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    Name/Type of Mission: Hospital Delays

    Units Required: Welfare Vehicle

    POI Required (Use “none” if not needed): Hospital

    Patients: 0

    Prisoners: 0

    Credit Reward: 3,000

    Idea is that it would operate as a planned mission and last for 1hour, the 3,000 credits is to simulate the cost of setting the vehicle up in game and it being out for 1 hour. The reward can be changed as appropriate.

    IRL Ambulance services are now providing welfare vehicles to support crews when facing long/severe delays at Hospital.

    These delays can vary from a couple of hours to their whole shift.

    Welfare vehicles are manned by volunteers and are usually a car, these provide refreshments for staff.

    A HART Welfare vehicle would not be used for this however I've suggested it given that we now have a Welfare vehicle in the game.

    So if a Cat 1 needs transport it will blue light it, Cat 2 I am not sure but possibly not blue light it, Cat 3 do not blue light it Cat 4 dosent blue light it

    with the current system even a cat 4 blue slights it:D

    This is incorrect. The PT triage code does not determine the response into hospital, the PT condition does.

    You may often see C4 PTs blue lighted into hospital and C1 PTs not.

    In terms of responding to the calls in game, of course all the codes will show as a blue light response as that's how the graphic packs show a unit is on a call.

    You can obviously change graphic packs so that units do not blue light.

    So exicting, will there be new units? or just updates to existing units?

    Again.. We can't give specifics apart from HEMS receiving an overhaul as this was an area of concern within the community.

    I work for the ambulance service and can’t think what’s missing?

    can you give us a clue?

    Specific training? (Working at height/swift water?)

    New vehicle? (Boat/drone?)

    Can't give specifics but it will include a HEMS overhaul 👍

    I’m Desperate for the police update! any news?

    Rome wasn't built in a day. Sorry to use that saying 😂

    MCUK has come a very long way since the launch, updates take time and a lot of work behind the scenes that some people don't quite understand or appreciate (I was one of them before joining the team).

    You also need to take into consideration the number of versions this game has which no doubt impacts on the time it takes for updates to come out.

    We play the game too and want these updates just as much as the community does, we all just need to be patient.

    Back in the late 2000’s there was a program called CO19 frontline or In the line of fire (can’t remember which one) and there was a particular episode where three gang members were caught brandishing an Uzi in a nightclub and then got intercepted by some Trojan units. I loved that program so I thought I’d add the call based on one in it.

    The clips circulate on YouTube every now and then.

    Ah I know the clips! Guilty of watching them all myself. Need another program like it.

    I've searched the forums and can't see it suggested, apologies if I've missed it.

    It would really help to have CARP added to the AAR option.

    Aww I would like to see calls going form a c3 to a c2 or c2 to c3

    Once on scene the PT code will not change as that's what's been obtained through the triage system.

    The only thing that would happen from a resource arriving on scene is a backup request of either P1, P2 or P3.

    Before you ask for a backup system, which would need to be timed and have different rewards to show the changes in urgency (I'm not sure if it's possible) I'd much rather welcome a C1 timer (which I've brought up before).

    For example a Cardiac arrest call generates and you have 7 minutes to get an ambulance on scene for 1,000 credits, then you get bonuses of 400 for getting a responder on scene within 2 minutes etc.

    I can not remember where this was left but its always at the top of my "wish list".

    It dosen't need HART? I always deploy HART there as I saw a ambulance documentry where HART AND HEMS rrv was deployed.

    Not always required, many things are taken into consideration like PT condition, run time for HART, resources going and many more.

    Every ambulance control room has a Trauma Desk who look for calls and assess whether advanced paramedics, HEMS etc is required. And then obviously clinicians on scene can specifically request it. But any incident which had a complex rescue or a hazardous area or even just to help with numbers, HART goes to.

    I deploy resources which aren’t necessary most of the time for example a child locked in a car required a fire engine and sometimes an ambulance when realistically the police would definitely be called.

    Not every ambulance control room has a trauma desk, I think that's specific to certain trusts.

    Depending on area HART may be routinely dispatched however in my experience more often than not the fire service are dispatched instead.

    I'm well aware that Careline calls have the potential to develop however more often than not they do not require any ambulance for hospital admittance.

    Careline activations routinely come to ambulance control, even when the careline has verbal communication with the PT.

    Yes you're right, responders could be used more within the calls we currently have however the set up is not good enough for them to work properly.

    You may not want to use the Responders, that's down to you.. Other members will.

    With your logic you may aswell say what's the point in the CBRNe and Ambulance Control units? They're just duplicates of the fire ones.

    These two missions have been introduced to create a purpose for the responders, ask the DEVs for too much it will be harder to get what's asked but ask for a bit at a time.. Then it's easier.

    So after testing it appears that Careline Activation does not work as it should but non injury fall does.

    This is because Careline Activation has a PT code of C-4 which automatically has a transport of 30% despite the mission showing 0%.

    It's been requested that the DEVs change the code for careline activation to a C-3 so the 0% transport works. t is exactly that.