Potential New Calls

  • I think, while the game is addicting, fun, and fairly realistic, I think the experience a lot of us get out of it would benefit by adding a few more points of interest, and more calls associated with them. I volunteered at a department for six months near a small (15k) university where we average 2,000 calls per year with a large percentage being fire alarms from dormitories. I think, while the game is not meant to replicate a region as other posts have said, I think that points of interest should be broadened a little bit. (I only have 1 station and 3 pieces of Type-1 Apparatus, so if I am incorrect, please correct me). Other than that, I enjoy the game, it's a wonderful experience and I enjoy looking through the forums about what others have said and done with their games.

    University - Point of Interest
    Potential Calls could include, dormitory fire, fire alarm, robbery (in the case of police), respiratory problems (EMS, Fire), Active Shooter (Police, Fire, EMS), Event Security (Police)

    Apartment Complex - Point of Interest
    Potential Calls: Apartment fire, fire alarm, health related calls, drunk and disorderly

    Bar - Point of Interest
    Potential Calls: Bar Fight, Medical Emergency

    Classroom Building - Point of Interest
    Potential Calls: Active Shooter, Medical Emergency, Fire Alarm

    Parking Garage - Point of Interest
    Potential Calls: Car Fire, Robbery

    Thanks to all of the developers, this game is a great time-killer for me!

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