Can somebody help?

  • Hello all, I am a Dutch player looking to expand into the UK with the Dutch version of the game, have already found quite a few HEMS here. Unfortunately I'm still missing some, have already searched the web but haven't found anything (good), would anyone like/could draw the missing helicopters in 2d?

    Thanks in advance, John

    Which I'm still missing: Kent Surrey Sussex Air Ambulance (aw169), Northern Ireland Air Ambulance (ec135),

    Scottish Air Ambulance (h145), North West Air Ambulance (ec135), Lincolnshire & Nothinghamshire (aw169),

    Scotland's Charity Air Ambulance (ec135), Essex & Herts Air Ambulance (aw 169),

    Wiltshire Air Ambulance (bell429), Magpas Air Ambulance (aw169), Irish Community Air Ambulance (aw109),

    Thames Valley Air Ambulance (h135), Cornwall Air Ambulance (aw169), Children's Air Ambulance (aw169),

    Great Western Air Ambulance (ec135), Babcock MCS (aw129), Yorkshire Air Ambulance (h145)

    Translated with (free version)

  • I wasn’t sure if you were meaning where the helicopters are based or not at first but I then realised you meant graphics so I have moved this to the graphics thread and hopefully someone helps :)

  • Hope these help. Made by me back in 2020


    • AW169_KSSC_HEMS.png
    • Eurocopter_EC135_G-HIOW.png
    • Bell_249_-_G-WLTS.png
    • AW169_G-LNAC.png
    • MD902_Explorer_G-EHMS.png
    • AW169_G-MGPS_Wheels_Up.png
    • Eurocopter_EC135_G-NWEM.png
    • EC135_G-SCAA_Small.png
    • Eurocopter_EC135_TVAL.png
    • AW169_G-TCAA.png
  • Apart from a couple, these are all the UK HEMS graphics that I have done


    • AW169_G_-_CRWL.png
    • Eurocopter_EC135_G-DVAA.png
    • G-DSAA_AW169.png
    • Eurocopter_EC145_G-RESU.png
    • AW169_G-HHEM_Wheels_Up.png
    • MD902_Explorer_G-EHEM.png
    • EC135_G-GWAC.png

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