New Missions and POIs for misson

  • Mission Chief New POIs and Missions
    Apartment building (two story)- Apartment Fire, Food on the stove, Alram sounding (false)
    Manufacturing warehouse- Industrial Fire, Alram sounding (false), Alarm sounding (water flowing),
    Machine accident, chemical spill, chemical leak
    Restaurant (fast food)- Grease fire, cooking fire, alarm sounding (false), smoke in structure
    Strip Mall- commercial fire, alarm sounding
    Residential home (single-family)- residential fire, fire from cooking, fire alarm, food on the stove, odor of gas, carbon monoxide leak, odor of gas,
    smoke in the structure, illegal burn, medical calls (any type), drowning
    Retirement home- fallen person, cardiac arrest, fire alarm sounding, chest pains, trouble urinating, diabetic problems
    Mercantile buildings (i.e. Wal-Mart, Target, Kohl's etc) - alarm sounding, small fire, smoke in the structure
    Office building- office fire, alarm sounding (false), microwave on fire, person trapped in elevator, medical incidents
    Hotel- alarm sounding, small fire, room fire, electrical fire, smoke in structure, person trapped in elevator
    Malls, mercantile building parking lots- child trapped in car, car fire, parked car accident, auto accident, person struck
    Highways, freeways, roads, avenues, intersections etc- MVA non-injury, MVA with injuries, MVA with entrapment, MVA with rescue (extrication), MVA rollover,
    Car v.s. street pole, car fire, semi fire, unknown tanker spill, dangerous goods truck accident
    Trailer park- trailer on fire, food on the stove, smoke in structure, illegal burn, medical emergencies
    Community pool- conccesion stand on fire, drowning, medical emergencies (any type)
    Daycare- pediatric cardiac arrest, sick child, head injury, infant unconscious
    railroad crossing- car v.s. train

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