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    hate to double post or whatever but what's the CG support unit meant to actually be/do

    Sorry have just seen this.

    The CG support unit IRL are crew carriers while also being used for protracted incidents. Depending on area and operational demands they may also carry additional kit.

    In game they are used for protracted calls such as radio outage and can be used as crew carriers.

    Is there a Coastguard Rescue Helicopter (Large) in the game yet? How do you get it?

    It was supposed to be released in part 1 however during testing the DEVs were unable to implement the Helicopters as requested (transferring multiple casualties) so to prevent further delay only the small helicopter was launched.

    We have been told that the carrying capacity will be fixed ready for the release of part 2, the large helicopter should then come with this.

    I have not said anything about training for paramedic or consultant paramedic.

    I also said "other resources", I will not specify at this time what they will be as I need to work on it.

    Your concern is noted however I'm wondering why you don't have this concern for other services.

    My suggestion of new units will include buildings and unit specific missions, meaning they're optional to have to enhance gameplay and not required from release.

    This is the direction content has been heading in as we know releasing something that is required will create enormous headaches for existing setups.

    Before any changes and new education is added we need major improvements to how courses can be set off.

    If those are your thoughts I welcome you to post your suggestions for education in suggestion for improvements.

    CRV is Coastguard Rescue Vehicle.

    The Mud/Rope vehicles are exactly the same as a CRV, the only difference is in the back of the truck the 1 side will hold the specialist equipment.

    Every CRV in the country (mud/rope/no speciality) will hold the same standard equipment.

    A team will not receive a 2nd vehicle because they hold mud/Rope capability.

    If you would like to discuss this further then please message me so we don't clog the thread, I'll be happy to help with setups and questions.

    As already mentioned, not every team is mud or rope.

    If a team specialises in mud/rope rescue they do not receive a 2nd vehicle.

    There are exceptions of course as to why a team may have a 2nd vehicle.

    OTL is not a course, you're referring to tactical command course which is required for the Ambulance Control Unit (ACU).

    Education for Doctors and Advanced Paramedics as well as other resources are in my plans for future ambulance content of which I have now started to work on.

    Education for the 2 roles will also require new units and missions to go with in order to make the most of it.

    In terms of Coastguard units in game, it's just the MRU and RRU that act as CRVs.

    There are some missions where the lifeboat units ALB/ILB can interchange but that's only on a few.

    In regards to the Helicopter.. they do transport patients as mine are.

    The issue is when trying to implement them the DEVs were unable to include the request for them to carry 14-16 patients.

    To avoid further delay to the pack the smaller coastguard helicopter was included and can only carry 1 x patient.

    This should be fixed in part 2 with the Helicopter being able to carry the requested amount as I've mentioned in another forum post.

    The missions you're probably experiencing them not transporting on are where the Lifeboats can take all patients.

    I did not include rope rescue as a building expansion.

    The only Coastguard station expansions submitted were Mud and Flood.

    I have checked the SAR release order for what has been submitted and can confirm Rope expansion was not on there meaning it wasn't added by anyone.

    This may be an error on the DEVs part however I have highlighted it to be looked into.

    The Mud/Rope rescue vehicles are also CRVs and can replace these for all missions.
    You will need the Mud unit (relevant training & expansion) and the Rope unit (relevant training) to unlock the Mud/Rope missions

    Known bugs that have been reported since release

    • Excessive time required to complete missions - Some take up to 1hour when full resourcing is on scene.
    • Handoff missions that generate when bringing PTs back to shore do not display units required to complete. They require ambulances for each PT however does not display this. They also do not request 1 x CRV as they should.
    • Coastguard Helicopter only transports 1 PT - This was supposed to transport 16 PTs at once however an issue occurred meaning this was reduced to 1 to avoid further delay to the content pack. DEVs advise this will be rectified in SAR part 2.
    • Due to the above issue relating to Coastguard helicopters the mission "Evacuation from Cruise Liner MAJOR" has a reduced max PT number to 18. This will be rectified to a much larger number in SAR part 2 together with the helicopter carrying capacity.

    Thank you all for your understanding, as a team we are very pleased with the content so far and hope you are too! As expected there are teething issues but we hope these will be ironed out ASAP.

    Any further bugs please report on this thread as TACRfan has said.

    Any questions relating to the units please don't hesitate to ask, my DMs are also open for queries.

    Pleased to hear!

    Coastguard Mud Rescue:

    - Requires 2 x Mud Teams

    - First team initiates the rescue

    - Second team acts as cover and assists with the recovery.

    - The second team also brings the mud Decontamination Unit (a trailer that all mud teams have)

    - Decontamination units holds recovery winch, additional mud rescue equipment, jet wash and a water tank with chemicals to decontaminate equipment on scene

    Happy SAR launch day! Part 1 just released with double credits!

    Introducing the Coastguard & Lifeboats.

    - 4 x Buildings

    - 17 x Units

    - 9 x Education

    - 6 x Expansions

    - 36 x Missions

    Coastal missions to spawn using the US system where you can set a radius.

    Coastguard/Lifeboat stations remain same price as the Ambulance stations.

    The Coastguard Mud/Rope vehicles also act as a CRV for missions.

    First update to receive a timed mission with a payout of 40,000!

    SAR Helicopters can carry more PTs than normal HEMS!

    I could go on and on but jump on and experience the new content yourself!

    As with any update there are expected to be teething issues, please report any as soon as you can.

    Any questions please do let us know.

    Thank you to the community for being so patient.

    Incorrect, Critical Care are used more than you think and not just for what you've stated.

    Major Trauma and Traumatic/Paediatric arrests are not that common (obviously area dependant).

    Now can I please ask that we keep posts on topic, Nige this is a UK game thread, Critical Care in the US will vary compared to the UK.. yes some similarities but they are different.

    No more posts about what Critical Care do or do not go to.

    I will submit some changes to the DEVs in the new year and will share with you what I can in here.

    As mentioned on another thread, I'm now working on some additional ambulance content - this includes fixing the CC requirement on missions and also the hospitals (incl departments)