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    Investigating Flares seems to be particularly buggy at the moment. The requirement is 2 ILBs, but I had to dispatch a third to handle the third patient on this mission, despite all 3 being "in" one ILB, and now i've had to dispatch a coastguard heli towards to provide Crit Care despite all 3 of these ILBs having Crit Care Crew.

    Update: Actually need to cancel and re-dispatch the ILBs to get the mission to update so I could send them to a station for hand-off

    If you leave the mission to clear before transporting then it works fine. I believe this has been flagged up along with the possibility of having a ALB count as a ILB.

    If the forums aren't necessary then whys it a link on the US game.. Sounds like they want to hush the extremely vocal UK playerbase...

    The US game was around way before the UK and as stated the Devs wanted to close the fourm. However that was quickly droped due to the large UK player base already being on here as such it remains and the UK players i feel are the most vocal

    Afternoon everyone, I’m trying to play fully realistic for the area I cover, setting up Derbyshire at the minute, I’m a little confused by the names of some of the appliances in game, for example I want a DPL (dual purpose ladder) that also have rescue capabilities ie rtc ect ect, I have major rescue pods and prime movers but Derbyshire fire and rescue dosnt have dedicated rescue support units or technical rescue apart from unimogs and rope vans, my question is what unit in game does what I’m looking for as I don’t understand half of them 🤣🤣

    Personally I would build up Derbyshire alongside neighbouring Nottinghamshire. Mainly due to the 2 services now sharing units such as EPU and a command unit. Covering Nottinghamshire also gives you and additional 2 rescue resources at Highfield and Newark. As stated above if needed you always add Rescue Pumps at Wholetime stations

    Yes to add them at Ambulance or HART stations you require the Mass Casualty Extension. Alternatively I believe you can add them into Home Response Locations without building any extensions however training is still required.

    Not exactly "easy"! I alone have 1289 RRVs, spread out. If we look at the original issue I commented on the QOL pack thread:

    "- Fix auto EMS standdown for multiple units (RRV, GP, Community First Responders, MCU, Ambulance Officers, and Welfare)", so it was included originally.

    As I said, it's nothing urgent, and probably best to leave for a bit of time in order to keep relations somewhat positive, however, still a change that I'd definitely like to see. I'm not the only one that uses RRVs for this purpose, and I know a LOT of alliances suggest RRVs to alliance missions to many players for credits (also helps improve alliance cash via tax, as more players on a mission = more tax paid), so this isn't just a "me" issue. I've had multiple people complain about it too. RRVs are used for the extra cash for patient treatment on top of the missions.

    I understand this and have seen Aliances that promote this however my point stands. The aim was to have units that are needed stay and those that don't leave. It's taken months to a year to get this feature fixed especially when people pay for the cost of it.

    The kindest way I can say this is replace them as I for one and I'm sure a few others on here who have been waiting to see this issue fixed will say the same. Most players at a guess use RRVs for CC staff which I do. Having the RRV standown means i can send it directly to another call or even stack another call for it to go directly to. I also use them to clear C3 C4 calls.

    Personally I hope it stays the way it is as I don't want to see this feature break and us having to wait months again for it to be sorted.

    (Ps speaking about me in a discord server won't go down well 😠)

    I agree, however, unfortunately the RRV canceling still makes the feature unusable for me and atleast a few others I play with. As whenever we have an RRV on an alliance call (almost always) we can't use auto EMS standdown for our own missions, as it'll pull the RRVs from the alliance missions too.

    Maybe something to leave for a bit then reapproach with a 'Thanks for fixing it, but could we have a small tweak?' in a few weeks/months or something?

    So the easiest way around this is to send something other than a RRV or Ambulance.

    The main issue was the game would cancel the following units.(PRV,SRV,Welfare,Ambulance Control Unit, CBRN unit, OTL and Ambulance Officer) the remaining such as RRVs, Ambulances and GPs would leave however would not be a loss as these did not contribute to the units required to complete the mission unlike the ones stated

    I’d like to see an extension to the police officer training to allow for taser trained officers. It wouldn’t need to be a new unit, just new training

    NameTaser officer
    Purpose-for missions where the offender ‘is being violent’ or has some sort of weapon
    How many personel are required1
    Training-Taser training
    Building expansionN/A
    Number of Prisoner/Patient slotsSame as IRV

    I believe this has been mentioned before about tasers and if I remember is something that won't be looked into much due to the vast number of forces which now allow most officers to become taser trained. In my opinion it would just be a worthless training since most officers carry them

    I switched back on this morning in hope of recovering ambulances tied up.

    Only for all my calls that had a ambulance officer, welfare vehicle or mass casualty unit all released all units needed to complete them.

    A feature that I am paying for but can not use. It's not a new fault it's a well known issue and it's unacceptable that it is another that's shoved off onto a to do list while new content is prioritised.

    Im not sure as to why your Welfare and Mass Casualty are being released as mine stay put till the end of the call. Ambulance Officers however still for me stand down but when sent a 2nd time they do stay. I have reported this via the relevant channels and its being looked into.

    There is an easy solution to this all. Either don't share your own personal calls or just stop attending the allaince calls?......

    Each Allaince has there own set of rules they play by. I've been in allainces where overlapping (building on others land/counties) was not around and after a month the game became boring as I couldn't build by neighbouring counties which IRL would be used to support. After much discussion the rules where changed and we was aloud to build on others Land. The point I'm making is this isn't a ground breaking issues and its not affecting others that I know off. If you don't like having people building on your turf just make your own allaince up or play without being in one. Simples

    Its not a unit that is required to attend a call. Its purpose in game is to transport 4 prisoners in one go. So if you have a protest and 6 people need taking to custody the Detention Van can take 4 and then the other 2 can go in whatever you want (Another Detention Van/Traffic Car/ IRV)

    So I'm gonna be fair and open with this post because tbh i get all sides.

    Myself and TACRFan are good friends and we speak regularly about many things including this game (Note before people question if know about upcoming updates etc its a no) TACRFan listens to my own personal feedback and bugs i come across with any update that is released for the UK game. Now this update i have been told has been in the works for some time with information about Public Order coming from a serving officer with the UK. What was suppose to be added has been toned down not by TACFan but by the devs, some of it yes was a mistake and as seen and mentioned has/will be addressed. If its not possible i please ask can we stop the petty comments or continues rants because its getting to the point where some of the Content Advisor as starting to question if what they share is good enough because they come on the forums read all posts and think "WOW" this isn't how i planned or told the Devs its like.

    Now its Easter week and in Germany its celebrated over multiple days as within the UK we have things we do, one of them is bossiness may choose to close(Myself working even tho where i work is closed) so give the Devs there weekend break and then allow them to take on the feedback, they have already listened and implemented some of it but i can just ask please don't take it out on the content team and please remember this is learning curve for the Devs they have no understanding of the UK emergency services so have to learn before they can do.

    TACRfan keep up the work Mate and pass this onto other content advisors to

    Why are Detention Vans limited to 1 per station?

    I know y'all like to play realistic, but not everyone does. I don't understand there being a limit, let alone that limit being set at 1.

    As has been mentioned this is not a Cell Van which is alot more common within the UK which IRL carry 2 prisoners. The Detention van is commonly used at large events such as football matches or protests where there is potential for multiple prisoners. The cap will be there for a reason so there isn't much that can be done.

    So I do understand where everyone is coming from in terms of Realism etc but as has been mentioned it's not always going to be 100% accurate. In terms of the resources needed to a call and the calls that have been made yes these are 100% true to life however the rate at which they spawn is not. This can come down to many things from what type of setting you use for POIs as these are what spawn certain calls, using your own may not generate these calls as much as when using player placed but with player placed you rum the risk of mutation dumps in small villages miles from anything of the sort. As mentioned you will never have 10 or so firearms calls IRL but because of the small number of calls the UK game has at this moment in time it's always going to be the same calls that spawn over and over. Yes there are bugs within some such as heatland fires etc but when these do spawn for those lucky enough then it brings a change.

    I can only say that as more calls are added to the game the better they will diverse and hopefully calls won't be as representative.

    And yes I do play 100% realistic from 5min turn out times to how my units are crewed both cross and in some cases driving to collect certain assest.

    this would/could work really well especially if you add vehicles that are not in game already such as OSUs and even stuff like the HART Polaris Carrier on a Pod

    You already have the HART pod carrier its the ATV carrier and I very much doubt it will change as most ambulance services either A) have just that pod and B) are being changed to rigid trucks which have no pod at all.

    I recently changed alliance and moved my units from one side of the country to the other. Now I have calls on the other side of the country that appear to be stuck and I am not getting any new missions. Not sure how I can resolve this issue.

    The missions will despawn 48hrs after they was generated. If your at you max number of missions then you will have to wait the 48hrs, coin them (waste of coins) or see if an allaince member can clear them if there is someone in your old area.

    OTL was fixed months ago

    I'll think you find it isn't. With auto stand down OTL and all HART units leave once all patients are cleared. What your thinking about is possibly when you click on stand down all ambulances in the mission itself being fixed.

    Sinice it needs a ICCU and it has a potenial for 20 patents could the ambulance stations be uped to 10 and fire up to 13 ( cause of the ICCU ) It has been causing issues in my smaller oxfordshire set up which has 10 fire stations and only 4 ambulance stations with 9 ambuances 1 otl 1 rrv and 2 gp it is really difficult to deal with especial with iccus having to come form kent

    7 fire stations and 4 ambulance is too low and now I have 16 needinhg cc

    I'm fairly sure the call spawns not needing a ICCU until you reach 13 stations then it gets added. The same way some other early game missions require officers once you hit the threshold. Have you considered making Oxfordshire into its own dispatch area?? Maybe turn CC off till you have sufficient trained. A little planing can go a long way sometimes.

    well yes, that was my thought as well. at least for landies, but they use this as well:

    Personally I would put this as a Heavy Tanker and to stop it responding to normal calls set a custom ARR name or exclude it altogether and manually dispatch it

    I see, i hope a brush truck requirement for Missions isn't added especially if it is the L4P or H4T

    No, L4P and H4Ts aren't going to he made a requirement for calls since they act as a pump. For the love of God please stop spreading random rumours about what you hear or what you want to see.