Small Improvements

  • Hello,

    I have some functional/text/interaction improvements which are not huge and I think would make the game a wee bit more user friendly?

    1. Change Rescue to Ambulance (UK Only?)

    2. When picking/checking Graphics Packs when you go into them (the non windows link), there is no way to go back to the game without pressing the back button on browser or changing your link to take out the prefix.

    3. Settings, might just be me but I think settings should be under the user drop down (where the graphic pack link is), this would be instead of going through a dispatch centre.

    3.1 In settings everything is as one (I mean premium and non-premium), this should be separated, still within the same window but having a heading for premium stuff at the bottom with everything premium, take it even further, if you are not a premium member it should be greyed out so you can see what you're missing. This would be better than the prompt you get after you tick a premium feature.

    4. Station window, would be nice if you changed these to responsive columns so they were side by side if you stretch it out (like below), I have a widescreen monitor, would be nice to see a grid of stations other than the stretched out list with white space.

    I imagine a few of these things have already been brought up, so I apologies in advance.

    Admin 999 First Responders
    Chicago Fire Department (US)
    Scottish Fire & Rescue Service - Eastern Delivery Area (UK)

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