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    Content is properly researched, that's what us Content Advisors are for.

    We can not control how the DEVs implement our Content packs.

    We get as frustrated as you guys, believe me.

    It was common knowledge from the start that CG Helicopters were added wrong by the DEVs and we agree that they should be able to be used as HEMs and on other missions.

    Without sounding like a broken record.. we're at the mercy of the DEVs as to when they can fix things. Being only a small team managing multiple versions it's not a speedy process as we know.

    I don't hold any hope in them bothering to put effort in to making sure missions are appropriate to the server.

    There is no reason for them not to as there are loads of suggestions they can choose from but they just don't seem to care.

    Do the content team still suggest which call for the Devs to pick each week.

    We still submit regular calls to the DEVs, I recently submitted 15 x medical calls which have not yet been implemented.

    We can only do so much, the rest is up to the DEVs.

    Sorry, I am currently on holiday until Sunday hence the slow reply on here.

    As I have previously stated in the Facebook group, this mission was added wrong.

    I had submitted various calls, one of which was "Paediatric Cardiac Arrest" with C1 code, 100% transport and critical care chance. Mission requiring 2 x Ambulance and 1 x OTL.

    The variant added was created by the DEVs and not suited towards our version.

    We already have themed events for the police and Fire service.. now we're pleased to include the Ambulance service!

    "Pandemic" is the new storm available for alliances to use also bringing new medical missions to the game.

    A pandemic style storm has been in the pipeline since before Covid however only now are the DEVs happy to implement it.

    We hope you enjoy it, feedback is always welcomed. Any issues with the new storm please do raise them.

    In desperate need of coastguard helicopters when ch can transport multiple casualties

    It has been mentioned before that unfortunately the DEVs were unable to implement the CG Helos as we originally wanted.

    They advised us that this will be rectified with SAR Part 2.

    Closing thread due to duplication of previous.

    I have started adding in variations of medical missions to match IRL emergency calls and their respective codes.

    Doing this provides the community with a large range of missions and will help even more so with further updates that are to come.

    I could just leave them as generic but then we'd soon run out of missions that only require ambulance units and I'm sure that would be wrong.

    If anyone has suggestions for medical missions they'd like to see in the game, please feel free to DM them to me together with the patient code and response.

    Anyways whats the reason behind connecting this exactly for hart?

    As VICFire has said, I don't understand the question?

    If you mean to ask why the HART base requirement is higher at 2 then this is because of the resources required for the missions.

    The resourcing follows the PDA for the Ambulance Trust I work for and in order to meet this it's suggested players need a minimum of 2 HART stations.

    As previously mentioned in other threads, hospitals will receive an update, this will not happen immediately but in the future.

    As I'm sure youll understand, I can not give any indication of time.

    As for HEMS, the current system was implemented before I became the Ambulance CA.

    The way Critical Care is done now is more realistic and offers flexibility for all members.

    I do agree that HEMS helicopter should be able to manage some calls by themselves and this is something we have been working on with the DEVs.

    May I please remind all to check the forums before making suggestions to avoid double posting.

    I'm now closing this thread as we're repeating previous threads.

    As always, please feel free to message me with any thoughts and suggestions.

    Please can you send me some more screenshots of the setup that shows the type of vehicle etc together with information on the platform you play on in a DM?

    I can then submit this to be looked at.

    i have encountered the issue of my hovercraft not being able to be used. i have 3 people trained in hovercraft commander and have them assinged to the tractor (hovercraft transporter) i will attach the message it shows me when i try to dispatch it

    Forgive me for asking as I can't completely see your set up.

    1. Definitely assigned to the vehicle so there's no risk of them jumping in something else?

    2. Definitely using the Hovercraft transporter?

    I've just tested my hovercrafts and they seem to be working so not sure if it's something your end.. failing that maybe the system you play it on?

    I play on Android.

    I've recently expanded to the point where I can get the the "Evactuation from Cruise liner MAJOR" missions and their spawn rate seems to be a bit insane. I don't know if its just my set up or just bad RNG but i've currently got 7 instances of the mission and had to hard expand a third air base to bring myself up to 6 Helis just to try and handle it. Just seems this Major missions has an unusally high spawn rate compared to most major missions, and feels to be about 1/4 RNLI Missions.

    Anyone else noticing this? Or is it just bad luck?

    I found this to be the case originally but when i turned on my whole area after playing with the SAR part it calmed down.

    I would get what you described however I now get 1-2 per 280+ missions.

    I personally get more Hotel Fire MAJOR than cruise liner missions.

    It can be looked into though, I'll add it to my list 👍

    Perhaps a coastal rescue version of the same mission requiring coastguard and potentially ILB if on a cliff by the ocean?

    There is a coastal version already in the game, albeit not the same name but same principle.

    "Person Stuck on Cliff", there are 3 x variants for this.

    1 requiring just Coastguard Rope Rescue, 1 that also requires lifeboat and 1 that also requires coastguard helicopter.

    I felt it would be better to create a new mission for SAR P1 instead of recycling an existing mission.