Admin Levels

  • With current events obviously something needs to be done, while I don't completely agree with some suggestions out there I do agree that new levels need to be added.

    My suggestion is "Alliance Owner".. Automatically given to whoever creates an alliance and can be transferred to another member if required, if transferring the owner will need to confirm their password to ensure its being done legitimately.

    The alliance owner can not be kicked by any level of admin, you could have it so you can have more than 1 owner or keep it simple with just 1.

    Obviously it goes without saying that you should be careful who you're giving permissions to. I make it a point of not have another member with full admin permissions because of this.

    Here's keeping fingers crossed that the DEVs are able to help Alba999.

  • Alliance Ownership level is required to protect the alliances more. It is the easiest option to be fair and like you say has to be transferable.

    This needs to be done urgently now for the integrity of the alliances and mission chief.

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