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    i honestly gave up trying to report bugs and request features and similar stuff on here ages ago. I've never seen the devs actually reply to threads outside of the US and UK boards and even then they rarely actually change anything

    Hi ems-chief,

    Thanks for the reply however I am finding this a little confusing.

    So the only vehicles you gain with the expansion (note: I mean the expansion you pay for with fire stations, not the update itself) are ultra lights and light tankers? I remember before the update we used to have light tankers which were renamed to medium tanker with regular tankers being renamed to heavy tankers.

    I have to say, if this is the case, it's a little annoying. I play realistically in rural Vic and it isn't uncommon for our fire stations just have a single light tanker or ultra light, if I want to continue playing realistically, I would need to purchase the bushfire expansion at most of my stations.

    Edit: also what's a brush truck?

    Hi everyone, I reached out to support a while ago about what additional content is unlocked with the bushfire expansion but after asking twice, they refused to tell me citing the fact that if I don't purchase it, I don't need it. The also suggested I ask my alliance members but none of them have purchased the expansion.

    Has anyone here purchased the bushfire expansion? What units and missions does it unlock (don't need/want a complete list, just a couple)? I assume for missions it's just bushfires but is there anything else?

    The reason I ask is that I play realistically. If it unlocks things like dozers and tractors (used to make firebreaks and stuff to stop fire spread) then I would purchase it, but if it just adds some crappy fictional vehicle, I don't want it

    I would say leave it how it is I can deal with the amount it spawns it makes it challenging and this mission pays very well

    i like your thinking and attitude. Always good to have a bit extra challenge lol

    Also, sorry for dual posting but is anyone else finding that the show vehicle routes thingy is displaying them all as flying to a random point in the middle of nowhere before making their way to the mission? Like, the vehicles fly in a straight line from their location to the mission but the vehicle route line things show 3 or so all flying out to a random point in the middle of nowhere before making their way to the missions, even though that's not what they're actyally doing

    On the aussie version this seems to be mostly resolved but a few of my units are still flying. Only happens

    with some units in some areas but others are completely fine

    My spawn timer thing is on fast but no missions have spawned in hours. I've tried pausing and unpausing it and closing and reopening it but they arent loading. A few other alliance members are having this problem too. Is this related to all the downtime recently?

    Edit: They generate normally now i think

    Which game are we talking about, the American game just got fire investigation maybe a month or 2 ago, the Australian game got a wildfire update 1-2 months ago the UK game had one 3-4 months ago however I know servers that get very little updates, I am exicited for HART part 3 yes but bare in mind the devs have to make seprete updates for 25 different servers

    It's a little offtopic but do the other versions get many updates at all? I only ever play the Aussie version so I don't really know. I know the US, UK and German versions get pretty frequent updates as well but what about, say, the Korean version?

    Currently I can get into the game, however I can only chat. Whenever I try to dispatch to others calls I get the 502 Gateway Error. And I have no calls spawning in at all.

    It's quite funny because I'm watching our channel on discord of the web Hook for the status of MC. And it is literally just up, down, up, down, up, down, etc.

    offtopic but how do you set one of those up? I tried to set one up in my alliances discord but i cant figure it out