• Do we know when we will next have a big update?

    We've had 3 new missions in 3 weeks and I'm starting to get disappointed.

    I understand it may be complicated behind the scenes but to some of us it seems straight forward moving over a bunch of missions at a time.

    Would be nice even if we were given a snippet of information or even a date so we can look forward to something.

    Enjoy the new missions but would be nice for more or even new vehicles.

    Still loving the game, would just like something to look forward to, something new that isn't a single mission.

  • I just wonder if it's a coding issue or something like that. I'm glad we are atleast getting a update a week. Yes granted it's not a big update but maybe that's what there working on long term and just putting the missions out to keep everyone going.

  • The devs have released a few app updates and moved servers recently. I think their focus has been to try and get the game stabilised and reliable.

    There are still a few issues with the game around missions spawning so think they will be ironing these out.

    Hopefully they do this and are working on a big update to add more to the game like improve medical side. This is still very basic compared to police and fire.

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