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  • Does anyone know how ems works for LA county. Trying to figure out how to get my ambos set up.

    I set up my Rescue Squads as (EMS Rescue) as our FF/Medic's perform technical rescues and the majority of the Ambulances I bought are BLS and made an ARR button to dispatch both to a medical scene. with the Ambulances as BLS the Rescue Squads will perform their follow ups to the hospitals.

    [I will also add that all my clinics are staffed with ALS Ambulances for patient transfers and any need for an ALS response when Rescue Squads are unavailable]

  • Does anyone know how ems works for LA county. Trying to figure out how to get my ambos set up.


    Yes I do.

    To begin with: Los Angeles County Fire Dept does not operate their own ambulances. To be extremely specific, LACoFD only handles certain portions of Los Angeles county's emergency fire / medical responses. LACoFD has direct jurisdiction over only the areas that are unincorporated as well as incorporated cities which choose to contract FD/EMS services to LA County as opposed to creating their own agency. For example, the City of Los Angeles, or the City of Beverly Hills, has its own Fire Department which operates EMS in-house with their own ambulances.

    To get a better understanding of what areas are covered by LACoFD, I recommend this map which shows the divisional boundaries of LACOFD.…699%2C-118.205490%2C10.58

    The Los Angles County Health Department does have an ambulance service however they are not attached to LACoFD nor do they handle emergency calls. Per LA County Health Dept website: "The Ambulance Services Section provides non-emergency transport of patients to county operated hospitals 24 hours a day." Source:…/home/ambulance-services/

    So if you wanted units to handle interfacility transfers, maybe create some units with that designation.

    As for actual EMS call handling within LACOFD: It is contracted out. They send a LACOFD rescue-paramedic squad vehicle and sometimes an engine/ladder to the medical call along with private EMS ambulance.

    If you would like to know which ambulance companies are used, here is a convenient map showing the LACOFD divisions outlined by which companies service each division.…028419_Amb_EOA_101216.pdf

    LACoFD does have some in house EMS supervisors, and these companies also roll their own supervisors. Each probably take care of their own EMS personnel.

    LACoFD also operates some, but not all, of the lifeguard towers along the LA County coastline.

    The LA Sheriff's Office also operates an advanced tactical/rescue team that flies multiple helos all around the county all day doing a mix of things from tactical response to medical evacs and search/rescue.

    The LACoFD Wiki is a great place to get good general info and unit designations.…es_County_Fire_Department

    It's hard to find the right up-to-date documents for things like this when dealing with an agency this large. Companies and names change and these documents are sometimes buried in 500 page public reports. For example, one LACOFD contracted EMS agency ("Cole Schaefer Ambulance Services")

    was closed years ago, though you may still find outdated references depending on where you dig.

    If you want a good document outlining what private/public ambulance services operate in which jurisdictions throughout the state of California, here's the document for you:…9/10/101019-Ambu-Zone.pdf

    The links and knowledge here come from many many many hours of tiresome and boring digging so hopefully you enjoy them!

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