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    I am sorry for your loss. Pets are truly parts of the families that they are within.

    The only benefit to each promotion is 10 coins for each promotion. Starting out in MissionChief is a long and slow process, but will eventually get better, if you can just stick it out for several months.

    Division Chief here. I've played the game since 2019. This game is probably the most serious I've ever been about playing a game ever. Lol I have purchased a high end computer to play this game. I have lost a ton of sleep playing this game. This game is a large part of my life now, and I am playing it almost constantly.

    Hello, once you have reached 10 EMS stations that are connected to one dispatch center, you will be capable of spawning missions that require an EMS Chief as you will have more than 10 patients. I would suggest you train 2 EMS Mobile Command to go into your EMS Chief, although it is not required. Doing this from the start will save you so much headache down the road.

    Payment from EMS only missions comes after the patient is transported. If you choose to release the patient instead of transporting, you opt out of getting paid for the treatment of said patient. It even says so on the button you have to click to release the patient.

    On another note, you are welcome to join Allied Responders and request a hospital to be build in your area. We have never turned down a build request...

    Not sure if you are in an alliance or not, and I can't find your in-game profile. But if you are not in alliance, join Allied Responders and I will gladly help you with the missions. If you are in an alliance, share the missions and see if some of your teammates can help you with them.

    The algorithm that spawns missions is random. Sometimes, I will go days without seeing some missions, and then all of a sudden, I will get bombarded with them. It's a random algorithm.

    Not sure if this is a bug, or if this is how it's supposed to work, which is why I didn't post it in bugs. Prior to today, I have had graphics set at the individual level. Today, I removed the graphics from the per station level and did a graphic pack to use account-wide. Ever since then, alliance members' units have been showing as my set graphic pack instead of the ones they have assigned. Is this a bug, or known issue that's being worked on. Doesn't seem like it should be doing that, as it is pointless to set graphics if it is not going to show them to other people.

    Am I allowed to have 2 accounts that dont effect each other like NY-LA

    Why would you want 2 different accounts? This is what dispatch centers are for, and if you check the box that says "Create your own coverage area.", then your build in NY will not spawn missions it is capable of handling in LA.

    I, too, have been experiencing issues with my EMS Mobile Command units (staffed with 6 trained personnel) auto standing down after all ambulances clear a mission, and then later, I have to send the unit back to finish the mission. MissionChief needs to look into this rather quickly, as it is very contrary to a major feature that premium subscribers are paying for. Honestly, I have thought about not renewing my subscription until this issue has been worked out. I'm not sure of the fix for the HazMat and Rescue EMS units, but with the mobile command, it is simple - remove the EMS Mobile Command Personnel requirement from missions. MissionChief, you created a unit (EMS Mobile Command) and should follow-through with making sure that unit is used. There was a lot of argument after the latest EMS update because of this, and you solved it with the "easy way out". You made it so that EMSMC's and EMS Chiefs are inter-changeable. Congratulations, you satisfied everyone by wasting your time. In my opinion, your fix to the issue should have been to make it so that EMSMC's could work as chiefs to cover patient counts from 10 and up, and leave the chief at patient counts 10-24. Your quick fix to satisfy everyone made the unit (EMSMC) that you spent a lot of time creating and planning just plain out useless. You have undercut yourselves.

    Allied Responders is an alliance for all players. We want the fundamentals of our alliance to stand out in the crowd - to help promote individual, alliance, and community growth across the MissionChief platform. We take great strides to ensure there is a community of camaraderie within our alliance, and between other alliances.



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    Alliance Funded:
    Fire Academies-7
    EMS Academies - 5
    Police Academies-10

    Allied Responders features several members with nationwide (U.S.) builds. With hospitals, fire stations, police stations, and EMS stations, the odds of one of our players' units being within range to you are pretty high! One member has 137 hospitals spread across the entire United States. You are sure to have the assistance you need, whether you are just starting out, or are a seasoned player.

    Should you have any questions about our alliance, please feel free to message a member of our Admin Team, or you can join our Discord Server. Link is in our Alliance Info.

    Click here to view/join Allied Responders!

    I recently created a nationwide (U.S.) network of hospitals for my alliance to use. I would find it to be a great feature if there was a statistics sections in the hospital interface that would tell how many transports it has accepted in its' lifetime. Both transports from me, and transports from members of my alliance.

    There are an abundance of reasons why dispatch centers are useful. For me, it is the organization of the game. It makes seeing station counts and unit counts so much easier with the "Statistics" tab. Then you have your "Buildings" tab where you can see each building assigned to the dispatch center and can see what extensions it has and can actually start an extension from there, also.