles from my station before, its ridiculous. type in "radius" in the search and scroll down until you see my forum/thread about it a while back.

    i know calls spawn within a radius of a station, but can you make a setting where if a ambulance or patrol car is patrolling that there will also be a radius around that unit where calls spawn.

    so basic that unit patrolling has its own radius around it that calls will spawn in

    I don’t mean to start anything here, but by your logic players could simply create a mission with, say, 100 units to respond. So based on “the more units, the more income”, you’d have a massive reward on that mission that you created. That’s why uniformity is desired, so that no one has an advantage.

    but that player would have to have to be able to afford those 100 units.