Mission Spawning at more stations.

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    In short, I want Police, amb and fire station missions to all spawn from police stations, all from fire stations, and all from ambulance stations. Sort of the opposite of what the station specialisation does.

    I'm certain that this won't appeal to everybody, and so I would like it to be toggleable. I know currently the game counts the number of fire, police & amb stations as part of game mechanics. I have no idea if this suggestion could be implemented in a way to avoid messing with that mechanic, and also whilst avoiding another 2 or 3 duplicates of each mission with their own parameters. Something like switching to a different mission list where the missions are all identical except the code which tells them what buildings they can spawn at is removed?

    The reason I want this is simply to have my vehicles travelling further, for ambulances to respond to towns other than where they are based for example. There is always the work-around to purchase an ambulance extension on all of my fire stations, but that is ludicrously expensive with a large setup, and does not take into account small stations which already have a different expansion, or police stations.

    Please provide feedback via the poll and if you have any thoughts I'd love to hear them.

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