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    I am still unable to dispatch any large or small coastal boats to any incidents. They don't show up on the call screen and if you open a unit in the station the list of missions is always blank.

    If i am correct - they will only show up for specific coastal missions - not all your missions - similar to the coastal rescue heli

    ive gone through the list on the main ste about the missions this game has. in almost a year of playing it seems like everyone here we get same missions over and over and imo they are getting monotonous. ive never had one factory fire minor ever, fire on farm, medical emergeny on crane, infectious outbreak, hotel fire, supermarket fire, unsafe cladding, landfill fire, firebreak clearing, lightning stike in forest, scuba ambo missions, earthquake missions, cabin fire, campsite fire, forest fire missions, fire watch, burning bus terminal, person stuck on playground equipment, burning frieght car.. just to name some the game has posted for mission.. why am i not getting some of these or is it random picking by the AI in the game?

    as someone else said - you might need certain POI - for example - Supermarket fire you need a small or large supermarket POI, scuba you need the Marina POI - to name 2

    ok thanks cause i didnt know cause it seems sometime it doesnt register as a fire engine

    if the call timer isnt completed but you transport the patient - thats why you might need the additional engine

    I have only seen people transferred from a vehicle in a tv show doesn’t make since so won’t waist time explaining but I do agree there should be more, or if your taking them from a scene an additional unit needs to be dispatched to have one person take that vehicle to were ever drop it off, be followed by there vehicle to were ever that way extra man power on scene. By the way the one show I seen it on is emergency!

    Think of the patient transfer from flight as the patient coming in on a chartered medical plane instead of Helicopter, which can happen to get a patient to a specialized hospital

    Also a cargo plane (depending on what it's carrying) is quite major/difficult fire to put out so it makes sense alot of recourses are needed.

    i do understand it can be- and i have seen many of the planes(as its where i work - an aircraft maintenance company) just the resources needed by th game do not translate at all for IRL airport fd- and consider the regular place crash need only 4 ARFF, and thats trying to save 60+ lives vs a cargo plane needing 6-8 ARFF and 4-5 lives, im just saying it should be looked at again, revamp the units and credits earned

    DragonBlade - the issue is not the rescue ambulance leaving the scene due to no patients - but rather the opposite - it leaves on its own- even if patients are still on scene, and as long as i have had the unit- it has never transported. only treat and release, then leave, and if there was a unit supporting the patient treatment- it leaves also

    Something i think the devs might look into- change is the number of units required for the missions - especially chiefs . Im not sure how big the devs think a cargo plane is, but any more than 2 chiefs is overkill, and compared to say a Strip Mall Fire 6 chief for a cargo plane vs 3 for a large strip mall - definitely there needs to be some changes. Granted i do understand they were creating larger credit missions- but there needs some thought into the mission too.

    Could add a rotator to this (ie the type of apparatus that LAFD’s Heavy Rescue 3 and LACoFD’s Heavy Rescue 103 are) if ya don’t know what a rotator is look of the units up

    to save you time - a rotator is a specialized heavy tow truck - it has a crane able to lift parts of a semi truck - and if the truck has rolled- it can rotate the vehicle to place it on the wheels