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    Name/Type of Mission: Barricaded Suspect

    Units Required:

    3-5 Police cars

    12 SWAT personnel

    1 K-9

    POI Required (Use “none” if not needed): None

    Patients: 0-2 (20% chance of transport)

    Prisoners: 1

    Credit Reward: 2k-3k

    Name/Type of Mission: Silent Alarm/Burgular Alarm

    Units Required:

    2-3 Police Cars

    1 K-9

    POI Required (Use “none” if not needed): None

    Patients: 0

    Prisoners: 1

    Credit Reward: 500-1.5k

    Name/Type of Mission: Locker Search (Timed)

    Units Required

    3-4 Police Cars

    1 K-9

    POI Required (Use “none” if not needed): School

    Patients: 0

    Prisoners: 0

    Credit Reward: 2k-3k

    I was browsing the web and found some photos of EMS units for Special events. Since EMS is getting set up right now, why not include a Mobile Command for them? It could just be used for planned mission like the GW-SAN in the German version of this game.

    If there is the problem of not everyone having this type of unit (ie, they either get it from their city Office of Emergency Services OR their mobile commands are combined for Police, Fire and EMS), you could just make it so there is the possibility to buy a mobile command in the Ambulance Stations, Fire Stations and Police Stations. And then just have them all work simillar so that way people with combined mobile commands would be happy.

    Another option could be to make an OEM (Office of Emergency Services) building which could house a combined Mobile command. This building could be useful later on for other special and rare units, including the Mass Casuality vehicle.

    I wrote this pretty late so sorry if this didn't make sense. Here are a few pictures of various mobile commands involving EMS:

    Now with the BLS fixed to take over patients from non-EMS units, can we fix it so that Fly Cars can take over patients from non-EMS units?

    There is also still a problem with what patients the ambulances pick first in a mass casuality/multiple patient calls. The first arriving ambulance usually takes the first patient on the patient list, the second arriving ambulance takes over the second patient and so on. For instance: A call with a mix of B and D patients. Firat patient is a MPDS code of B and the second patient is a MPDS code of D. You call both a BLS ambulance and a ALS ambulance. The ALS ambulances arrives on scene first and takes care of the B patient while the BLS Ambulance arrives on scene and takes care of the D Patient.

    Is there any possible way to have the ambulances treat their respective codes instead of having them treat in an order?

    Hello Folks,

    I have some free time on my hands so I figured I would make a Graphics pack for my area of Long Beach, CA. I am somewhat new to making Graphics but am using Krys's pinned Tutorial post as a reference....I have snagged myself on a problem though:

    Is there a way to remove the background with more than just the Lasso tool? My hand isn't the steadiest on a keyboard so I can't easily get rid of small tiny bits of background that are close to the vehicle....So, if there is a way to get rid of those tiny leftover background pieces, I would love to know about it!

    Question/Suggestion: Can the BLS ambulances be allowed to fill the requirement of ambulances for planned events/timed missions?

    Most events around where I live have only EMTs set up for the event and if an ALS resource is needed, they would just ask for one to be dispatched.

    Posting outside links is against forum rules. While we tend to be relatively lenient on this rule, I would prefer not to have an entire thread devoted to third party websites.

    Welp.... Thought this wouldn't be against rule, as the intention was to help newer people have access to an assortment of links to stations and apparatus to help them build their area realisticly, but guess I was wrong. Sorry for posting ||

    Why don't we start a thread of sites for various counties and departments to help out the beginners to this game? I'll try to start this thread out but the info I get is not too impressive.

    I run several departments in Los Angeles County with my alliance so most of us use: for help in finding and staffing stations with apparatus. Sadly the site has stopped posting new info since October 2018 but it is still usable for most LAFD, LAcoFD and various police departments.

    It's different in Rural areas.... Only one ambulance is disaptched. The local Volunteer Fire Department are dispatched alongside the ambulance as manpower. They can perform BLS procedures while the Paramedics in the ambulance are busy. This can include, CPR, Bagging by a BVM (Bag Valve Mask), Scene control and safety, and more. The Volunteer Department also is dispatched incase their is a patient behind a locked door, window or gate.

    So..... Why not handle this like the basic tree down calls?
    Cardiac Arrest:
    1 ALS Ambulance Required
    1 Firetruck needed (Entine, Heavy Rescue, Utility).
    Or... Maybe another good option is to handle it like SWAT? Certain number of personnel needed on scene to assist?

    So me and a friend were talking.... And we were talking about how sadly the Medical Helicopter station was used in game. The only function of the helicopter is essentially another Treat and Transport resource. So here are a few ideas to just throwout there:
    - With the new MPDS coding, maybe the Helicopter can be implemented into the more severe codes? Not sure how this would work exactly but maybe severe medical calls would require a Helicopter on scene (ie, Serious Accident with a Bus, Building Collapse, etc)
    - Have the Helicopter function as a rescue helicopter or SAR (Search and Rescue) Helicopter. Would be great for calls like Missing person (Yes, the police helis already function that way but this is much nicer), Floodings, etc.

    Hola Folks,

    I realize the German version of this game is more current than our English version. I want to give it a try (without learning German though). Can anyone give me sites or info that can help me learn about the various services in that game? Especially info regarding how their Emergency Medicine works... Such as the difference between a RTW and a KTW.

    I don't see this as often as calls like "Freight Train Derailment"(normal 4x a day) and "Large Airplance Crash" (normal 3x a day). This call seems rare to me even if with the numerous POIs I have up.

    The new home invasion call has been popping up for me and requiring a police helicopter, however I do not have a police helipad built at all.

    Check your mission requirements when the next home invasion call pops up. Lower level players will receive calls that might seem above their qvailable equipment/apparatus but the call is simplified and does not require the same requirements as the one you can see under the possible missions tab. The Home Invasion calls start happening after you have 9 police stations. More than likely, the calls you have right now do not require a helicopter.

    Well Prisoner System is way different to patients.
    A Patient is bound to a vehicle, Prisoners not, they can be transportet by everyone.

    Problem is.... Not every police vehicle can transport. This suggestion is more meant to help out waiting times by alliance members who send no transport vehicles (SWAT, K-9,Helicopter) and have to wait on the person(s) who have transport requests waiting.

    So the Flycar + BLS Ambulance for ALS patients isn’t working?


    Officer down also doesn’t have codes?

    Officed Down and the Brawl Police Missions have no codes in place.

    Flycars and BLS Ambulances are not transporting together as an ALS resource like Locke12801 said.

    Unless it is just me, Flycars still have problems taking over patients from on scene Fire or Police. Is this problem in the works of being fixed or was this suppose to be fixed by now?