Difficult Missions

  • So right now I'm trying to run a realistic setup with station placement and apparatus used, but with more and more stations, I'm starting to have some hard missions to complete. At a given time, I can have a big supermarket fire, industrial fire, 2 water rescue missions, a gas station fire and a commercial fire, along with 10 other smaller missions. These missions get hard to complete when my stations are set up realistically. That means I only have 1 boat, 2 Hazmat, 1 MCV and a pretty small amount of engines. I thought I saw that there was a way to have 3 dispatch centers, one for fire, one for ems and one for pd, and that is supposed to help out, is that true? If not, it would be nice to have some sort of in-game feature to help out with this.

  • Ok, you've got a few options here.

    First of all this is a game so chill out, doesn't matter if you respond immediately or in 10 hours, the mission will still get completed or if you can't do it it will go after 24 hours.

    So slow your game down if you want, I cant handle my game on normal for a long period of time, I do short bursts of normal and fast speeds to get a lot of calls, mop them up and then do it again, or I just stay in realistic. The bigger you get the more calls you can handle but you should only play at a speed which you can handle.

    If you still want to play at a fast speed, then don't worry about attending all missions at once, like I said you can get to them whenever you want, it doesn't matter. Although this is less realistic.

    You can have 3 dispatch centres yes, but you get a dispatch centre for every 25 buildings so you'd need 50 buildings to get 3 dispatch centres (you start off with one). I don't see how the dispatch centres would help though? I presume you're referring to the setting which allows you to make calls generated by stations in that dispatch centre only for the amount of stations in that centre. This isn't used for what you're talking about, this is used for example if you started in the US but then also wanted to have some stations in the UK. You already have a lot of stations in the US so big calls already spawn which you can't handle in the UK. So you can put your UK stations on a seperate dispatch centre and use this setting and then calls generated from the UK stations will only be generated based on how many stations you have on that dispatch centre e.g. if you only had one fire station it would only generate minor calls like tree on the road and brush pile fire etc.

    Hope this helps :)

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