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    Sometimes a game restart is required. I have had the problem several times in the past but closing to desktop waiting a few minutes and restarting seems to almost always work. I think I might have had to wait a day once.

    This sounds like a long shot. But when my alliance members have this issue the first thing we tell them to check is the dispatch centre. What you want to do is open the dispatch centre then scroll to the bottom and click the edit button

    Now below the little check box for create own coverage area, you can see it in the screen shot

    If you don’t tick that then missions see all stations and all expansions and will spawn every available mission regardless as to how many stations are at each dispatch centre that create own coverage area stops that from happening

    The problem with that is what if you only have one dispatch center?

    Another problem with the title sheriff, not all jurisdictions have a sheriff as law enforcement. In CT, the sheriff works for the courts. No doubt the same applies to other states. We have to be difficult in the US. :D8)

    ~ I think there is some setting that will restrict what the station generates....but I have not figured that out yet. I may be incorrect though.

    Once you purchase the specialization, that station will only generate those specific types of calls. The problem I have been dealing with I only have once 911 center for the northern half of Fl. Only way I could see getting the Federal stations to work right. Since I have done that I have all kinds of screwy calls across the state.

    Another question... Trying to get my planes and stuff all organized. Do you have to have one "lead plane" for each smoke jumper plane? Or is one per facility enough? And.....why is it that if you have a firefighting plane station with all extensions that has a lead plane and you have another station where you have an purchased an extra smoke jumper plane, you cant transfer it even if there are spaces available? In fact, It will only let me move the PLANE to a Fire Station, not a Fire Fighting Plane Station.

    This is certainly not an issue, so if it needs to be moved to another thread, by all means do so.

    The transfer issue is certainly a problem. When the tanker planes came out, I trained a bunch of crew at a non-airfield and couldn't transfer them out. Something I think the Devs need to look at. This should probably be in the error/bug section.

    You can already do this in the game, like I have.

    Just build a station, buy a couple appliances, set the crew to 1 and stick them on Status 6. If you need them, activate them.

    At this stage in the game, it's over a million for a station, add the cost of making room for the vehicles it adds up. Don't get why we can't sell vehicles if we no longer ned them.

    EMS-Chief let's close this one just had a mission and I was able to verify that the payout was correct. Perhaps it was a one-time glitch or because there were so many ambo's/helo hitting at the same time it got lost in the shuffle.


    I switched over to one 911 center for all the counties instead of a center for each county. I am thinking of going back to that. Seemed to prevent missions showing up where there is no specialization. The problem with one per county is the Federal stations and now the coast guard.

    I know it was brought up before, but I wanted to add this thought. In my case, I am in Florida and cover the Atlantic and Gulf coast. So I put up 10 stations on both coasts so I could have an airbase. Got a mission very close to one of the bases but 288km from the air station. Even moving the station will mean it could be a 100km flight to get to a station further down the coast. I believe that a base for every 5 or 6 bases should be considered.


    That may answer my original question about the payout, it might depend on the type of coast guard mission it is. Didn't have any time this weekend to play, next week should be a little slower so I can get some screenshots of what I am talking about.

    With the coastal missions patients that are not treated and transported by coastal helicopter will be taken by a boat back to their dock / rescue station at this time you get a follow up mission (patient transport) you send ambulances to that mission and they treat and then you transport to hospital

    Alternatively if the mission has 5 patients and only requires 1 coastal helicopter you could send 5 directly to the mission to treat and transport the patients

    Prisoners will always be brought back on a boat to their dock / rescue station they then are dealt with in a transfer mission by sending police cars that can transport prisoners to a cell

    As far as transporting patients, it seems to depend on the mission. Had one where they went to the base for further transport, and another that went directly to the hospital.


    Could you please provide me with a screenshot, so I can forward it to the devs?
    Also, if you could provide me your MCID, so they can look into it as well.

    Don't know what a MCID is. As far as a screen shot, I will the next time I have a coast guard helo carry a patient. Looking at the transaction screen I can't tell which is which,

    Just had another mission with the helo transporting, when you look at transactions it is just calling it treat and transport, not showing (helo). That implies it is treating this as an ambo ride and not a helo transport.