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    Barake  Alasizon The staff only count as one type of education either USAR or technical rescue, the game chooses what’s required on scene this is by design and how the game always worked - l believe these two should probably be made the same training but hey ho.

    Well I had a technical rescue, I used a rescue engine and assigned trained staff, in this case, the technical rescue team. I bought the storage and then the technical rescue pack. Assigned it to the rescue engine. The game recognized the training for the crew but did not recognize the training kit on the engine.

    Today I had a call I created that required special rescue, sent my modified heavy rescue engine and it counted. Not sure why it didn't before but it seems to be working now.

    Follow up, sent a utility vehicle with a hazmat attachment along with 4 hazmat trained crew. The mission called for 2 trained crew. Mission showed no hazmat on the scene.

    I have tried it for Foam and Hazmat and the game does not recognize the supplemental equipment. Off-road collision calls for a hazmat vehicle, don't have one close by so I bought equipment storage and hazmat, and assigned it to a heavy rescue truck. Sent the crew to school for hazmat and sent it to the scene. The scene is still calling for hazmat. Same thing for the foam needed in a national archives fire. Sent two type 4 trucks with the foam add-on and the mission is still calling for a foam tender. Apparently, none of them are working for me, I have tried the technical rescue, and nothing.

    I know it's something simple I am missing but I just don't see it. :(:(

    Barake if it was for like 1-2 patients. Not 60. It’s not realistic and takes a lot of time.

    Yea it would need to be tweeked a bit, the one that got me to the forums was I had 20 patients, thank goodness there were 3 hospitals near by and there were several life flights 20 minutes away.

    It will also tell you that you still have patients waiting for treatment. Do you see where it is calling for Nef? Have no idea what that is. Nef appears to be the life flight helo's and it also seems to pick up the patients that are shown with the script errors

    I can confirm that the script errors are for life-flight pickups. Never had one in the US game so must be new. I had the script error and when the life flight arrived I noticed the patient count went down.

    That has to be a new thing as part of an upgrade. This was not the case in the past. In order to buy any type of vehicle listed in the Ambulance vehicle tab, am extension was required. But no matter, I always do the extension because for every 15 I can get another MCI that transports

    I just built a station and was able to add an ambulance to it. The thing about it is, there is nothing in the header that says it will spawn ambulance calls. Not sure why the devs did it, but it is a change.

    Have tanker trucks, fires can require 8+, I have gotten into the habit of putting a tanker in every station near where I have a wildfire extension or specialization.

    I am completely on board with selling vehicles and maybe buildings.

    Where I have to disagree is adding a level of complexity by worrying about maintenance. I have over 1000 Type 1, rescue, utility, and ladder vehicles, and making a maintenance schedule for those alone would change this from a game to a job.

    A small thing, if I buy an ambulance extension for my station, the only way you can add an ambulance, it can trigger ambulance calls.

    I do agree that a lot of this isn't in rural America, some of this would be run by private organizations or DOT/Road crews, but I don't think it would be forcing it on someone since they are part of an extension (If you exclude that bug you are experiencing)

    In the county I grew up in there had to be a tanker sent to the fire, there were no hydrants. Also at least one truck present had a pump and hard hose so if available they could pump from a lake or pond.