[SOLVED] Missions that I can't cover the requirements for spawn in my new dispatch center

  • Hello, I have 3 dispatch centers. One in NY(my main), one in Detroit(my second) and one in Ruse,Bulgaria(my new one). I've had 6 fire stations in Detroit and a friend of my recently started playing this game so I decided to move them to Ruse. See the steps below:
    1. I've deleted the Dispatch Center in Detroit without unassigning the stations from there.
    2. I moved them to Ruse.
    3. Assigned them to the Dispatch Center in Ruse.
    Now I get missions that I can't cover the requirements for in that city. For example I get Full Building Collapse. I only had 2 fire stations in there, nothing else.
    When I click on the dispatch center to see it on the map it shows 2 blue markers in New York, but when I click to move the Ruse dispatch center it shows it in the normal position.
    Can't even attach images to this thread so I'm posting links, sorry.

    PS: I've also tried unassigning the buildings from Ruse DC, deleting the DC and then creating a new one, but it's still the same problem.

    EDIT: I've totally forgot that I had to enable the option "Create your own coverage area.". I just did it and will be updating this thread if the issue happens again, although I don't think it will!

  • @NewHappyRabbit

    I think your issue occured during the stage of deleting the dispatch center in Detroit. As that point all stations assigned to it are not assigned to a dispatch center if you had police fire and ems stations assigned to it, then the collapsed building mission can spawn anywhere, this is why you have this mission where you cant complete it. To fix this you need to have all stations assigment to a dispatch center (you get 1 dispatch center per 25 stations).

    Hope this helps, if you still experiencing prolems drop me a dm and I will try to help debug your problem.

    Community Engagement Team

  • I think its good now. I stopped mission spawning before doing anything but probably the game didn't refresh my dispatch centers or something before creating this mission in Ruse. Currently there is only 2 mission (the first 2 that spawned after I moved them from Detroit) that I can't cover. I will post updates on this thread if some more mission that I can't cover spawn in there.

    Nevermind, one more mission spawned that requires a large fireboat. Also when I send a firetruck to that mission, it stay's there for a few seconds and automatically goes back to station. The mission doesn't dissappear though

  • Make sure every station is assigned to a dispatch center. This will prevent the errors above

    I've already double and triple-checked that. All are assigned to the Ruse dispatch center. Also when I click "Possible missions" on the bottom of the page and then I go in "Ruse DC" all of the missions that I also cover in NY are covered in there. Here's some photos: https://imgur.com/a/XpmVLQv

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