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    That also has been included in these QoL updates that I talked about. If I get chance and remember I will go over it at the weekend in a short post on here

    I think a lot of people would be very keen to hear the suggested details.

    I also think that a hell of a lot of people are very grateful for the time and effort you put into the forum and communication with the devs. Without you, this game may well have turned out very differently to the way it is today. So thanks for that, on behalf of everyone that agrees with me!

    I think something that could go along with this is the ability to group staff within a station to a platoon or shift system. Its not something that is needed for the game by any means but for those that want to use that kind of detail it would be nice to be able to assign people in a station to an apparatus and a shift and have the ability to create a shift calendar so the same people could work together at the same time? I know its a lot and not really needed but it is just an idea. Otherwise it seems kind of pointless to me to even have the ability to add staff to a station. Then again I am playing a realistic north american style were a firehouse has 1 or 2 companies at most.

    This is the UK sub forum however I still like the idea of a shift system, which has been mentioned in detail on other threads on UK & US forum discussions. For some people, I’m sure this would be too complex or unwanted, but I hope enough of the player base is keen that the devs at least consider it.

    I’m grateful for every response - especially those with detail and which give a thorough opinion. I’d like to hear from the content team or TACRfan their views on this?

    I’d love to see staff ranks implemented.

    Ideally, the ranks would serve a purpose on scene, either giving a benefit to payout, time to completion or as a call requirement. But even without that, the ability to assign ranks to staff would be cool.

    On the personnel details editing screen, add a drop-down box with options for ranks pre-allocated by the content advice team, and potentially allow customs ranks to be added to the list which are a copy of an existing rank, but re-labelled to allow the player more scope and realism to their service area if wanted.

    Potentially have a cap on the % of staff that can be promoted to certain ranks. 1% of a player’s entire staff at the highest ranks etc.

    Also would be awesome to have a staff overview list in dispatch centres with an extra column for rank, just like for training.

    If you are hinting that you want custom tags per unit


    You can click edit name on the vehicles to open the vehicle options and then click select graphic from library to select a custom graphic that you have made.

    I don’t know how long you’ve been on the forum, but I used to make a lot of custom graphics and post them here, therefore, I’m well aware of how they work and I feel as though you completely missed the point here...

    Please ask me to clarify if you are unsure, instead of assuming I’m new / ignorant of the game features already present. Kinda felt like you were talking down to me and I don’t really appreciate that. Mild rant over, apologies if this is off topic.

    To clarify: Gooochy is correct, that is exactly what I was asking about.

    The only thing I can think is having the car graphic for non emergency, then the CAD graphic for emergency with the APNG button ticked so it doesn't cycle through. The issue with that is any time they're just roaming around it'll show the car.

    I’m sure this would do for a workaround but as you said, any roaming/patrolling or returning vehicles will look out of place. So I started this thread in the hopes it could be debated and/or suggested to the devs. I appreciate that there are a great deal of other updates in the works and of greater value, but it would be nice to know whether other people see value in this idea and whether it is worth mentioning to the Devs?

    So I’ve got a graphics dilemma that I’d imagine other people have also had at some point:

    1. I want my map to look like a dispatcher’s map, with cad tags all over it, a bit like this:

    2. I want my vehicles to be recognisable and unique when I check stations, like this:

    But I am restricted to only one graphic for both uses. I would love to be able to customise this further if at all possible?

    Do you know if they are changing the pricing of fire stations back to 100k or keeping it how it is. Its going to take a long time for me to get more stations I want.

    Doubt it will ever change - after I believe 25 stations for fire and police, the price increases based on a formula - I'm sure someone will add it in or link it if you want to know the specifics...

    Hi, I’ve had the same issue a few times. You can see someone is editing the pages and citing that the reason for removal is no reputable sources have been used and referenced when that information is posted. A way around this is to go back through the history of the page and you’ll find previous versions before they edited that info out.

    Please keep this on topic.

    This is a unit I want to see in the game quite badly. Now we have Welfare units for ambulance, it’s something to develop for fire as well. One of the vehicles for this will be a triple combo unit comprising of an EPU, BASU, and Welfare unit called an OSU. At least that’s my vision for it.

    Thank you, and I would love to see that triple unit ingame!

    First and foremost - I have attempted to find a thread containing this or other vehicle suggestions to no avail. Please point me in the direction of one if it is still active.

    Secondly, and the reason for this post: I have found with Dorset and Wiltshire FRS that they tend to use "Operational Support Units (OSU's)" as a kind of combination BASU & Hazmat unit. I was wondering if there was a place for such a vehicle in MCUK? Please let me know your thoughts on this.

    Just looked, SORT throughout England & Wales appears to be specifically for CBRNe & MTA (Terror Attacks) whereas HART are less specialised overall, and these appear to be entirely seperate branches which often work together.

    This may have been brought up before but I just saw a post that got me thinking about this. There should be stations that just do wildfires. They would not trigger any other call that a regular station would similar to the rescue boat stations have no effect on if there is a house fire. I want to build Forrest service stations and I put in a regular station with just the wildfire extension open. Of course the next day I had a burning car and 2 burning leaves calls which none of the trucks there could do.

    Definitely been brought up before, but the number of times it's been mentioned goes to show how badly the player base wants it.

    Do the Devs actually monitor this for bugs?

    No, I don't believe the devs monitor this regularly if at all. But the Admin and Content Creation Team usually mention major bugs to the devs. Best way to report bugs though is through the contact us section of the App Support.

    On a side note - forum rules are not to double-post, so might be worth keeping that in mind otherwise the admin team usually step in :)

    Also to clarify I am well aware of what the EMS Fire Engine/Ambulance does and what staff needs to be trained to operate them. My bug report was there is no way to train them when they are added to the Clinics as an expansion.

    I’ve no doubt you’re aware of what it does - my additions to the thread were to help REALAIS understand their use. I agree that it’s a bug or an inconvenient omission by the devs and needs to be fixed.

    EMS Fire Engine/Ambulance, Hazmat Ambulance and Tactical Ambulance will NOT have the box ticked when a ARR has ALS Ambulance

    EMS Fire Engine/Ambulance, Hazmat Ambulance and Tactical Ambulance will NOT be selectable for Patient Transfer missions

    I dont get it. You say it can transfer but this thread specifically states it cant be used for transfer missions.

    1. ARR does not include it when ALS Ambulance is selected - this is unrelated and merely the way the Devs implemented it.

    2. Not selectable for "Patient Transfer missions" does not mean that the vehicle is unable to transport from an incident, it just means it is not selectable to transfer patients from one facility to another.

    Please check out the video on page 2 of this thread: RE: ALS Medical Training for Fire Apparatus

    I wonder whether it would be plausable to include a unit / staff type / staff training program which allowed a player to automate the crewing each vehicle based on the vehicles present and number of staff as well as training etc?

    Let's say that Police Station A has 5 Patrol Cars, 1 Sheriff Car, 2 Motorbikes and 2 SWAT SUV's (All of which are set to maximum crewing - Cars x2 staff each, bikes x1 each , SUV x4 each)

    Lets also say Police Station A has 15 Staff members. Of those, 1 has Sheriff Training, 4 have bike training and 6 have SWAT training.

    We know that if the game tries to dispatch all of the vehicles it will be unable to - and it might end up putting SWAT crew into a patrol car or the Sheriff trained officer on a Bike if that officer also had that training.

    Imagine an ability to intelligently automate the assigning of staff to vehicles based on getting as many vehicles as possible ready for work, rather than cramming as many staff as possible into the first vehicle out of the door...

    That would be amazing to see implemented (at the right price, of course)