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  • Hello,

    I am struggling to get info about Foam appliances in the east delivery area for the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service. I know Kirkcaldy has a 4x4 foam carrier, does another station hold an appliance with foam, or a pod?

    Speaking of Pods for Dunfermline I know have 2 Prime Movers but I can only find information that they only have 1 pod, is this correct, doesn't make sense to have 2 PMs and 1 pod?

    I could also use some help with SORT at Newbridge as again I am struggling to find the information about what vehicles they have?

    Any help would be appreciated!


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    Scottish Fire & Rescue Service - Eastern Delivery Area (UK)

  • Thanks :thumbup: Don't suppose you have a list of CAFS appliances?

    Admin 999 First Responders
    Chicago Fire Department (US)
    Scottish Fire & Rescue Service - Eastern Delivery Area (UK)

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  • I've only visited Aberdeen & Johnstone however this info should still be fairly accurate, please keep in mind a lot of SORT units don't really fit into the criteria missionchief has set so for some vehicles you may need to just choose an MCUK vehicle that fits best, or for example with our hooklifts just choose a module that's best suited for you.

    I'll start off with the basic vehicles and kind of explain the ones that you'll need to put more thought into later on.

    - 1x SRU (Sort Response Unit) Your bog standard VW Transporter Primary Response Vehicle

    - 1x WRU (Water Rescue Unit) In Scotland our Special Op teams have dedicated water rescue units, advisors have already confirmed no dedicated HART water rescue units will come out so just make this a PRV too

    - 1x IRC (Incident Response Command) acts as a mini command vehicle & primary response vehicle, you could technically make it an ICCU but I'd advise you not to because of the FCV.

    - 1x ATVC (ATV Carrier) Carries the Wolverine ATVs, simple as.

    - 1x IRP (Incident Response Primary) Despite its name I'd make this one an SRV

    - 1x FCV (Forward Command Vehicle) Very outdated command vehicle that when I got photos of it, its lightbar didn't even work- just make it an ICCU and pretend we still use it

    - 1x LOG (Logistics) Technically a separate entity from SORT this just transports logistical equipment, should be made a Mass Cass vehicle

    - 1x HEV (Heavy Equipment Vehicle) Can be argued this could be the mass cass vehicle, but I'd just make it an SRV

    - 1x ISU (Incident Support Unit) Just a crew carrier really

    - 2x DAAR (Difficult Access & Retrieval) Both of these are just ambulance units

    - 1x ESU (Emergency Support Unit) I'm not even sure if this one even still exists anymore but if it does just make it an SRV because you've already done mass cass

    This bit probably needs its entire own section because it cannot be done in missionchief, there are 2 pod carriers at Newbridge (call them hooklifts or prime mover if you want to I don't care) there are 5 different modules that these prime mover can carry:

    Pod 1 - An ATV Module that carries an ATV, fairly simple.

    Pod 2/3 - In a nutshell, these pods carry clinical equipment, logistical stuff, generators, etc.

    Pod 4 - A CBRNe Module

    Pod 5 - A Welfare Module, not sure if Newbridge has one of these- it may only be Glasgow.

    Just choose whatever suits you most and make each Pod Carrier one of these units, e.g. a CBRNe Unit and maybe a Welfare unit.

    Newbridge has god knows how many Officer Cars, at least 10 including the unmarked ones- but it has 3 shogun officer cars that you could probably make AOs, or if you want you could even make one an ATVC since they can trailer them. And finally, Newbridge has a Critical Care RRV. That should be about it anything else to my knowledge is probably just outdated and no longer used, and this list is probably already expensive and time-consuming enough for you haha

  • Thank you for that! I was no where with it, so this helps a lot! Appreciate the explanations too! :thumbup:

    Admin 999 First Responders
    Chicago Fire Department (US)
    Scottish Fire & Rescue Service - Eastern Delivery Area (UK)

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