Make your own POI

  • Create your own POIs and calls. This is a common practice in the fire service. You visit a building. Rather it be a school, store, or movie theater. You determine hazards the building has, that may cause a fire or accident. You then record it, and determine what resources you will need in the event of an emergency. I think this would save time for developers, and give players more to work with. First you would determine the address and name the POI or categorize it , in a categories created by the player. Second you would determine what the calls may be, again chosen by categories created by the player. Third you will choose if there is a probability patient transport will be needed. Finally, you will choose what units would be required, as you would in alarm response and regulations, and choose on scale the probability when a call for service is needed at said place. If you have any ideas for this please add them.

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