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    have noticed all weekend that units are being dropped from calls across the board.. Not just medical. But mission showing patients such as active shooter, i have sent Ambulances and go back later and none are there and mission says still needed. Same with various fire equipment. Sent Battalion Chiefs only to go back and see they are not there and still needed for mission

    if you do use rescue ambos - that might be the issue - many in my alliance have had this and I have reported to devs and game mods

    I agree with most of your points - but disagree with fd command unit being able to cover EMS command - to me is redundant as you can have 2 EMS command in an EMS chief unit - which has to respond to any call requiring EMS command anyway ( due to number of patients involved

    It would also be nice if alliances admins could create more than just 1 because when you have your weekly mission and daily mission overlap it would be nice to have at least 2.

    just ask one of the admins - they might not always think of it, i dont but im more than happy to build more to help members

    think of the police commander as a police CPT. or deputy chief - there to supervise the supervisors - usually Sgt or LT, i do agree the fed extension is useless , and even more so requiring it to have a bomb squad - as many pd have their own bomb squad with no fed presence in their sytem, i also agree on the k-9 carriers - iv never seen or heard of one at all in any pd system - only single dog and handler in 1 unit, the tac rescue unit sounds similar to NYC ESU from what i understand about them - they are SWAT and rescue trained

    Just wondering - why need 3 wildland MCC with only 2 wildland engines - sounds a lot like tooooooooo many chiefs not enough firefighters.. there should also be to versions - 1 for urban and 1 for rural - as pictured avove - very doubtful any wildland mcc would be needed in the middle of NYC

    I posted here since this thread relates to firefighting plane stations. Why is it that even though I have the wildland extension active for Wildland Air Command for lead planes, I can not move a lead plane from one station to the other? The station I want to move it to is active but it does not even show up in the list. In fact, it does not appear you can move a plane or helicopter of any time in the firefighting stations from one to the other?

    might need the extension for each air station??

    im not sure - but it might be hard - might be considered a security issue for number of units, but you might find info on station locations by looking at specific locals web pages

    The dozer is an optional vehicle that helps speed up the mission.

    Not everyone uses the dozer (as it is specialised to only some areas). The only way to make missions requiring the dozer, would be to put the dozer under an expansion wall or else it would impact all the players who don't use the dozer.

    I normally dont disagree with you, but on this i shall - considering the dozer has been around for over a year, thats a pretty lame excuse, also if it was just to speed up - it should be along the lines of 1 every 20 (15 with premium) wildland expansions like the other speed up units, also if it was just introduced then id kinda agree- because thats what happened to the MCC. And along the subject of required units - the original developer had certain units required at specific station levels - maybe new units added could be done that way.