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    So here's an example.

    This is how i have my game set up (realistically, all real life stations). all the ambulances stations u see are AMR headquarters that the ambulances patrol out of. so i have my ambulances patrolling certain spots as they would in real life, except.... they dont get medical calls, but luckly they are used when a pd call comes with a patient.
    but with the requested feature, medical calls would pop up next to the patrolling ambulances, and same for PD calls if i had PD patrolling

    Right now medical calls only appear near ambulance stations and fire station with a ambulance extension.

    but in many places we use an ambulance company such as AMR - American Medical Response,

    they are one building/company that has a bunch of ambulances and the ambulances spread out and patrol there assigned area every day. so one building covering multiple cities miles and miles.

    in the game i have this where i live, i have my ambulances sent out patroling all nearby cities, but a medical call only appears near the station.

    i only have police and ambulances so they come in use when patroling in the cities whre i have police stations

    but what im asking is to give a feature to where we cn turn on or off "patrol Calls"

    this feature could work with police as well.c
    when off, its normal, calls appear near stations. but when on, calls can appear near any unit on patrol. so if i have a police car set to patrol a few miles from the station and i have the setting on, that patrol car can get a call nearit. and same for ambulance, if my ambulance is patroling far out an area, medical calls can appear near where they are patroling.

    hello i have an ambulance that i use but the code 3 ambulance you can barely see the lights flashing,

    can someone please re make the code 3 ambulance with the lights a little brighter when they flash and make the flashing animated non stop flash if possible? thanks in advance if someone helps.


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    please add this to the game, it would become a lot more popular as it can fit everyone's needs and liking's.

    add a feature where we can choose to turn on or off the calls currently provided by the game, if left on, it would be the same as it is now,
    but if turned off, we can create any amount of calls we like.

    name the call, assign units required, and choose the whether it will spawn near a ambulance station, police station, or ambulance station, (can pick one or all 3)

    the credits would be the same as the alliance missions, the more units, the more the call is worth.

    there is no harm done to the game with this feature. the game would most likely just gain popularity.

    for example as why it is good,

    where i live, our fire engines are Medic Engines and respond with an ambulance to medical emergencies. so i can make my calls to how my dept dispatches.

    and this is good for players who dont like getting a "Brush fire" call in the middle of new york.

    this would make the game more realstic to every individual player in their own way.

    so please,
    give us the option to turn off your calls and lets us make our own.

    please vote

    the call volume for types of calls the game has is horrible.

    lets look at real life,

    70-80% of the calls are EMS calls in real life.
    Building collapses dont happen over 10 times a day.... right when i set mission speed to fast, its basically a bunch of building collapses, MVA, or high rise fire.
    we should not be getting these as much as we dont.
    a majority of the calls should be the little fires, gas leaks, and normal structure fires like the basement fire, roof fire, etc.

    i should be able to put the speed on fast and only get a high rise fire or building collapes once every 7-10 minuetes.

    and for those with police.
    80% of the calls are little things in real life like noise complaint, domestic dispute, etc.

    I shouldnt be getting as much officer down calls as i do. seriously, its like my little town is all of Chicago.
    those should be rare also. one every 10 mins if speed is on fast.

    and the Active shooter calls. really. its like im in Syria.
    those should only be every 10-20 minuetes if games on fast mode.

    tone done the frequency of the "big calls" make the more realisticaly common ones occure more

    i dont see the problem with the game giving us the option, its not gonna hurt anyone. or make the game lose money.

    some will use the feature and some wont.

    well just like the ambulances, some departments or states have stations, and some states have ambulances that patrol.
    my county has a sheriffs helicopter that is always in the air flying around our county.

    can the helicopters be set to patrol also? as an example, the LAFD is huge and they have 7 copters, all stationed in the same spot, but obviuously they all dont sit there, the fly aroun sections of LA,

    this has been brought up alot, i thnk we should
    1.) be able to create our own calls, and
    2.) turn on or off the current calls the game has already.

    everybody plays in different places and likes to use actual real life stations and units.
    so someone playing in a little tiny farm town isnt gonna have a high rise fire.

    And theres not going to be a wildfire in the middle of Hollywood where its a concrete jungle.

    and as for money, its easy, the more units we require our calls to have, the more money its worth.

    i had to stop playing in my hometown because the calls the game makes, my hometown stations and units cant handle them.

    If we wanna play realistically with real units and buildings then we are forced to play in a big city which has alot of units the game requires.

    I created a new graphic pack titled Los Angeles FD/ PD.

    it has mostly the same units as the Los Angeles FD pack, eacept its more complete, unlike that pack this one has a patrol car, swat, police helicoper, medic helicopter, and AARF crash tender.

    I am perfectly fine with waiting the week as it saves 100,000 compared to ambulance stations. I personally think that this is a sense of inexperince and impatience with playing the game. It takes time and you will get used to it as everyone else has.

    It does not Save 100,000, it still costs 200,000.
    You have to pay 100,000 just for the ambulance extension, plus seven days.
    then once its complete, you have to spend another 100,000 to upgrade your station to make room for a new Ambulance...

    and its not inexperience, ive been playing this game for over 2 years, im just tired of that process every time i build a new fire station because i need ambulances.

    we shouldnt have to pay 100,000 and wait over a week for an ambulance extension to a fire stations.
    in many fire departments every station has an ambulance, and example would be LAFD.

    An ambulance should be avaliable to buy after a normal expansion.

    costs 105,000 to add a fire engine to a station and its right away
    but 205,000 and 7 days just to get an ambulance in the station.

    this needs to be changed, theres really no point for the game to have this, its not like the medical calls give alot of credits anyways. id have a little understanding if we recieved alot of credits for medical calls, but we dont, its a small amount, and a tad more if the ambulance transports to a hospital.

    but really, an ambulance should be part of the normal station expansion and avaliable apparatus.