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    Just wondering why the devs added the Wildland command extension - just to get the new command unit, when the other command units dont require their own extension. and just so not to confuse - this is about the extension only - not the class/ training - that part i agree with. The extension needs to go and the command unit should be with the wildland extension only

    not sure which support you had contact with, but if you havent - better off contacting the open street map support, and see if the can update, MC support really cant do anything with that app, they just have permssion to use it

    I have read the thread "ALS Medical Training for Fire Apparatus" but it hasn't been updated in over a year. Is it still not possible to have a FF get EMS/ALS trained in the Fire Academy and work from a standard type 1 Engine? based on the thread it seems you can only use the fire engine/ambulance to get the ALS functionality. While one of my future departments actually uses one of those rigs the current department I am working on (Salt Lake City FD) does not and has paramedic engines but transport is by a private ambulance company. I need to know if I can use the trained ALS FF in Type 1 Engine as it will drastically change what my next steps for building are.

    currently the training is specifically for the engine/ambulance combo. as for treating patients - most units can treat to about 10-15% and need the correct ambulance ( BLS, ALS or BLS and fly car) to finish treating and transport. maybe in a future quality of life update the ALS training could make that engine (or whatever fire apparatus) similar to a flycar

    Specialised stations are not a new "type" of station in the way you're thinking. They're building off of the expansions we already have.

    To add a forestry station when there is already a forestry expansion for fire stations makes absolutely no sense, for both game mechanics, back end, and for users.

    When you activate the forestry specialization, it changes what calls the station generates, that is the biggest reason.

    actually Barake is correct and its relevant - until you make a station specialized it will primarily generate calls based on its type, and a chance for any extensions, once it becomes specialized it basically becomes a "new" station - it will generate the call at the specialization, and chance for any other extensions.

    for example Small FD Station - 100% fire call

    Small FD Station w/ forestry expansion 95% Fire - 5% wildland (i know the %is not accurate - only for illustrative purposes)(based on how many expansions one has)

    Small FD Station w/ forestry specialization 100% wildland

    i glad the Devs set up the specialization, but why couldnt they just make it separate stations instead of the extra steps to make a station specialized. Its not like it hasnt been done before - we have the Fire Marshall's office, and the fire marshal extension, so why not for example a Wildland station?

    Your do have the ability to deselect multiple items to prevent them from showing up on the map to include "my missions". Just hover the cursor over the upper right hand of the map.

    The option to turn off your radio already exists.

    Actually the option on the radio is to turn off/on alliance units radio messages, not a players - i dont think currently there is an option for the player's radio

    granted this is the UK forum - and i only play US - but as for airports - yes more than just crash / fire/ rescue should be at airports - and as for calls for airports not being dispatched via control rooms - im pretty sure the Port Authority of NY/NJ which runs the 3 big airports in NY, plus other areas - does have a control room for dispatching - at least police side of things (im not sure who runs the fire side at the airports). and in the county i live in - they do dispatch for all calls at the local airport.

    And as a side note i feel all the content advisors do a awesome job- and if the devs ignore you - then they are losing valuable insight - TACRfan and your team if you leave will be greatly missed

    as a side note - granted you are sending a quint as an engine and platform truck ( 6 staff vs 9 staff {at max staffing]) - and rescue engine as engine and heavy rescue (6 staff vs 10 staff), and the aar is also sending other units - if you do use Dragon Blade's recommendation - you will end up sending fewer units - and as a consequence few staff - so the mission completion will take longer - so its a trade off- more units - more staff - faster completion or fewer units - fewer staff - longer completion

    I am still unable to dispatch any large or small coastal boats to any incidents. They don't show up on the call screen and if you open a unit in the station the list of missions is always blank.

    If i am correct - they will only show up for specific coastal missions - not all your missions - similar to the coastal rescue heli

    ive gone through the list on the main ste about the missions this game has. in almost a year of playing it seems like everyone here we get same missions over and over and imo they are getting monotonous. ive never had one factory fire minor ever, fire on farm, medical emergeny on crane, infectious outbreak, hotel fire, supermarket fire, unsafe cladding, landfill fire, firebreak clearing, lightning stike in forest, scuba ambo missions, earthquake missions, cabin fire, campsite fire, forest fire missions, fire watch, burning bus terminal, person stuck on playground equipment, burning frieght car.. just to name some the game has posted for mission.. why am i not getting some of these or is it random picking by the AI in the game?

    as someone else said - you might need certain POI - for example - Supermarket fire you need a small or large supermarket POI, scuba you need the Marina POI - to name 2

    ok thanks cause i didnt know cause it seems sometime it doesnt register as a fire engine

    if the call timer isnt completed but you transport the patient - thats why you might need the additional engine