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    Perhaps a more structured way to get across your point is something along the lines of:

    This would be great, except

    A. The price is overkill. Massive overkill.

    B. The requirement for having 5 stations total before it works is stupid. What if people only want to combine 2?

    C. Why would you require players to fully expand every station for this to be used? What about rural stations?? This could have been great but it’s honestly the biggest waste of time and credits an update has arguably ever been.

    I agree, by the way. I think a company that used to make mobile games is slowly gutting this one. And it won’t be long before it’s made utterly unplayable in the sense we knew about before.

    Maybe it’s time somebody created a MissionChief 2.0 - new code that doesn’t cause so many issues for developers, and owned by people who actually give a damn about the playerbase and the game itself. Just saying...

    I think "Combined Aerial Rescue Pump" Refers to the rescuing of people via the Aerial Ladder as this is much of what the ladder can be used for, rather than a ladder crossed with a Rescue Pump.

    This is not a bad idea, however for implementation and use purposes, I'm not sure if it would be more beneficial to make the boat trailer available at the boat dock, or make rescue and large fire boats an expansion to regular fire stations. I will keep an eye on this idea.

    Or both? give players more options


    Base vehicles exactly as they are, but players have the ability to "augment" certain vehicles with upgrades etc.

    Upgrades could serve 4 purposes:

    1. Increased mission payout when on scene.
    2. Upgraded vehicle able to deal with more types of missions.
    3. Reduce chance of requiring a special vehicle.
    4. Realism for those who are looking for it.

    Take Kent FRS as an example:

    For frontline fire engines they have currently:

    • Pump
      • Pump
      • Pump Rescue Ladder
      • Pump CAFS (Compressed Air Foam System)
    • Rescue Pump
      • Pump Ladder
      • Pump Rescue Ladder
      • Rescue Pump LA COBRA (Not a CARP)
    • Heavy Rescue Pump
      • Rescue Pump Platform (Not a CARP)
      • Rescue Pump PLA/CAFS (Not a CARP)

    So consider, having bought in-game the Water Ladder, the ability to then purchase a "light rescue augment" that perhaps slightly reduces the % chance of requiring a ladder platform at certain missions such as a house fire? Or a "CAFS" augment that slightly reduces the % chance of requiring a water tender or hazmat vehicle? Or any of the above which when purchased, have a small % chance to add 5% extra mission credits earned each time they attend missions which they would usually be required at?

    This idea could also apply to (Not yet implemented) "Specialist Rescue Vehicles": Augments for Rope Rescue, Animal Rescue, Mud / Water Rescue etc...

    Or for adding foam to water carriers, or a welfare augment to a BASU unit?

    Another example:

    Devon and Somerset FRS Frontline Appliances:

    • Light Rescue Pump
    • Hybrid Light & Medium Rescue Pump
    • Medium Rescue Pump

    None of which are able to act on behalf of a Heavy Rescue Tender

    Augments could include Light & Medium Rescue Upgrades to slightly reduce the % chance of needing a Heavy Rescue Unit on scene at things like Road Traffic Collisions.

    They may not work for you, but plenty of players like to have realism in their setup and may play in areas which have these units. So I do completely see the point in them, whether or not they suit me personally.

    JESIP Alliance is a group created to simulate the Joint Emergency Service Interoperability Programme in-game.

    *Please note: This allaince is not affiliated in any way with JESIP.ORG or any other service / partnership*

    In laymans terms, this means each member has a single service they operate, and are limited to only that service. This means players are required to work together to fulfill missions with multiple services requested. Special National Services, such as BTP, NPAS, CNC & MDP are also kept seperate, as are St. John Ambulance, Private Ambulance Operators, HMCG, Mountain Rescue etc...

    For players looking to operate larger setups, additional services may be permitted where those services do not have the same geographical coverage area.

    Only those with registered accounts at Senior Firefighter level (10,000 Credits Earned) or above will be accepted into the alliance.

    Currently Free Services are:

    Fire and Rescue: All Areas Available

    Ambulance Services: All Areas Available

    Police Services: All Regional Forces Available

    National Services: All Available except: MDP

    Personal Note; the Alliance is brand-new and I am looking for admins / long-term members to assist in getting it off the ground (after all, only through sharing of copious amounts of missions will substantial credits be earned).

    I was wondering whether it would be possible for control centres to recognise extentions as seperate stations? For example, I want my fire stations under my fire control centre but those which house ambulances I want to only show fire service vehicles, and for the ambulance control centre to show the ambulances. Having a more in-depth personel system such as employees being designated as fire/police/amb staff may also add to this as a use?

    For "control centre" please read "Dispatch Centre", "Operations Room", "Public Contact Centre", "Command and Control" or whatever else you prefer to call the admin building in-game :)

    I'm not sure if this is a possible feature as the graphics are overlayed onto the map, but I would love a toggle for graphics where when zoomed fully in, they appear as normal, but when you zoom out the icons do not take up more geographical room (i.e. the icons are practically invisible at larger scales). Obviously this would be somewhat impractical but I never find myself using the on-map icons anymore except for visible appeal. All my editing and managing is done through my control rooms. This toggle option would also mean when zoomed fully in the graphics could be of a larger resolution.

    Can anyone clarify whether vehicles are currenly able to be moved to and from clinics - as I am unable to do so - and if not, is this a bug or missing feature? I would be grateful to know if this is something yet to be implemented, if it will be coming with the next Ambulance Update also?

    I don't know it's in the uk version yet. But when you reach 25 fire stations you get 1 fire helicopter then again at 50, 100, 125, 150 so on...

    I would also want to know when this going to be in the uk version?

    We don’t have fire helo’s to speak of in the UK so I think it unlikely it will be brought into MCUK - you’re commenting on a thread on the US forum anyway, so if you want any further info on the UK you can always start a thread on the UK forum .

    Also, I know in MCUS there are fire helo’s already, I’m just wondering about an expansion to add them to regular fire stations or an expansion to the hanger to house land-based units etc.

    Perhaps something similar such as a rural crime unit, maybe with 4x4 training rather than RPU and firearms training?

    Idea: A dock expansion to house large fire and rescue boats at a fire station?

    Idea: A Helicopter expansion to allow fire heli’s to be bought at a fire station (or vice-versa, a garage expansion at fire fighting hangars)?

    I find the word "malicious" very disturbing because I immediately associate it with terrorism. And something like that has no place in the game. Does it have to be something like that?


    But here is a place for cardiac arrests, Hospital Fires, Brawls, Aircraft Crashes, Respiritory Arrests, Domestic Incidents, Chockings, Spinal Injuries, 3rd Degree Burns, Firearms attacks and Suspicious Packages...

    Sure you're playing the same game as us???