Education Management

  • As the game has developed we now have 4 different services all with educational needs.

    This is not too bad for smaller players that are developing but there comes a point where managing educational requirements can be a bit of a challenge.

    We now really need a way to manage the education side more both for individual players but also for alliances (like I posted before).

    Individually we need a system where we can see quickly what each station has in them, yes we can see this via the staff screen but it doesn't provide a quick summary of the numbers educated.

    It would also be great if there was a way to send staff from a station directly to education courses without the need to open a school. The school would obviously be built.

    Also a way where we can send staff off on multiple courses that run consecutively for example, I train my public order in both L1 and L2 (also for the Firearms Carrier they get L1, L2 and Firearms) it would be good to just be able to send them off once and once the first course completes the next automatically starts.

    As to Alliance education systems we now need a way to assist alliances to schedule courses more efficiently. Some alliances have quite extensive education provision now and are using 100s of rooms each day. So a way to help us schedule things would be welcomed across all versions of the game.

    Small changes to make the education systems more user friendly and easy to manage for larger players.

  • Not sure if this is the most recent thread or whatever, but want to bump what gorilla has said and add my own comments. The education side of the game is a nightmare for alliances wanting to provide a regular large schedule of all the courses needed for the game. It takes a solid uninterrupted 15 minutes every morning and evening (30 mins total) on a PC with a quick connection to set off our schedule for example.

    It is also really time-consuming, tedious and frustrating when you are a player with a larger set up and have thousands of staff needing trained. I'm not saying it should be 1 click, "train all in X" but having to open 4 rooms in your school, scroll down to the station, find the right staff, manually select 40 of them, go to the next school, and repeat that process 50+ times is just demoralising and off-putting, and it takes even longer if you are using alliance courses as you're only doing 10 at a time. I enjoy spending hours on MC doing various things, but taking a couple of hours just to send some staff on courses... that's too much for me.

    Even small improvements that saved a little time would be welcome. Wouldn't mind if they were a premium feature.

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