Various ideas for missions and resources

  • Hello, I’m

    Loving the constant updates and hart updates but I feel there’s a few things I’d like to see abit more of. First off there’s a massive number of chemical shouts for hart teams and not a lot else, it would be nice to have some shouts for extrication ie walker stuck down a bank, remote access jobs as these are 80% of there calls irl, it would also be nice to use the 4x4 light pump more and possible change it’s name to unimog, again getting some rural calls for wild fires animal rescue or remote access to patients.

  • Ambulance advisor here, thanks for the feedback.

    In game HART are mostly used for the missions you have mentioned and other much larger ones, for many reasons but mostly because it incorporates the other services and the updates/missions they've received.

    There are missions that you're suggesting already in the game for HART:

    - Central Penetrating Wound

    - Fallen Person

    - Serious Head Injury

    - Spinal Injury

    - Traumatic Limb Amputation

    Depending on the mission they will require varying HART resources.

    Apart from the Penetrating Wound the others are reliant on POIs placed within the radius that your missions will spawn.

    I have also put forward a while back a few other missions requiring HART units which have not yet been implemented.

    The CAs and DEVs have been working together to bring new content that has already been released (PSU) and are working on bringing the biggest update to MissionChief (SAR).

    Due to this some areas will be on the back bench for a while but I am working on more ambulance content to be released in the future once its the turn of ambulance service again.

    If you have any suggestions for the Ambulance side I welcome you to send me a private message with them.

    Happy dispatching :)

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