New Traffic Missions

  • Hi all,

    Just a quick one about the new traffic stop missions requiring traffic cars.

    As with any mission in this game it has to be static (IE a fail to stop can't be racing around the map as funny as that would be).. It seems a bizarre concept that we're sending a traffic unit 25 minutes for a vehicle stop for no MOT or something.

    I think it would be great to see vehicles which are not on their way to an emergency 'pulling over' the vehicle. The mission spawns on top of any random IRV or traffic car around the map and it automatically attached to the call.

    For example, a response car has a traffic stop on a vehicle with no insurance/MOT, and requires a traffic unit to back them up.

    Appreciate this may not work/be a priority for devs, but would be nice to see!

    Just my two pence.

    NF14 - Content Adviser Team (UK)
    Ex Emergency Operations Centre Staff
    Current Operational Ambulance Staff

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