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    I just realised my typo! I've corrected it :)

    I understand they want to earn money.. But if these are stations we've already paid to get and/or saved up for days to get then we should be able to move for free.

    I would welcome a change that allowed premium members to move stations for free but not at a reduced cost.

    Long shot..

    Can we have the ability to move stations for free? I no longer have an interest in a few counties I've built in and it doesn't seem right that we should buy coins in order to move something.

    most mountain rescue teams have an established base of some sort. Finding out where they are will probably involve a lot of Google and references to the mountain rescue England and Wales or Scottish mountain rescue websites. That's how I found my locations for them in my old missionchief (us version)

    The teams in question on this thread do not have stations as mentioned above.

    Very excited for MCUK 2021!

    As previously stated.. Happy to help set up HMCG when the time comes.

    Keep up the great work all and Merry Christmas.

    An hour wait at hospital is nothing.. Trust me

    I can see where you're coming from however I believe it could be useful

    With my main area I also cover a few islands where there is only 1 hospital that can fill quickly.. It would be useful to avoid resources making unneeded journeys via ferry routes.

    You could maybe look at my original idea but included with it a HALO (Hospital Ambulance Liaison Officer) who go to hospitals to deal with delays.

    Maybe this resource you could send to a hospital that's full and queuing when you send resources there (if it would ever be added).

    The HALO can then slowly clear the queueing ambulances and/or create spaces in the hospital as they would in real life.

    Bit of an odd suggestion..

    The ability for ambulances to queue at hospitals when full?

    Will stop needing to travel crews in excess of 200km to hospitals at times.

    Ambulances could enter a queue at a full hospital and when a patient space is clear they get to hand over?

    Realistic addition and could be very handy, I'd certainly use it a lot.

    Before any comments are made.. In these areas I have max hospitals and clinics.. I just get a high volume of high casualty jobs.

    Why not? This is the world what we're living in. At least the game would be more realistic.

    (and dont tell me, that because of involved people, ppl get involved in RTCs, seizures, falls, house fires, officer downs etc :D )

    A pandemic storm would be amazing!

    Unfortunately I think that is the stance the devs have? Because its not appropriate given the time.

    Such a shame but I guess I understand why they feel its not appropriate, bad press around it and all.

    Majority of Covid-19 symptom calls are leave at home and CC are not often on them.

    If a GP orders a test then an ambulance is not sent and a GP isn't either.. They go to a testing site.

    I like the idea of missions around this though.

    I did previously suggest a new storm, we have a police storm and fire storm but no medical storm.

    I did suggest the storm "Pandemic" but obviously its not an appropriate time for this.

    just hosted one of these in our alliance and great success but very resource heavy.

    All in all our team loved it, great event to have now and then.

    We're due to host one tomorrow.. I've advised my members it's probably police missions.

    When you say resource heavy, what missions generate?

    And any other tips so we don't find ourselves unprepared for what it needs?

    New stop and search mission..

    Any chance of changing this to generate normally like the statement gathering?

    Dont understand why this is limited to a fast food POI.

    Do we have an update on how the medical and airport updates are coming along?

    Also the task list is a great introduction however I'm disappointed to see that it's going more towards wanting players to pay.

    3 of the tasks you can only complete if you pay.. And one of them is £99.99!

    Why can't they do the tasks along the lines of

    • Complete 5 unknown tanker spills
    • Arrest 30 suspects
    • Treat 1,000 patients

    The task system could be very exciting and make people play to complete them if done properly with targets and rewards however I'm worried that the latest tasks will put people off slightly.

    I do understand that games need income don't get me wrong but we have sales and events pushed out for this.

    Last time we had an event where you collect items from missions I seem to remember we didn't actually get anything.. I may be wrong.

    What is the aim with collecting pumpkins?

    Do we actually get anything?

    It's been happening for a while now but wanted to be sure so I've tested it.

    ARRs are missing vehicles out.. For me at least.
    I find that vehicles haven't been sent to missions.

    Tonight I set an ARR for 40 x HAZMAT (the amount I have) and tried responding to a call in the middle of my area with my dispatch distance set to max.

    I have not fiddled with excluding vehicles from ARRs or anything like that.

    Out of my 40 HAZMAT it only allocated 12.. Then when I tried to allocate manually it would not show the vehicles on the dispatch screen.

    I have to click on the stations then the vehicle to allocate it to the call.

    This happens to other resources from both police and fire but not ambulance that I've noticed.

    All vehicles are under the same dispatch centre and are clearly well within the 400km.

    How do I fix this?