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    NameAnimal Rescue Unit
    Purpose-Required at animals trapped calls, animals in drains etc
    How many personel are required1-2
    Building expansionAnimal Rescue (2/3days long)
    Number of Prisoner/Patient slotsN/A

    This is kent's based in faversham. Would be an optional unit.

    Potentially an equipment option for heavy rescue units as an added extra? alternatively this unit could only complete animal rescues whereas HRUs could complete animal rescues plus their normal stuff? Maybe the HRU would take longer at animal rescue calls whereas this unit could drastically reduce the time taken at those calls?

    I never said it wasnt correct for police to respond i said 4 police cars is too much. Youd only get one or two considering this county lanes are tiny and how police resources are spread thin in rural parts of the UK . There Shouldnt be a prisoner either. Who are they arresting? The sheep? A cow?

    Agree 100%, 2 police cars maximum, and nobody is getting arrested over it in the UK

    Hello, I’m looking to find any vehicle icons for police, specifically Devon & Cornwall Police.

    I can’t seem to find any of my interest, I’m looking for IRVs, Vans: The 2014 Astra, 2017 Astra, Hyundai I30 and a Ford Transit or something??

    Any help would be appreciated

    Check out the "UK Graphics Expanded - most recently some Devon and Cornwall Vehicles have been added.


    • Pump_Iveco55RIV.png
    • Pump_Iveco55RIVB.png

    I guess he's referring to the post on facebook for the LSAR update that states:

    "But this is not all. In a few days we will release more content that is connected to this update!"

    Unless that was the large stations update, but that doesnt really connect to LSAR or SAR. Still no large coastguard rescue helis for example.

    I presume that will either have been the large stations update, otherwise it'll be whenever they drop part 3. I'd hope for a mission pack.

    How do you make these types of graphics? Id like to get into it. (Maybe very simple but id rather ask.(

    I use GIMP 2.0, some people prefer Paint or Photoshop but any graphics program will work. Download any crest or logo you wish to use, remove the background (If you're struggling, find the "transparency" tool and apply that first) and scale it down to approx 20px by 20px, then download any existing icon you want - whichever colour outline you'd prefer - and colour the inside white, then paste the scaled-down logo into the centre. Finally export it as a PNG and you're good to go

    Sorry, The Dorsar or a Coastguard station?

    It’s not coastguard. It’s Mountain or Lowland Search and Rescue Stations, so Dorsar is included. I hope they remove “HQ” from the name of the building as it is not some sort of HQ building but an inland SAR station. For the Coastguard, use the Costal Rescue Stations

    Does anyone know if you can get drones on appliances. Some services carry drones on pumps irl

    Unfortunately not at this time although I agree it should be added.

    I presume its some sort of lowland SAR:?:

    This is covered in this update. You can easily recreate lowland sar the same as mountain rescue etc. There could potentially be cave rescue added although I’d imagine it’ll be more to do with fixes and a tidy-up.

    Hope they add Search Dogs.

    This may well be in the next update for this side of the game - I certainly hope so!

    They will not fulfil more than one requirement per staff member, but if all of your staff are trained in Lvl 1 & 2 then once enough have fulfilled Lvl 2, the rest will count towards Lvl 1 etc, which is accurate to real life as you would not have a medic dual role sgt who is Level 1 and 2 as they have very specific jobs on scene. It is not a bug. You just need more staff in general. Having said that, there is nothing stopping you from training staff in as many different skills as you like.

    I didn't have any input with this update. Summer has been a very busy time for all of us on the team, with work commitments taking priority so regretably our aspect of the development has taken a back seat. This also means we haven't been able to review content, or even submit content in some cases. With regards to call requirements, I don't know what is realistically required and balanced as that is not my field of expertise so any questions would have to be geared towards the content advisors on that front. Some requirements do seem excessive however. I recommend any input going to the devs via their communication channels, as well as any bugs you've noticed.

    Thanks for the update regarding yourself and your team. It's reassuring to know that you're still here regardless of how often - and of course we would never expect this to take priority over irl.

    Is it worth me raising it in the bug forum? I'm fairly new here and haven't figured things out yet.

    This can be raised in the bug forum however it definitely needs to be raised to the devs directly via the app "contact us" section.

    Weren't High Volume Pump trailers already a thing?

    HVP pods are a thing. They require a pod space and PM to "tow" aka carry them. Trailers can be towed by other vehicles and do not require a "POD" parking space, just take up a regular vehicle slot.

    And whats with the PM-HVP ?

    What if i just want the missions, but dont want the additional spaces ?

    You'll still be able to use the PM-HPV combination for these missions.

    If you don't want the additional spaces, no idea unfortunately. The devs didn't need to put this behind an extension wall, there's no need when it seems every pump has the exact same capacity... Good to see new and interesting content however not very thought through. Would love to see the content advisors' take on this however they have been silent on MCUK for some time now...

    Taken from Facebook:

    Dear MissionChief community,

    in the event of flooding or more serious water damage, it is important to have proper equipment to remove the water as quickly as possible. Pumps can have different capabilities, which affects how much water can be pumped out over time. 💦

    This is now also simulated in MissionChief, where water damage and flood missions now have a predefined amount of water that must be pumped out. Pump-equipped vehicles have a pumping capacity that determines how long it takes to pump a certain amount of water. In most missions, a minimum amount of pump capacity must be on site before the pumping process begins. In missions requiring pumps, a bar shows you the total capacity required, the capacity already at the site, the capacity on the way, the capacity selected for dispatch and the capacity still missing. 🚒

    Here is what the new flood update contains:

    New Extensions: 🏢

    - Water Damage and Flood Extension

    New Vehicles: 🚒

    - High Volume Pump Trailer

    On top of this, there are two additional updates.

    1: The Staging Area can now be removed.

    2: The Award Page has undergone a makeover.

    We have also added new flood missions that will require the new units. 🚨

    To celebrate the update you get 24 hours of double credits! 🎊

    How do you like the new content? What content would you like us to add next to the game? Let us know in the comments! 🖊

    Your MissionChief team