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    Ive never spent money on coins. I still don't think the up curve of prices is radical. Also im pretty sure that the aim of a lot of games is to get harder as they go on. but if you're expanding properly and are in a good alliance who shares calls and has heaps of resources then its not really an issue making credits.

    The whole idea of it is that everyone makes the same amount of money based on the stations they have which is just not true.
    Some players get little time to play the game in the first place, then just when they start getting to the fun calls it makes it take longer and longer to expand.... thats counter intuitive of a reward structure which is what " GAME DEVS " use for long term structure of a game to keep players intrerested.

    Now you may not have an issue with this, many others may be fine with it but thats not representative of the majority of players that never make it past 500k earned because the stupid small issues that could be resolved.

    Everytime A problem or issue arises everyone is quick to defend that issue which is logical and reflexive..... But its the pile of things that are really just minor inconveniences collectively that make it so aggravating that they just keep adding buggy and glitchy half planned additions to the game while the same things are screwed up from the first day it launched.

    I mean not that it makes any difference to game play, but the fact things like one unit being capitalized and the next being all lower case, a brush truck not being able to clear a brush pile call, credit prices are subject to increase but not coin prices, one station expansion costs half of the other 3, one of which shouldnt even be an expansion at all, fire stations can expand and have pages of units but police is just a police station and jail with only a handful of units...... just very poor interest shown in their own game by the devs and it translates to a bigger issue when nothing is ever fixed but more faulty things are added. as a game dev and lifelong member of fire/ems/&law enforcement agencies this game is nothing more then a good idea planned in haste, executed with no pride or quality control, and switched hands to exactly the same situation.

    So I am building both the San Diego Fire and New York fire, I just started the new york fire and I find it so dumb that I have to pay 200K for a small station just to get one engine company Literally there are stations that have one engine.... and now I need to pay 200K just to get the station and one engine. I love this game and concept but these things are pesky that this isnt fixed. Please reduce the cost of the station after a numerous amount of stations out.... its ridiculous

    the cost of stations goes up to keep up with how much you should be making. If small stations were still 50k for me I could be building 5 a day.

    I Agree That the upcharge is Ridiculous! I get trying to add a growth curve, But the fact they Jump so radically so Quickly is unnecessary.

    I mean if the game only gets more and more difficult to continue playing is there really a point in even expanding at all?
    Don't get me wrong I do agree with having a growth curve, but the current one is just over kill and damaging to the appeal of the game for anyone that doesnt have $40-$100 to spend on coins every week.
    Enjoyable games generate paying memberships far better and faster then games that require it to grow and still don't fix simple problems that have been present from the launch of the game... Anyone that pays for premium on a game that can't correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, or functionality issues with almost 10 years to do so is slightly dense.

    Im lucky if I get 5 a week on turbo mode. And I play heavy aka all the time

    With maybe 40 (roughly) stations on one dispatch center, two police stations, no rescue stations, and over 145 apparatus I hav no less then three at on time on fast with an average of 17 calls running at once because i keep them cleared about as fast as they come up, but then out of no where i start getting these tanker calls and now it has me holding on 5-6 calls at a time for patrol cars, commands, and hazmats

    Does anyone else have 20-30 Tanker spills a day?
    This has become a incredibly annoying usual to be tapped out on multiple vehicle due to having 6-7 at a time with a limit of 37 missions, just seems incredibly too frequent to be such a specialty call

    Missionchief is now owned by a company, no longer by a single person. I understand that in past forum suggestions wasn't really considered by the developer, but after xyrality acquired the game, things suggested in this forum are considered for future updates. We moderators and some people in real-life emergency services filter suggestions and we directly pass them to the developers. But everything takes time, and rn there are some priorities things which are being worked on. So, please don't think everything will be "Brushed off".

    If you have any questions do feel free to reach out!

    When things as simple as grammar and capitalization are neglected the way they are, Common sense thrown out the window (Things like a brush truck not being able to clear a brush pile call), reverse improvement (Mobile air and other units being removed from custom call creation requirements,), Fire service having so many different units and pd having a hand-full (Missing common assets like detectives, Sargent or supervisors), and the general push to release half planned, quarter developed add ons before fixing or improving things already in game that have been issues for years now.......... things are very literally being brushed off daily.

    I'm not trying to just throw shade, obviously i like the game or i wouldn't play it, but as both Lifelong member of multiple branches of emergency service as well as emergency management and an amateur developer myself I'm too aware not to point these things out.

    United States Coalition of Emergency Management Agencies

    We are seeking members interested in realistic game play with role playing opportunity and an active community!

    USCEMA is looking to expand and cover the entire United States and it all starts with you.

    Leadership roles are available to qualified players and all areas of the U.S. are open as of now.

    We hope to approve your requests soon!

    Are you looking to Expand out of the state at some point?

    I'm Looking to join a Active alliance since the one i'm in has gone dead recently.

    12,000,000+ credits
    36 Fire Stations Within Greene County, Tennessee
    1 Police Station (Waiting on my 40th Fire Station to start PD & EMS)

    For me it has to be in order ARFF Tenders, "TAC Units" (type 2 enigines i use as min pumpers for all single firetruck calls and rural call), and Tankers (All pumper tankers).

    My Set-Up

    12,000.000+ Credits as of 5/01/2020

    Greene County, Tennessee

    36 Fire Stations
    * 1 as A Overflow Lot or "Reserve Apparatus Lot" that houses mainly "Pumpers" as I Run Mostly Rescue Engines (type 1 engines)
    * 1 as A Designated EMA Office (Emergency Management Agent) ** Only Chiefs, Commands, Haz-Mats, & Air
    * 1 as A Designated OFI Office (Office of Fire Investigation) ** Only Chiefs
    * 4 as Designated Forestry Posts ** Only Forestry Engines, and "Supervisors" (Chief)
    * 2 Water Rescue Expansions
    * 1 Airport Expansion

    1 Police Staion ( Waiting on my 40th Fire Station to expand law enforcement coverage)

    Yes it will reduce the likelihood of medical calls, but only if you are replacing your existing ambulance stations with fire/ambulance combos - otherwise you'll still get calls from the ambulance stations you have already anyway.

    - If an ambulance station is chosen randomly by the system to spawn the next mission then it can only generate a medical call.
    - If a combo fire/ambulance station is chosen randomly by the system to spawn the next mission then it can select randomly from both fire and medical possible calls.

    Therefore blended stations reduce the overall percentage of medical calls (again, assuming you are deleting existing ambulance stations and extending existing fire stations to house ambulances).

    Currently I have no ambulance stations because when I moved to a new location I only kept my fire stations, but when i had first started plaing 12m credits ago I built a few rescue stations and immediately regretted it to say the least.

    However now I'm 40 Stations deep into fire and self-confined more or less to one county until i have established the minimum of each station to be able to receive any call the game can generate (Which from what I have researched is 30 FD, 40 RQ, 20 PD, 2 PD air, 2 Med Air) and just didn't want to get ONLY med calls. So hopefully having 40 Fire houses with med expansions will keep the calls leaning in the fd direction. or at least calls that require both.

    Thanks for confirmind what i was hoping was a logical way around it lol!

    So I was Wondering if there is any solid answer to the question if Building the extension on a fire house lowers the ridiculous ratio of medical calls / fire calls compared to building designated ambulance stations?

    Id like to be able to get the calls that require large numbers of rescue stations but im not willing to have 25 medicals to every 2 fire calls that will generate with designated rescue stations.

    I understand it was introduced as a game.
    However, I'm willing to bet at very least over 80% of the "players" are of emergency service background.

    I just feel like there are few games like this one, and it would be the only "Simulator" of its kind and worth FAR FAR more investment as far as premiums go.

    Not saying It would be easy to just make these changes, but the changes could be implemented before they occur if there was more oversight on behave of the devs into what we want verus what they thing we want.

    The change to "Simulator" is very much possible and im sure VERY welcome through phases to both lighten the load and focus the changes, as well as minimalise the impact on player experience.

    I make the arguement knowing its not going to happen, im just saying we would all probably be a little more willing to pay to play if it was more what we wanted if that makes since.

    Can we also bring up the fact that forestry units can't clear most of the wildland calls do to them being type 1 & 2 engine call...... Kinda retarded that a brush truck cant clear a brush pile fire......

    I mean i get the type 3 will do it but the idea is the other forestry units aren't capable of acting as an engine would lead to believe they are suppose to be smaller brush trucks, and those trucks should be able to handle trees down, burnig grass & leaves, burning brush piles, count towards field fires etc

    even if it means making those call forestry calls, or just modifying them either way it makes absolutely no sense as is.
    I think the devs need to have a better line of information on fire service or maybe stop expanding and implent a 4 phase reboot of the whole game because the rate its going now the game can't be averaging well on premium members with all the issues that are present.

    And just a final thought....... Maybe the devs them self monitoring the forum would be logical.

    Like you mentioned, there's a high chance of this feature being abused, but these missions should be limited to the user himself, otherwise, if the user decides to name missions inappropriately and share it with the alliance it's gonna cause problems. Other than that the idea sounds good to me

    Well it being abused could 100% be prevented through a few different options.
    * Prefabrication would probably be the best way but less then ideal for the player to have control which is the point of the change proposed.
    (Set number of calls with required trucks, predetermined payouts, Probability of generation, and the player just names it and chooses required poi)
    * Payout per unit so there's no chance of ill gotten funds from making calls with low requirements and high payout.
    * Combination of both options to allow the player to choose the name of the call (with filtered key words to prevent the majority of misuse), which vehicles and poi's are required : Each vehicle Adds to the payout & lowers the probability of catching the call by a set percent per truck ( Each unit have a set percentage of reducing chances of the call activating relevant to the payout they will add to the call.)

    As for someone naming a call and sharing it with the alliance, maybe you shouldn't have them in your alliance or to prevent it in the first place it could be toggled like the option of using others poi's and up to the alliance admin if the alliance can share custom calls without being approved.

    Could we get an option to create call lists of our own missions?

    Obviously anti-cheat would be an issue so maybe a list or predetermined Vehicle requirements and payments that we could just name ourselves?
    Maybe with an option to create A small number of completely from scratch missions with already set payouts to keep it fair.

    Example :

    {x8} (Edit Call Name) : Required 1 Fire Truck / Payout 200-600
    {x5} (Edit Call Name) : Required 2 Fire Truck / Payout 500-800
    {x5} (Edit Call Name) : Required 2 Fire Truck, 1 Platform, 1 Battalion / Payout 800-1200
    {x3} (Edit Call Name) : Required 4 Fire Truck, 1 *Heavy Rescue Platform Truck Haz-Mat, 1 Battalion / Payout 1200-2200

    So the argument with this with the old dev was due to copyright concerns it wasn’t to be allowed. I will bring custom sound packs back up though

    Thank you, I guess I could understand with using Actual Department tones but maybe just a list of generic ones made by the devs?
    I get the people that dont want it but it being an option wouldnt hurt them and would benefit the ones that want it.
    For those of us doing multiple areas it could help out to have a mental note where the calls are generating while we arent on the map screen to watch it (like when naming trucks or organizing things like that) not to mention just the added realism would be a compliment to the game i think.

    So for A While I've wondered how many people would like to see this and decided to ask what some peoples opinions are on the idea.
    We can choose custom vehicle images, names, names of staff on the truck, even make it a custom unit type, We can name the stations, Using dispatch centers we can make them have specific areas of coverage.... So.......

    My Question is how many players would like to see calls generate a custom tone or bell tied to the station that generates the call?

    Of course it would likely be an optional feature with a default tone as the game uses now, But with a system similar to the graphics packs we could create and choose tones or bells for each independent station or all stations belonging to A certain dept we control to add a level of realism.
    I don't think it would be a difficult thing to implement So maybe with enough attention we could make this happen?

    For Example:
    Calls generated by "Station A" would sound "Alarm Tone A" at the time a New Call is generated
    Calls generated by "Station B" would sound "Alarm Tone B" at the time a New Call is generated