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    Patrol routes are not limited to just police units. Fire and EMS can be assign patrol routes as well.

    Yes but just now setting patrol routes is a massive waste of time as they are utterly pointless.

    This idea is a good one to actually make them a practical feature but seriously doubt that it would be possible.

    Don’t quite agree with your ‘standard responses’ there, in terms of the game it may be quite functional but for realism it’s far from it. HEMS wouldn’t really be sent to a head injury unless requested by a ground crew unless the call was like a head injury from a big trauma e.g. fall of a bridge or something but unlikely. And for a cardiac arrest, JRCALC advises 3-4 clinicians, so a DCA + 1 or more resources. It mainly depends on the availability of resources in the area for example if 2 DCAs are the closest they’ll be sent but if 1 DCA and 2 RRVs are closest they’ll be sent. Quite a lot they send more than that basic level often including 1 or more DCAs, 1 or more RRVs, a team leader and HEMS/Advanced Paramedic. The team leader is to coordinate the scene due to a large amount of resources however there would be no need for an officer, officers are tactical command (silver) and would not be needed for this incident as it can be managed by the operational commander (bronze) (team leader).

    Read it and understand never said a standard response to a real life ambulance service.

    My ambulance service in game standard response. These will provide full cover being sent to a job even if it is not needed. The AO goes so they transport automatically and save me 10 minutes of clearing transports for all my calls.

    May not be like real life but to be perfectly honest I'm not going for real life units or responses, the game doesn't follow real life with that side of things so no point in trying to force it to. I'll happilly continue to build my services up.

    The closest to real life I use is the locations for stations but even then to cover most things I'm using closed sites and even sites that have no response services at them as to be fair how calls spawn especially HART calls realistic is extremely difficult to replicate. Yes you can do it but calls will sit for hours and build up waiting for resources. So you end up with a ton of calls sitting and your struggling to clear them.

    So yes my ambulance service response will be what I say.

    Avoided using fire based ambulances as they are a utter waste of space and funds.

    I've built all normal ambulance stations and so far it's working, few gaps but its manageable just now.

    I also have all ambulances double crewed with at least one Critical Care trained. This may not be realistic but given how calls spawn that need Critical Care it is a lot easier to do it this way.

    Now we have Ambulance Officers I'm also now working on a plan to have a realistic dispatch option for C1 calls.

    This may actually see me build a Community First Responder System in my main set up just for responding to these urgent calls

    Just now standard response for my ambulance service to a cardiac arrest is 1x DCA, 1xOTL, 1xAO.

    My standard response to head injury is similar but adds in HEMS.

    Response time for urban areas is under 5 mins, semi rural is about 7mins and full rural is about 12 mins. I want to get all calls down to 5 mins for first responder on scene. Fire would be great for this but just not worth it as going to work out a lot cheaper to have Home Response Locations with a mix of First Responder and Rapid Response (cc trained) and AO.

    This isn't a major issue.

    I'm managing with the high frequency of this call and my police set up is messed up and limited in vehicles.

    It gets annoying that I have so many pop up bit really haven't struggled to cover them.

    Patrol Routes serve no purpose in the game.

    The only advantage of them is you may have a patrolling unit closer to a call.

    Other than that they are a massive waste of time as you add more stations due to the fact you need to individually send each unit on patrol.

    I don't think many people use them now.

    Yep I've done all the foi referencing too and basically have mostly realistic locations for buildings.

    Police Aviation is unrealistic now but Scotland only has 1 police heli and well tried that and it was slowing progress down due to volume of calls needing it. So added in new locations for it.

    HART (SORT in Scotland) has 3 main bases in Edinburgh, Paisley and Dundee. I have these 3 and was working to see if I could manage with just them but discovered that again is very difficult to progress due to call volumes that need these units.

    When it comes to units in stations I did try realistic and although it works for places like Glasgow and Edinburgh out with them it's more hassle to manage and often would be waiting on specialised units to free up.

    My main aim now is take what Scotland has in the real world use it and improve on it.

    Police for me I have actually added a lot of the now closed rural stations and offices because if I done realistic there would be no cover in game.

    For example where I live our response station is 20 miles away even though there are 2 stations/offices closer, 1 is basically a officie counter staffed by civilians, the other is a full station but doesn't have full response in it. It is one of the hubs for community officers. If we have an emergency and our community officers are unavailable to respond (which is most of the time) we get units from 20 miles away. So response time can be between 15 and 25 mins. So for my setup I've eliminated this inefficiency by having closed stations and non response stations added in.

    I mean ya you can but the X Fire Arms Staff one is not possible

    That honestly is not needed.

    Make sure your Firearms units are full staffed and its easy to manage.

    4 Firearms officers in a ARV

    2 Firearms officers in a ATC

    It's not difficult to do the maths for jobs that need Firearms.

    If it needs 8 you can send 2 ARV or 1 ARV & 2ATC or 4 ATC.

    Why reinvent the wheel, this is easily done using custom categories.

    Actually I have had the AO at a HRL so really it is already there

    I know it is already there my question was if that was correct placement given that in normal stations you need the expansion to be able to have them there. It doesn't make sense to have them unavailable at a station but available in a HRL. TACRfan has explained though about this.

    I didn't want to be throwing credits at something that could well be removed as it was an error.

    Not wanting to change mission spawning at all just a small change in how MCU limits are to make it more manageable in game.

    As for Ambulance Officers thanks for confirming that HRLs is planned even though it makes no sense as the devs locked it to the expansion but as you say it shouldn't have been, typical of dev team though doing their thing and not the thing that makes sense.

    It does need lowered to 10 for premium and 15 for standard.

    This will give us all that bit more flexibility in how we manage our setups.

    It will help people grow more easily.

    Just now I need to build 1 station to get to where I can have 3 MCU.

    I will need a 4th and 5th too just to cover and for now to get my 4th I'd need to add another 15 stations which will expand my set up more and mean I need a 5th soon after.

    As where at 10 for premium I can add 6 stations and be able to have 5 MCU which would give me enough coverage.

    Just been going over the details of the update since we have now cleared the chaos of a double credit event.

    The new education hasn't been a issue here plenty of courses on the go and I will have staff in every station trained for Ambulance Officer.

    The one issue is locking ambulance officer to the mass casualty extension, this is a bit of a pain especially as they are avaliable in HRLs. I take it this is a mistake? Just now I am planning on building HRLs and housing Ambulance Officers in them but don't want to end up losing them if it is a mistake.

    Next the Mass Casualty Unit, this is a great idea but feel it may be a little too realistic for the game. (And also unrealistic to an extent).

    Mass Casualty units are very rare in UK they are generally part of a resilience plan for NHS Trusts. Some trusts will have 1 or 2 units that may fit this sort of category but some have none. So having the limit is good in this sense but it will be a problem for some of us (I'll explain in a bit)

    From what I have seen and researched in to how mass casualty incidents are handled in the UK, it focuses around working at scene using a triage system. Where there would be 1 or more assessment points that will have patients that are "walking wounded" assessed to see could they be treated on scene and left to go home/make own way to further care. If hospital visit is needed then they would be placed in a patient transport ambulance. There are often brought in to major multiple casualty incidents. They are also used at times to ferry extra staff and supplies if needed. Yes the MCU sort of covers this but not in a true fashion of how it is done in parts of the UK. So would have been good to reflect this in the game. Any patient who couldn't mobilise themselves would be a traditional ambulance transport.

    We could easily of had the MCU required as it is plus have PTS provided to be the transport side of it. It would have been a bit more realistic and also help make incidents more manageable. The MCU could be sent to scene first and then it could trigger x amount of PTS needed.

    Now, the realism is great in that players are limited to what they can have of the MCU. 1 for every 15 stations for premium players and 20 for standard. This is good but I feel will pose a massive headache for some.

    There are several of us who play multiple areas some even multiple countries. As such due to the restrictions will be very limited in MCU cover.

    Myself I cover Scotland, I currently can only have 3 MCU which will most likely not be enough, especially on days where I play a lot and get a very busy game. I can have several major calls on the go at once going from Aberdeen to Glasgow. What I fear is that once I add in at the 3 locations I will struggle majorly as in could be in Aberdeen other in Edinburgh and the final one in Glasgow. I could then generate a call in Stirling, Perth or even out in the rural area around Loch Lomand or even have all 3 units down in the central belt and I get calls up on the Moray Coast. It would be better if the limit was 1 for every 10 for premium and 1 for every 15 for standard. This would allow a little more flexibility for us and given that the game doesn't spawn calls realistically it would make it more manageable.

    Basically we all know playing realistic units is near impossible, playing realistic station locations is somewhat possible but having realistic call spawning is not as we do that then game will become boring, so if we need to sacrifice a wee bit of realism to improve game playability it would be fine. As really do think that if this is left many players may just lose interest.

    I do agree it needs updating at some point as it is quite far out now. The problem is the required past X number of stations actually is no help when trying to design realistic missions. You could have several 4 pump jobs so the logic would be 4 fire stations, but because a lot may then require ICU, the needed past would make it locked behind 13 stations.

    What would be better in my eyes is missions are locked until the player has at least 1 of the required specialist vehicle in their setup. Then once that happens the mission unlocks and starts spawning. Then we can get rid of the Needed after X text and just have something along the lines of, missions are unlocked with the purchase of each specialist vehicle. Or something similar.

    I hope that makes sense

    Locking jobs to what units people have would be a lot better for everyone.

    This has happened a few times to alliance members here. Not a major headache more annoying.

    The mission may be a copy from the US version but given that OTL isn't used on US version it's not because of that.

    This has been asked before, it would be great for all alliances.

    It would be great if it could be same system as our own buildings however that would be a headache as with well over 1,000 alliance buildings it would take an age to change them all.

    So maybe add in a universal graphic for all alliance buildings option or have possibility of one graphic for all alliance hospitals, one for all prisons, one for all schools or one for each service.

    Not that it would make much of a difference now with us as if we have alliance buildings shown on the map game lags like mad.

    Could we have additional tools provided for alliances starting courses?

    Some way of setting multiple courses in multiple schools off together.

    Say so we can set of 10 schools to run a course in all classrooms to save having to go through each school individually.

    Not looking for a full scheduling option but just an easier way to start courses.

    This is not really needed in the game, it is just an added cosmetic element that will not effect game play other than add to potential lag/slow running.

    The category system should be used for response time bonuses that's been talked about and that's it.

    After that the patient requirements should be met by sending to correct department and rewarded.

    No need for having calls create a random requirement for blues run to Hospital

    all thats needed is the possiblity to add units and expansion levels it comes with 2 or 3 vehicle slots and 100k to add more slots as well as staff and its not a bad idea in terms on realism

    So basically add the station features (minus cells) to a training centre.

    I'd rather they were left the way they currently are and if you want station features at a training centre then build a station.

    Bit like the SFRS training centre at Clydesmill, that has a station on site that responds to calls.