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    Here are some suggestions that i came up with. Some may have already been mentioned Im sorry.

    Police Call Suggestions:

    Robbery Involving a weapon - Send either K9 or SWAT with 3 police cars
    High Risk Missing Person - K9 along with couple of police cars
    Robbery In a commerical building - 2 Police cars
    Security Requiring assistance - 1 to 2 police cars
    Suspicious Behaviour - 2-4 Police cars
    Suspicious package - SWAT - K9 - 4 Police cars
    No response from the call - 1-2 police officers - possible a ambulance as well
    Person under the influence of drugs - 1-2 police cars.

    Vehicle suggestions:

    Bomb Squad
    Police Cage van/station van/paddy wagon
    Police vans aka riot vans (Holds up to 9-12 People plus transport cell)
    Co-Responder vehicle - Co responder which is a fire-fighter trained to do medical also
    Damage control unit - Asseses buildings that there has been fire or structure damage, Could go to call's like High rise fires ect.
    Police incident command unit - Goes to major incidents and carries trained personal in support and negotiation
    Airport safety car - Instead of using Battalion chiefs you could have airport safety officers car that goes out to incidents on airport grounds


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